Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Finale


Naiya is angry seeing the letter. She screams angrily. Sona, Meera and Vidya come running. “What happened Naiya?”
“Look at this letter.” Naiya gives the letter to Meera. Meera gets shocked and shows Sona and Vidya.
“ This Ganga Malhotra! Who does she think she is?” Vidya shouts. Ambika comes down and is on the phone.
“ Who is she on the phone with?” Naiya asks.
“ Its Durga. She is coming back from abroad for her holidays today.” Sona says happily.
“ Great, Ambika’s spoiled daughter is coming back today.” Naiya says.
“ Ok beta, what have you brought for mama from Australia?” Ambika says. Naiya mocks her quietly. At Sydney Airport, a girl is introduced. She was 16 years old and she was the second child and only daughter of Gopi and Ahem. Her name was Durga Modi (Krystle Dsouza).
“ Oh mama, I will surprise you. I haven’t been in India for over a year. Im yearning to meet you all.” Durga says.
“ Durga, we have all missed you.” Ambika says.
“ How is everyone at Modi mansion? Has bhai come back to India yet? He is always in Qatar. Papa always sends bhai abroad to handle business there. I wish he also came back today.” Durga says.
“ Your brother is a grown man now. He has so much responsibilities. Ok I need to put the phone down, call me when your airplane arrives. I will send a driver to pick you up. Goodbye.” Ambika says.
“ Goodbye mama, see you soon.” Durga puts the phone down. Durga goes to her flight. Naiya goes to Ambika.
“ What did your ladli betiya say today? She is going to behave well this time? Or will she cause trouble for me?” Naiya sneers.
“ Wo meri beti hai. I don’t tolerate anyone talking bad about my children. Do you understand?” Ambika warns. Ambika walks off. Naiya fumes.
“ Sometimes I forget that this girl is nothing like Gopi. Bagwan, I am cursed for having such grand-daughter in laws being a batameez with me.” Naiya says.
In Qatar, a man is introduced wearing a grey three piece suit and sun glasses. His secretary comes in. “ Sir, you have a visitor waiting for you.”
“ Tell them to come in.” The man says. The secretary goes and after a few minutes, Ahem enters the office room and gets happy. The man gets up and hugs Ahem. “ Papa!” The man is revealed to be Anurag (Harshad Chopra), the first child of Gopi and Ahem and only son. He was 18 years old.
“ Yes it is me. I wanted to see how my son is working. You’re just like me. Hardworking businessman.” Ahem says.
“ No, im sure there is another reason you are here.” Anurag laughs.
“ Ok, ok, I am here because I want you to surprise your mother today. Today it is her birthday remember?” Ahem says.
“ Oh yes…” Anurag says.
“ You forgot didn’t you? Don’t worry, it is a good thing I came to Qatar to remind you.” Ahem says.
“ But papa, all this work, I cant just leave.” Anurag says.
“ Don’t worry, it is my business as well. I will make sure the work gets done.” Ahem says.
Durga arrives at New Delhi airport. “ Good to back on my country’s soil. There is no country better than my own country.” Durga says. Durga rings Ambika. Ambika sends a driver. The driver takes Durga to a different house. “ Driver, this is the wrong house.”
“ I know.” The driver says. He grabs Durga who screams and drags her into a house where a woman is standing.
“ Leave her here.” The woman says. It is revealed to be Savitri.
“ Who are you?” Screams Durga.
“ Don’t scream at me you stupid brat.” Savitri yells. Vamp tune plays. Savitri calls Ambika and tells her to come. Ambika arrives and is shocked to see Durga on the floor with Savitri pointing a gun on her head.
“ What are you doing Sindoora?” Ambika screams.
“ Tell me, who called the police to arrest Amba? Tell me or I will kill your only daughter.” Sindoora says.
