Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 1


Sorry guys that I havent been updating for so many weeks. I thought about it and I want to continue Gopi’s Destiny further on…

Durga wakes up from her nightmare. She dreamed about her defeating Radha. She dreamed of Radha coming back and kidnapping Khushi. Durga knew that if she revealed Radha’s truth, Khushi and Rashi ‘s lives would be in danger. She had to stay in the Modi house for a few months until she was ready to stop Radha. Durga was thankful that it was all a bad dream and Khushi was never really kidnapped.

Durga gets up and realises it was the afternoon; how did she end up going to sleep in the afternoon? Durga comes downstairs and sees the whole family waiting in the lounge, sitting down. Rashi sees Durga. “ What time is this to sleep? We have visitors coming soon and you were asleep?”

“ I was tired and who are you to order me about?” Durga shouts.

“ Be quiet before our visitors come here and hear your annoying voice.” Rashi says. There is a knock.

“ Rashi dadi, they are here.” Kajol says.

“ I know, I can hear. I am not deaf.” Rashi screeches. Rashi opens the door. Enter an old woman and an old man. Followed by another man, a young man and young lady and a little girl. Durga wonders who are these people. The old man approaches Rashi.

“ Live a long life dear. My elder brother is not alive today but you are his family and I care about you all.” The old man says. Durga was shocked. Ahem’s grandfather’s brother was here? Rashi touches his feet. Rashi touches the old woman’s feet as well, who also blesses her. “ This is my family. For those who do not know me, I am Shashank Modi. This is my wife Sanjana Modi. This is my son Vishnu Modi and his son Adi Modi and his daughter, Anjali Modi. This is my small family.” Shashank laughs.

“ Nice to meet you all. Now it is my turn to introduce my family. I am the head, Rashi Modi.” Rashi introduces the whole family, leaving out Durga. Sanjana looks at Durga.

“ Rashi bahu, isn’t this Gopi Modi, who murdered Kokila bahu?” Sanjana asks.

“ No this is Durga, Gopi’s lookalike. Gopi died 18 years ago after she was imprisoned.” Rashi says. Sanjana looks closely at Durga, getting suspicious.

“ Oh right.” Sanjana says, Durga greets to them. “ What is she doing here then?”

“ I am their Modi’s elder daughter in law! Durga Modi! It is my right!” Durga says. Rashi goes up to her.

“ Be quiet.” Rashi whispers to her ear. “ Today, Durga will make the food.” Rashi grins at Durga, Durga gets irritated.

“ Yes, I will make all the food.” Durga says, going off to the kitchen. Rashi escorts Shashank and his family to their rooms. Shashank locks the door once Rashi leaves.

“ Finally, we are here. Finally, I will claim the Modi property. For too long I have been jealous of my elder brother’s success. Now that he is gone, I will snatch all his children’s property.” Shashank laughs.

“ Yes dear, but Ahem is the owner of the Modi property. We must be careful. Remember who called us here in the first place.” Sanjana says.

“ We need to meet her. Tell Naiya to take us there.” Shashank says.

“ I will.” Sanjana walks off and goes downstairs. “ Naiya, will you go shopping with me, I need someone to help me around this city. Please?”

“ Ok, let us go. Can we go saasumaa?” Naiya asks Rashi.

“ Yes.” Rashi says. Sanjana calls her husband and the trio go to someone’s house. They enter Kaushika’s house.

“ Are you here?” Kaushika asks.

“ Are you the one who agreed to help us?” Shashank says.

“ Yes, I am the one who agreed to help you claim Modi property. I am not Kaushika but Radha. Gopi Modi tried to kill me but I survived and I am back for revenge. I will help you with only one condition.” Kaushika says.

“ What condition?” Sanjana asks.

“ You make me your granddaughter in law.” Kaushika says. Shashank and Sanjana get shocked.

“ Get you married to our son Adi? What is this?” Shashank gets angry.

“ Trust me, I am the only one who can help you. Durga Modi is Gopi. Gopi confirmed herself to me that she faked her death and escaped from jail. She will easily defeat you without my help.” Kaushika says.

“ Did Gopi kill Kokila?” Sanjana asks.

“ No, I was the one who killed that witch and I put the blame on Gopi.” Kaushika says.

“ You cunning lady, Radha.” Shashank laughs. “ Maybe we do need your help. We will talk to Adi and see what he says. In the meantime, we will leave.” The trio leave. Trishna enters.

“ Well done Radha.” Trishna says.

“ Gopi maybe back at the Modi house, but when I become the new daughter in law, I will make her life hell. Once I enter the Modi house, I will snatch everything from her. Forget prison, I will force her to see her own family suffer and cry.” Kaushika laughs.

