Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 12 (Season Finale)

This will be the last part of season 2 as I will wrap everything up for season 3. This part will be the final battle between Gopi and her daughter Sindoora. Ambika marries Ahem. Radha, who is now positive, has discovered Ambika’s true identity. Radha finds out that Gopi is still alive and calls Mansi, Pari, Gaura, Anjali and Sudha (all former enemies of Modi family), to join together with her and save Gopi. The old enemies of the Modi join together and successfully rescue Gopi from hospital. The old vamps try to wake Gopi from her coma but fail to do so. Radha is disappointed.

” This isnt Gopi Modi! This woman, Gopi Modi? Gopi Modi was courageous and powerful. She was a devi, but this woman is disgusting! She is weak and worthless! How will she protect her family?” Screams Radha to Gopi. Radha goes to the rangoli. ” What is the use of this rangoli? Rangoli is a symbol of happiness and unity, but when the Modi family will be destroyed by Sindoora, then these colours should not be here!” Radha ruins the rangoli. Gopi begins to have memories of her time in the Modi house, making rangolis with Kokila and Rashi. Radha goes to the diya. ” This diya is the Modi family’s peace. If nobody is here to protect this diya, then it doesn’t deserve to have light!” The wind blows and Gopi wakes up and stops the diya blowing out. The old vamps get happy seeing Gopi wake up. Gopi gets up and is emotional seeing her old enemies as her friends now. But Gopi gets angry seeing Radha. The other old vamps go while Radha and Gopi talk.

” Why did you save me?” Gopi asks.

” Because you are my enemy and I cant see anyone else destroying you. I wanted to save you so I can finish you off myself.” Radha says.

” You are lying Radha. You have always wanted to see me suffer, you always wanted to defeat me. I have known you for many years. You saved me because you love me as your sister.” Gopi cries. Radha hugs her and also cries.

” I am sorry Gopi behen for everything I’ve done.” Radha cries.

” I forgive you, now let’s forget the past. Where are the others?” Gopi says.

” They are here, I’ll take you to them.” Radha says. Radha takes Gopi to the old vamps. They all hug Gopi, Gopi cries of joy.

” I am happy to see you all forget your enmity with me and my family. You saved my life and I will always be grateful.” Gopi cries. Mansi goes to Gopi.

” Gopi don’t cry. We are all with you. We will all punish Sindoora.” Mansi says.

” No, Sindoora will be punished by me only. She killed Rashi behen, Jigar jiju and Ahem Ji and Radha… Radha how are you alive and so young?” Gopi asks.

” I was reborn. Don’t worry, Ahem, Jigar and Rashi are also reborn but they have forget their memories and I am the only one who remembers previous birth memories.” Radha says.

” They are alive? My Ahem Ji is alive as well?” Gopi gets happy. ” He must young and handsome as well, but I am an old lady compared to him now.” Gopi laughs. The women stay quiet. ” Why are you all quiet?”

” Gopi, there is something we need to tell you. Sindoora made a duplicate of you called Ambika. Everybody thinks Ambika is you reborn. I am very sorry but Ambika has already married Ahem and has taken your place in the Modi house.” Gaura says.

” What?” Gopi breaks down.

” Gopi behen!” Radha shouts. ” Get some water someone.”

” I am fine, don’t worry. We need just need to expose Ambika.” Gopi says, Gopi looks at Paridhi and gets emotional seeing Paridhi as good again. ” Paridhi, you saved me too?” Gopi and Paridhi hug.

” I am very sorry Gopi behen. I kept Rashi away from our family for so many years and I tortured you all. You looked after me like a sister and I betrayed you.” Paridhi cries.

” I forgive you. You saved my life and that is more than enough. I am surprised that you are working with Radha. Weren’t you and Radha enemies years ago?” Gopi laughs.

” We have settled our differences.” Radha laughs.

” Radha has become a good person like me too so I thought why not start anew?” Paridhi says.

” Yes, at one point we were all enemies but today we are together. United as one to win and defeat evil. I know together we can stop Sindoora and save everyone. We need to stay together.” Gopi says.

” You are right Gopi, with a dangerous enemy like Sindoora, who I have lived with for 20 years, who I regarded as a mother.” Anjali says. ” Sindoora killed my real parents and I beg you to punish her!” Anjali cries. Gopi comes and comforts her.

” I don’t know you but I can understand how you feel. Thank you for saving me, what is your name?” Gopi says.

” Anjali.” Anjali says.

” Well, Anjali, there is only one way we can end Sindoora now and save my family. Send an anonymous message to Sindoora and tell her to meet at the Lord Shiva temple.” Gopi says.

The next day, Sindoora arrives at the place she killed Ahem and Radha. She was confused as to who called her here. ” Hello? I am here!” Sindoora shouts. Gopi appears, wearing a designer saree.

