Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 2

Durga reaches the Modi house. Rashi, Niddhi and Dharam are sitting down on the sofa. They stop talking when they see Durga. Rashi gets up. “ Oh, queen is here. Where did you go? There was so much work to do!” Rashi shouts.

“ Lower your eyes and voice when you speak to me! I am the elder bahu so I order around here!” Durga shouts.

“ I dont care if you are elder bahu. I have been this family’s head for 18 years since Gopi and Kaki Ji died. Please get out of my sight.” Rashi says, getting irritated.

“ Leave her Rashi. She is going to give us a long lecture anyway. Doesn’t she have shame, she has got married to Ahem by tricking us all and she has troubled us a lot, she is still walking around like some devi maa?” Niddhi mocks.

“ Niddhi, calm down.” Dharam says. Durga walks off. Durga goes to her room and starts crying. She couldn’t digest the fact that her family members hated her. She was hurt by their words. Ahem comes and sees Durga crying.

“ Gopi, why are you crying, what’s wrong?” Ahem asks, sitting down with her.

“ Everyone hates me. They hate both Gopi Modi and Durga Modi.” Durga cries.

“ Dont worry. One day, when the truth is revealed, all these family members will caress you so much. They will be on their knees asking for forgiveness. You are doing this for Mom. Won’t you get justice for Mom?” Ahem says.

“ I will get justice for Maaji. My enemies took away my mother and I won’t forgive them. I will take Durga and Kali’s avatar and destroy my enemies. I vow to Lord Krishna today that I will punish my enemies severely. Did you know Shashank and his family have joined hands with Radha?” Durga says.

“ What, why?” Ahem asks, getting shocked.

“ Radha wants to become our family’s daughter in law once more. And Shashank wants to help Radha destroy our family.” Durga says.

“ Then we wont let Radha back in this house again. Do remember, all those years ago, when Paridhi let Radha in this house? The torture we went through when Radha was in this house? We cant let that happen again.” Ahem says.

“ But I dont know what to do.” Durga says.

“ Radha changed her face didnt she? She got exchanged with a different body. What was the other woman’s name? Komalika Basu?” Ahem asks.

“ Yes. Parvati Maa told me that Radha has received the same face as Komalika. Although Komalika is dead now.” Durga says.

“ But nobody knows that Radha has the same face as Komalika. Let’s go to Parvati Ji and find out more.” Ahem says. Durga and Ahem go to Agarwal house, they greet Parvati.

“ Maaji, we need some information of Komalika Basu.” Durga says.

“ Komalika Basu. Well, as you know, she died years ago. She was a big criminal escaped from prison. She was the biggest enemy of my late friend Prena.” Parvati says.

“ Prena is dead now?” Ahem asks.

“ Yes, Komalika killed Prena before dying herself. It was a big tragedy. Anurag, Prena’s lover also died with Prena that night. Komalika spent most of her life trying to prevent Prena and Anurag from uniting.” Parvati replies.

“ What if we trap Radha and claim she is Komalika? We can get her arrested. Radha wont able to refuse this arrest because then she would have to reveal her true identity.” Durga says.

“ But what if Radha claims she is Komalika’s lookalike?” Parvati suggests.

“ We need to trick into her such a trap that the police won’t believe her.” Ahem says.

“ I agree, we will plan this tomorrow. Gopi told me everything about Radha. I hope she does not come back into your house.” Parvati says. Ahem and Durga go back to the Modi house.

It is morning and Shashank calls everyone downstairs. “ I have an announcement to make. My grandson, Adi, will be remarrying!” Everyone is happy hearing this.

“ Who is the girl he is marrying?” Rashi asks.

“ There she is.” Shashank points at Kaushika, who enters the Modi house. Everyone is shocked. Rashi gets angry.

“ You! You trapped my husband by claiming he molested you and now you come back here?” Rashi shouts.

“ Forgive me Rashi behen, it was all a misunderstanding. I am sorry.” Pleads Kaushika. Rashi ignores her.

“ We are aware of what Kaushika did to this family but she wants to say sorry.” Sanjana says. Durga comes forward.

“ I am very happy that I am going to have a new sister in law.” Durga says. Shashank, his family and Kaushika are shocked by Durga’s behaviour.

“ I am also excited Durga.” Kaushika says. “ Can I help you in the kitchen?”

“ Sure.” Kaushika and Durga go to the kitchen. “ What is the Gopi? Why are you suddenly happy with this marriage?” Kaushika asks.

“ Well, you are my sister. I have grown too close to you. I haven’t spent a lot of time with you.” Durga says.

“ Shut up. I hate you. You always stole all my happiness. And you tried to kill me. You wait and watch how I snatch everything from you.” Kaushika cries.

“ And you also stole all my happiness. I lost Meera once because of you. I lost my husband, my Maaji, I lost everything. But no more. Today, I vow to you that I won’t let you win.” Durga says.

“ I killed Kokila, simple. You lost your mother, but what about my mother? Oh, I forgot to mention that. Adding the fuel to my revenge, my mother committed suicide because of you. I lost my mother because of you!” Kaushika says.

“ Our mother tried to kill Maaji.” Durga cries.

“ But you chose your mother in law over your own biological mother? How could you Gopi?” Cries Kaushika.

“ Just go away from here.” Durga says. Kaushika leaves the kitchen, Rashi was listening to the whole conversation. She runs and hugs Durga.

Precap- Rashi says she is thankful that Gopi is back and that she will help Gopi in her mission to avenge Kokila’s death.

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  1. Nandhini

    Wowww great episode here! Finally rashi understood gopi now! So thr is enemity or jealousy between the two sisters hereaftr…now the focus wil totally turn to gopi vs radha and both of them has equal amount of members to support them…lets see dat…i want radha to marry adi and com inside modi bhavan…then only the story wil get interesting!

    1. There is a lot of twists coming. I cannot reveal a lot but Sanjana and Sakshi, saas bahu duo, will become the new vamps after Radha.

      Although we will see Durga back as Gopi Modi, it will be sad when Sanjana and Sakshi ruin their happiness. Sanjana”s character will be similar to Romala from Kahin Ka Roza.

      1. Sanjana”s character will be similar to Romola from Kahin kisi Roz. And Sakshi character will be similar to Saskshi Goenka from Ek Hasina Thi.

        Two of the biggest vamps of Indian TV will play SNS’ next vamps and Gopis new enemies.

      2. Nandhini

        Dats really great to hear about sanjana and sakshi! Guess there will be more twists than the previous updates! I am very excited!???

  2. Jasmine rahul

    Loved ahem supporting gopi.hope they will succeed in proving that kaushika is kamolika n get her arrested. Plz dont drag radha gopi fight bcz we had it enough in sns.rashi overherd d conversation n hugged will also help gopi.ghis kamolika track will b interesting

    1. Hey jasmine rahul can you see my ff…SENK(S.2)

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