“ I don’t know who called the police Sindoora. Why are you harming Durga? She is only a child.” Ambika cries. Sindoora was about to pull the trigger when she gets a phone call telling her that Ganga was to demolish the Modi mansion. Sindoora is shocked and tells Durga and Ambika to come with her.
Ganga arrives with the workers. She orders the workers to break down the Modi house with the bulldozer. Vamp tune plays. Naiya comes out of the Modi house and confronts Ganga.
“ You kagdi, what the hell do you want?” Naiya shouts.
“ Speak with respect. You are speaking to the new malikan of this mansion. It is my choice of what I want to do with this house, do you understand?” Ganga says.
“ I will break your bones Ganga. I already hate your face as it resembles Rashi’s, who killed our family’s son.” Naiya warns.
“ Are you threatening me? Do you want to go jail?” Ganga laughs.
“ You will go jail by doing all of this!” Naiya shouts. Ganga ignores her and the workers drive the bulldozer and the bulldozer knocks over the wall of the Modi mansion. The Modis are shocked. Savitri arrives along with Durga and Ambika. Ambika smirks at Ganga.
Ambika rings Ganga. “ Rashi behen, Durga still hasn’t come back and Sindoora just called me. I think something is wrong. Please do something to distract Sindoora.” Ambika pleads.
“ Ok Gopi, I will think of something.” Ganga says. Ganga calls her workers.

“ Ganga Ji, why are trying to demolish this mansion? I will give whatever money you ask for. I am ready to give you 250 crores for this mansion.” Savitri says.
“ Savitri, but you are the one who sold this house off in an auction. It is cheating Mrs Mehra! Very naughty cheater! You cant get this house back from me.” Ganga says.
“ Please Ganga Ji. I am begging you. Spare these Modis.” Savitri says.
“ No, I want have some fun today. You know, I hate waiting so long. I want to see my beautiful resort quickly at this location.” Ganga says. Ganga orders the bulldozer driver to drive further. Savitri trips up Durga and Durga falls in front of the bulldozer and hits her head. Durga faints.
“ Durga!” Screams Ambika. Ambika quickly calls the ambulance. Savitri confronts Ganga.
“ Poor Ganga. You see, If I call the police right now, they will arrest you for Durga’s accident.” Laughs Savitri.
“ Poor Savitri, if the police see these photos, they will arrest you.” Ganga says. Ganga shows the photos to Savitri. The photos show Savitri tripping over Durga. “ Yes, I know everything. You may have stopped me now from demolishing this house today, but I will surely destroy the Modi mansion for power and money.” Ganga walks off.
Sindoora plots her biggest and most evil plan ever. She discovers that Anjali’s son Rohit was in fact Khushi’s son. Sindoora discloses the secret to Rohit and Rohit confronts Khushi and Anjali. Anjali reveals to Rohit that Khushi is his real mother. Rohit gets angry and goes to his room. In his room, he sees a lover letter addressed to his wife Pihu. Rohit is shocked to find out that Pihu loves someone else. To have his control over Pihu, Rohit rapes her.
Pihu keeps it quiet. Pihu is the secretary of Rashi. Rashi notices the bruises and wounds on Pihu and asks her how it happened. Pihu breaks down in tears and reveals the truth. Rashi is shocked and files a complaint against Rohit. Rohit is arrested and Khushi and Anjali turn against Rashi. Sindoora joins Rohit’s side and protects him. Sindoora creates fake evidence against Pihu that she was cheating on him and she was being intimate with another man. Rashi fails to succeed in her case. Rashi almost loses hope until a lawyer called Mandira enters and offers to help Rashi and Pihu win the case. After several trials, Rashi finally convinces Anjali, who knew that Rohit did rape Pihu. Anjali reveals the truth in the court and Rohit is sentenced to jail. Pihu wins the case. Rashi defeats Sindoora. Rashi says thanks to Mandira and bids farewell to her.