“ I love your new plans Radha. You never give up. Didn’t we just try to kidnap Gopi and force her to marry an old man and you failed? Now that Gopi is back there, you made this new plan. I love it!” Squeals Trishna.

In the Agarwal house, Durga is speaking to Parvati. “ Yes Maaji, I dont understand why they have come here. I have a bad feeling about this.”

“ You need to find out about them. All these years and now they have decided to visit your family.” Parvati says. Durga hugs her.

“ I need to go now, I made all the food and now I have to return for dinner.” Durga goes in her car. On her way home, she sees Shashank, Sanjana and Naiya coming from Kaushika’s house. “ What were they doing there?” Durga’s doubt was correct. They were upto no good. Durga enters Kaushika’s house.

“ What are you doing here? Why did the guards let you in?” Kaushika shouts.

“ You answer me! What were Shashank dada, Naiya and Sanjana dadi doing here?” Durga shouts.

“ What are you talking about Gopi?” Kaushika screams. Durga shows her a photo she captured on her phone. Kaushika goes quiet.

“ Why are you quiet now Radha?” Durga says. “ Answer me!”

“ Oh Gopi, the Mahabarat isnt over yet. You said you would defeat me in 18 days. Within 5 days, you have travelled abroad, got kidnapped and then you got married to Ahem. There are 13 days left so don’t think you have won yet. My challenge to you is that you try and stop me from marrying Adi Modi. I will become your sister in law and then I will make your life hell.” Kaushika laughs.

“ You will never change Radha. You will always find a way to try and ruin my life. I accept your challenge.” Durga leaves.

In the Modi house, Shashank and Sanjana are talking to Vishnu and Adi. “ Radha will only help us if Adi gets married to her. Adi, you have seen her photo, she is pretty.” Sanjana says.

“ Fine, but only on your insistence. I am only marrying her because I have faith that soon we will own the Modi property.” Adi agrees. “ My granddaughter is an orphan and she needs a mother figure in her life.”

“ Tomorrow is the first day of this family’s destruction. We will slowly take control over this house with Radha’s help. But first we must arrange the wedding. We will announce this tomorrow. As for Gopi Modi, we will keep a close eye on her.” Shashank says.

Precap- Shashank announces to everyone of his grandson’s remarriage. Kaushika enters the Modi house.

Credit to: Isaaq

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  1. Jasmine rahul

    So u made anjali n khushi s story a dream.sad.bcz I was waiting eagerly to read it.shashank n family has arrived 4 modi property. In order 2 succeed radha made them agree to marry adi.which actor is adi? Hope gopi wins n they fail.wasnt nayya the killer? Then y did radha say that she killed kokila?

    1. Naiya had no bullets in her gun, It was from Radha gun that killed Kokila. Radha is the real killer, not Naiya. Radha simply used Naiya.

      1. Yh it was all a dream. I didn’t do justice to Gopi destiny and I really wanted to see more conflict between Durga and Radha. However there is a anjali who has made an entry in the modi house. So the khushi anjali story will come soon although they will grow up in the modi house.

  2. Nandhini

    Where were you isaaq all these days?? I was waiting for anjali’s and kushi’s story for a very long timeBut its all a dream!??Ok…u felt u didnt do justice to gopi’s destiny story…alright…atleast in dis story bring the good vs evil fight btwn gopi and radha and kill dat radha but not wit gopi killing her like she did before but in som other ways….and bring some good entertainment like you did in previous updates…dis update started with a bang!!

  3. Shashank will be played by Alok Naath.
    Sanjana will be played by Sudha Chandran.
    Vishnu will be played by Ayub Khan.
    Vishnu”s wife, who hasn’t been introduced yet, called Sakshi, will be played by Simone Singh.
    Aditya will be played by Hiten Tajwari.

    This family will be really evil. With Sakshi”s entry, the dark history behind Shashank’s family will be revealed to my readers.

    1. Sorry Vishnu will be played by Ronit Roy.

  4. Jasmine rahul

    Are vishnu n adi also negative. ?.I asked as they r ronit n hiten.wil adi’s wife enter?

    1. Vishnu and Adi are grey characters. They are only evil because they are scared of Shashank and Sanjana.
      I don’t want to reveal a lot but there’s a dark secret they are keeping.

      Sanjana and Sakshi- saas bahu duo- will be the new vamps after Radha. The saas bahu duo will bring destruction to the Modis- you will be shocked when I bring the new twist after Radha track.

      Adi will be paired with Paridhi. Paridhi will face troubles in Vivaan”‘s family and she will turn positive. Paridhi will become positive once more and help Gopi and Rashi fight Radha. Although after Radha, Sanjana and Sakshi will ruin the happiness of the Modis.

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