” I called you here.” Gopi says.

” Ambika, why did you call me here? You are supposed to be with Ahem.” Sindoora says. ” You’re supposed to be making them believe that you are not Gopi Modi, but Ambika Devi?”

” Thank you Sindoora, you have just revealed the truth. Your revelation was recorded and is now live streaming to the Modi house. They know your truth now.” Gopi says.

In the Modi house, the Modis are shocked to discover that the real Gopi was still alive. ” My Gopi bahu has been alive all this time?” Kokila cries.

” Yes Kaki Ji.” Radha says. Rashi, Ahem and Jigar also arrive to the Modi mansion. They see Gopi confronting Sindoora. They are shocked to know the truth of Ambika and Sindoora.

Back at the Lord Shiva temple site, Sindoora is shocked to realise Gopi was out of coma. ” How did you escape and come out of coma?” Sindoora screams.

” Kahna Ji saved me. Kahna Ji gave me strength. Ever since I got married into the Modi family, I have protected them and today I will make the biggest sacrifice. I gave birth to a demon like you? You are the opposite, you are nothing like my Meera and Vidya.” Gopi shouts.

” Always Meera and Vidya! You always favour them! Today, I will end you Gopi Modi!” Screams Sindoora. Sindoora shoots Gopi, Gopi falls to the ground. In the Modi house, Ahem, Jigar and Rashi get their memories back seeing Gopi fall on the floor.

” Gopi!” Shouts Ahem. ” I wont spare Sindoora!” The Modis leave for Lord Shiva temple site. Back at the site, Sindoora laughs at Gopi.

” After your death, I will destroy your beloved family.” Sindoora howls. Sindoora grabs Gopi and throws her into the lake. Sakshi arrives and laughs at Sindoora.

” Why are you here?” Sindoora screams.

” I am here to watch your downfall.” Sakshi stabs Sindoora in the stomach. ” For years, me and Sanjana Baa brainwashed you to destroy the Modis and today I have succeeded.” Sakshi laughs. Sindoora also falls to the ground.

” Why did you do this to me?” Sindoora says.

” Because you were just a weapon. Sanjana Baa kidnapped you as a child. All these years we lied to you that Gopi abandoned you. She never did.” Sakshi says. Sindoora cries. ” Why cry now? Both mother and daughter will die and my family will get their revenge!” Sindoora gets up and looks at the lake.

” Maa!” Screams Sindoora. ” Where are you?”

” You killed her.” Sakshi laughs. Sakshi pulls Sindoora’s hair and throws her to the ground.

” Maa!” Screams Sindoora. Gopi comes out of the river with a trishul in her hand in her Durga avatar.

” Sakshi!” Screams Gopi. Dramatic tune plays. Gopi goes to Sakshi and slaps her. Sakshi falls to the ground. ” Your family ruined my daughter’s life and I will end your life here!” Gopi stabs Sakshi with the trishul multiple times. Sakshi dies. Gopi goes to Sindoora, who was dying. Gopi starts sobbing.

” Maa?” Sindoora says. Gopi goes to her daughter. ” Maa, I am sorry. Before I die, I apologise for everything. I am the worst daughter. I could never be like Vidya or Meera.” Cries Sindoora.

” No, I forgive you Divya. You were not at fault at all!” Cries Gopi.

” Before I die, tie this thread on my wrist.” Sindoora asks. Gopi ties the thread. Sindoora dies. Gopi screams.


The nurse comes to Gopi. ” Congratulations, you have given birth to twin daughters.” Gopi holds both daughters.

” This one is going to be called Vidya. She looks like her father, and this one is going to be called Divya. I don’t know but Divya feels very special to me. She seems just like me.” Gopi says.


Gopi cries holding dead Divya in her arms. ” Years ago I held Divya as a baby in my arms. Today, I hold her again after her death in my arms.” Gopi screams. Gopi looks at Divya again and remembers her memories since her marriage. The Modi family arrive and are shocked to see Gopi and Sindoora. Kokila and Ahem go to Gopi. Gopi suddenly collapses, she was about to die.

” Gopi bahu!” Cries Kokila. Ahem also cries.

” Maa Ji. Ahem Ji.” Cries Gopi. ” I have known you all for so many years. I have protected this family for many years. Thank you Ahem Ji for being the best husband. And Maa Ji, you have been the best mother that I never had at childhood.” Rashi also arrives to Gopi.

” Gopi, please don’t leave us.” Rashi cries.

” I have to Rashi behen. I cant leave Sindoora on her own.” Gopi says. Radha arrives. ” Rashi and Radha, after my death, make sure you protect this family after my death just like I did. When I am gone, always remember me in your hearts and you will win every battle.” Gopi says.