Amba gets bail from jail and returns to the Modi mansion. She discovers that Ganga was now the owner of Modi property. Amba goes to Ganga’s house and begs her to not demolish her house. Rashi agrees on only one condition that Rashi must stay for a few weeks at Modi mansion. Amba takes Rashi to the house. Sindoora and Amba both planned to trap Rashi by bring Sita to ‘Lanka’, Modi mansion being the palace of Ravan. Sindoora calls her half-brother Viren to India to help her defeat Rashi. Viren alongside his family also move into the Modi mansion. Viren attempts to steal Modi property from Rashi. However, Rashi teams up with Gopi and Kumari and Viren fails. Finally, Viren tries to kill Rashi but Gopi saves her. Viren is arrested and his family leave the Modi mansion.
Radha is walking in the market where she is knocked over by a car and falls into a lake. A man called Siddharth jumps into the lake and saves her. He takes her to his house. There Radha wakes up and she suddenly starts to like Siddharth by his caring nature. She meets his children and they ask her if she their new mother. Radha is touched by this. Sindoora sees Siddharth and Radha together and gets suspicious. As weeks go, Sindoora spies on the couple. She then is shocked when Siddharth proposes to Radha. Radha accepts his proposal. Radha goes home happily and tells everyone the good news. Everyone is happy except Amba and Sindoora, who are determined to stop the marriage. Kumari, Gopi and Rashi team up to stop Sindoora and Amba from stopping the wedding. Sindoora creates fake photos of Radha with other men and shows Siddharth, but Rashi proves that they are fake. Sindoora then brainwashes Siddharth’s son that Radha was evil and she will abuse them everyday. His son gets scared and tells his father to not marry Radha. However, Gopi and the team investigate and expose Sindoora. On the wedding, Sindoora orders goons to kidnap Radha. The goons kidnap Radha. Siddharth sits at the mandap and everyone waits for Radha. Sindoora and Amba try to brainwash the whole family that Radha has ran away. Gopi and Rashi search for Radha and they finally find her. Ahem knew the truth of Ambika being Gopi and Ganga being Rashi. Ahem fights off the goons and saves Radha. Radha returns in time for the wedding. Radha becomes positive and finally bids her final farewell to Gopi. Gopi gets emotional that her sister was good again. Radha’s dreams were finally fulfilled. Radha, Siddharth and their children move abroad. Radha leaves the Modis forever.
Mandira returns as Rashi invited her for a small gathering. Mandira arrives alongside her husband, who happens to be Jigar’s lookalike. The Modis and Amba and Sindoora are shocked. Sindoora and Amba investigate and find out that Anurag’s fingerprints matched Jigar’s fingerparents. Mandira also discovers that Rashi was Jigar’s first wife, Rashi happened to be Ganga’s lookalike. Mandira loves Jigar so much and vows to destroy Rashi so that Jigar will always be hers. Sindoora and Amba instigate Mandira against Rashi. They instruct Mandira to turn Anurag against Ganga. Anurag and Ganga fight together. However, finally Sindoora and Amba decide to end the battle once and for all. Sindoora and Amba kidnap Sona, Meera and Vidya.
“ Listen budhiya. I will cut your throats if you don’t stay quiet. Your pyari Rashi bahu will save your lives.” Sindoora says.
“ Sindoora, are you insane? The police will catch us because of you.” Amba says.
“ No. Today Jigar will die and Rashi’s true identity will be exposed. I’m sure my plan will work. I will go to Modi mansion myself. You call Rashi.” Sindoora says. Sindoora leaves. Amba calls Rashi.
“ Hello Ganga Malhotra.” Amba says.
“ Hello, who is this?” Ganga says.
“ You don’t need to know who I am Ganga. All you need to know is what I want. You see, I have sent a video of your beloved family in our custody. If you don’t hurry, they will die.” Amba says. Rashi watches the video and is shocked to see Sona, Vidya and Meera tied up. Rashi starts crying.