” Gopi, you have been like a daughter to me. Thank you very much for what you have done for our family.” Kokila cries. Gopi dies. The Modi family cry. Ambika arrives and smirks thinking that Gopi was dead and now she can take her place.

10 years later…

Rashi arrives in the scene. She goes the house temple and sings ‘Gopal Krishna’. The Modi family also join the bajaan. 10 years later and the Modi family had now changed completely. Rashi goes to portraits with garlands over them. The portraits of Paridhi, Kokila, Gaura, Gopi, Parag, Hetal, Baa, Urmilla and Madhu are shown.

” I still miss you all. I still wish you all were here.” Rashi cries. Sona arrives, her grandmother in law.

” Rashi? You miss them don’t you? Don’t worry, they are all in a better place.” Sona says.

” Yes that is true.” Rashi says.

” Have you seen Ambika anywhere?” Sona says.

” She is still asleep.” Rashi annoyingly says.

” Two granddaughter in laws. There is you who is sanskaari and nice. Then there is her, lazy and rude.” Sona says.

Ambika comes out her room and clashes with Rashi. ” Watch where you are going!” Shouts Ambika.

” You speak in a lower tone! I am elder than you!” Rashi says.

” Stay in your limits Rashi!” Ambika shouts.

” What are you going to do.” Rashi shouts. Krishna arrives.

” Ladies, stop fighting. Don’t you remember? Kajol and Naiya are coming back to India today?” Krishna says.

” Oh yeah, I am so excited. Last time I met Naiya, I was her saas in my previous birth!” Rashi laughs.

” Old woman.” Ambika says.

” Listen Ambika I am much more pretty than you!” Rashi says. The sister in laws argue.

Precap- Naiya and Kajol arrive. Kajol (Sanjeeda Sheik) is now really negative. She is no longer the nice shy girl. Naiya announces her desire for a granddaughter in law. Meanwhile, a girl called Kumari is introduced.dss

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  1. Isaaq

    Nandi I have the chance to meet my lover, but in order to meet him, I need to win this competition to attend this international law firm. I just realised that his workplace is next door to the law firm- I have to win this competition so I can go and meet him and spend my whole day with him

    1. Nandhini

      This is what we call the best chance which is given by the God! So actually the competition has been created for you to win and go to london. Just win this girl and go and meet him!! I wish you all the best of luck! ???

      1. Isaaq

        Thank you!!! I’m so happy that I get to see him

  2. Chetan

    I just love it……… But please bring back Gopi…….. I love gohem not ambikahem

  3. Jasminerahul

    its a real surprise that all vamps have turned positive n saved gopi.Radha gopi scene was touchy.i always wanted radha to turn positive like she used to be before she turned -ve.the way the truth came out was nice.sindoora was stabbed by sakshi n revealed how she was used by them n finally sindoora realized that gopi was innocent.the way gopi came from lake with a trishul n stabbed sakshi was superb.sindoora apologizing 2 gopi n dying was touchy.glad that finally mother daughter united.sad that gopi ambika is living as ahem’s wife happily n lazily.will gopi be reborn n Gohem reunite?
    Shocking that Kajol is -ve now.Y is she -ve now?she was so nice b4.plz don’t make her evil,just grey shades r ok.Who is Kumari?

    1. Isaaq

      Kajol is negative now after she discovers that Vidya is her real mother.
      Kumari is the new vamp that will trouble the Modis in season 3. She similar to Pallavi from KGGK, who married into the Agarwals to get her revenge.
      Kumari will get married into the Modis for revenge. Why she wants revenge is a mystery…

      1. Jasminerahul

        but why does she get negative?Its naiyya’s fault.then why is Kajol angry?

      2. Isaaq

        Kajol has grey shades. She doesn’t hate Vidya or Naiya. After the Sindoora battle, Kajol became a powerful businesswoman and became distant from her family. After Kajol found out the truth, she left the Modis and went abroad.

        Naiya collected Kajol. Kajol is now a grey shades character because after all these years, she’s become obsessed with luxury and power. She will be like Kinjal in early SNS and will taunt Ambika Rashi and Radha for being from a low class family.

      3. Jasminerahul

        why did she leave modis after knowing d truth?Still she is a Modi as vidya is her mom.she always longed 4 mother’s luv which she cud’ve got from vidya.refusing that luv why did she go?

      4. Isaaq

        Because after Sindoora killed everyone, Kajol was upset and traumatised. She didn’t want to be part of the family anymore because bad things always happened

  4. Jasminerahul

    1 doubt…in the last update as precap u had written this-
    Sona suggests to get Ahem and Gopi married. Ambika says that she needs to divorce Abir first and Sindoora wont allow that to happen.

    but its not seen in this update.its written that Ambika already married Ahem.When did Ahem Ambika wedding take place?

    1. Isaaq

      I fast forwarded it as I’m quite busy and season 2 was dragging.

      1. Jasminerahul

        but u shud’ve written atleast in brief that ambika divorced her n husband n married ahem.bcz simply telling gopi abt ahem ambika marriage looked like a blooper

      2. Isaaq

        Well it’s finished now- it’s season 3 now

      3. Jasminerahul its season3.i meant in d last chapter u shud’ve written in brief about ambika ahem marriage b4 gopi got rescued.bcz b4 that ambika was married 2 another guy n her wedding with ahem was never mentioned anywhere

  5. Nandhini

    I didnt expect Sindoora will realize her mistake at the time of her death! Thanks to sakshi who reunited the mother-daughter finally! Sindoora called her mom gopi for help to save her from really appeared as daughter calling her mother for help when she is in trouble! Gopi reminiscing sindoora when she was a baby in her arms but now she is grown-up and dead in her arms was an emotional moment. And gopi too died with those memories of vidya as a baby.

  6. Nandhini

    It would be nice if again gopi and sindoora take rebirths in modi family…rashi and ambika’s cat fight was nice! That too when ambika called her “old woman” and rashi reacted to it!! Woww in coming episodes the cat fights will grow bigger and bigger!! I am excited for it! The old days of modi bhavan are back!!

    1. Isaaq

      Yep it’s a fresh new start. You will see Ambika and Rashi scheme against each other. Aliya-Ambika will be the new Urmilla Rashi duo. We will see Aliya and Ambika kalkaris and Rashi will stopping their evil plans.
      However Ambika and Rashi will be forced to work together after the entry of the new vamp Kumari!

      1. Isaaq

        Kumari will marry into the Modis for revenge on a unknown reason…
        You will also see the new postive avatar of Radha.
        Meera and Vidya both grandmothers in the Suviyanshi family
        Naiya entry in the next episode will remind you of Kokila in the early SNS who used to act like the queen of Modis.
        But the cat fights of Rashi and Ambika will be the most entertaining.
        Kumari will enter the Modi house and thunderstorm will strike- a inauspicious sign that the Modis will be in trouble.
        It will be interesting to see how the new generation of the Modis tackle Kumari…

  7. Riana

    Gopi dies seen was sad…10 years leap…wow!!!…Rashi n ambika’s fighting scene was superb!!!…Pls. can u comment on ff saathiya ek nayi kahani s2 ep.70…pls read n comment

  8. Shakaib

    Hye isaaq! Next episode will season 3. nice . I wish that go hem then unite.

    1. Isaaq

      Sorry but Gohem is no more now. The introduction of Ambika was meant so that I could end Gopi character.
      Unfortunately Gopi was about 80 years old at this time, whereas Ahem reborn, was about 20. So they couldn’t reunite.
      I promise Ambika will be good and hopefully she will turn positive like Rashi did

      1. Jasminerahul

        so no gohem reunion?only Ahem n Ambika?

      2. Isaaq

        Yep only Ambika and Ahem. I introduced Ambika so I can end Gopi character.

      3. Jasminerahul

        hats off 2 ur guts to end gohem n introduce a new jodi Ahem Ambika just like Jaggi Gopi

  9. Nandhini

    So the vamp kumari will unite the enemies ambika and rashi! Ambika will become good when she knows about her real parents(the sage in the temple) and Sindoora and she will unite with rashi and will fight against kumari!?

    1. Isaaq

      Kumari will not be evil as Sindoora. When my article is published today, you will see how Kumari becomes evil and why she wants revenge

  10. Isaaq

    Lol everyone wants Gopi back in my fan fiction. I thought Rashi was everyone’s favourite?There will be a Gopi in the fan fiction, Rashi 10 year old daughter called Gopi

    Rashi never got the attention that ‘Gopi bahu’ got in SNS. Now it’s time for Rashi to be the heroine!!!

    1. Isaaq

      But she won’t be a reincarnation of Gopi sorry. She will be just another character.

  11. Sorry for the late comment…well its superb!!.Ambika i hate her.Sad that gopi died.10 year leap seems good..Rashi n ambika’s fighting is good…well which actress will play the role of Kumari???…Is she Divyanka tripathi dahiya…she’s mine favourite actress…

    1. Isaaq

      Yes she will play Kumari. Omg she’s also my favourite actress. I love Ishita in YHM!!!

  12. Krkavita1

    Good to see all the old enemies of the modis turning positive. Sindoora reformed after knowing the truth. Interesting to know about Ahem, Rashi, Jigar & Radha’s rebirth. Hope even Gopi is reborn & again there is gohem reunion.

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