“ Leave them please. I’ll do anything.” Ganga begs.
“ Sure you can save them. I left a gun near the fountain. If you want to save your family members, I want you to shoot Mr Anurag Basu.” Amba says. Ganga is shocked.
“ No please.” Ganga begs.
“ No you have to do it.” Amba says. “ You have 5 minutes.” Amba puts the phone down and laughs. Ganga is in dilemma and goes to the fountain and picks up the gun. She approaches Anurag.
“ Anurag, I need to speak to you.” Ganga says.
“ Ok.” Anurag goes with Rashi to the courtyard. Ganga points a gun at Anurag.
“ Im sorry but I have to kill you to save my family.” Ganga cries.
“ What are you doing Ganga?” Anurag shouts.
“ Im sorry.” Sobs Rashi. Sindoora arrives and Anurag is shot. Sindoora gets excited seeing Anurag shot. Anurag falls on the floor.
“ Jigar Ji.” Cries Rashi. Sindoora comes up and watches Rashi cry over Jigar’s death. “ Savitri, look I killed Jigar Ji.” Sindoora tries to comfort her.
“ Its ok don’t cry. You didn’t kill Jigar. I killed Jigar.” Laughs Sindoora. “ 15 years ago, me and Amba tried to kill your beloved Ram and sent Sita to jail. 15 years later, both Ram and Sita come back but this Ramayan has a plot twist!” Sindoora laughs again. “ Ram dies finally and Sita must go back to Ravan. Oh this is better than watching drama serials.”
“ Why are you doing this?” Rashi cries.
“ Because my mother Gopi isn’t on this world as I killed her. I want power and the only one challenging my dreams is you. Only when you are gone, then I will finally have so much power that the whole world will worship me. I am the modern Ravan. I also have ten heads and I am capable of anything. One day, the whole world will fear me and nobody will be able to stop me, Not even Bagwan.” Sindoora says

“ What kind of daughter are you? A daughter who killed her own parents for power and revenge?” Rashi says.
“ Gopi and Ahem started all of this. Because of them, I lived as an orphan. That stupid Gopi gave me away. Gopi killed Sakshi as well, the only mother I knew.” Sindoora says. “ But wait a minute, why were you crying and how do you know about my past? You are Rashi Modi right? You are Rashi Modi! Finally!” Sindoora laughs.
“ Yes I am Rashi Modi!” Rashi screams and gets up.
“ I am the same Rashi who was blamed for the murder of her own husband.” Rashi says.
“ Who me and Amba tried to kill.” Sindoora laughs.
“ Yes, you and Amba tried to kill Jigar and today you killed Jigar. Today, everyone will know your truth. Look over there.” Rashi points at the projector above. The projector plays the video of Sindoora revealing her identity and that she and Amba tried to kill Jigar and killed him today. Sindoora is shocked. The Modi family and Amba arrive at the courtyard and are shocked seeing the video. Gopi killing Radha tune is played. The police arrive. “ Inspector arrest her.” The police arrrest Sindoora. Rashi has flashbacks of how she was betrayed by her family and trapped by Sindoora.
“ You may have won Rashi, but for this sacrifice, you still have to mourn over the loss of your beloved ex-husband.” Laughs Sindoora.
“ Not so fast Sindoora Modi.” Jigar says. Jigar gets up and everyone is shocked. “ I wont die so easily Sindoora. Yes, Sindoora my memory is back and I told Amba everything as well. Amba knows that you tampered with my brakes that day and caused her husband’s accident. Amba helped us and so did Mandira. We all teamed- up and made a plan to trap you. There were no bullets in your gun.” Jigar says. Amba goes to Sindoora and slaps her.
“ Because of you, I lost my husband! I supported you for 16 years and you used me all long for your games? How dare you?” Amba slaps Sindoora again. “ Listen to me carefully Sindoora Modi. You will suffer in jail for the rest of your life for your sins.”
“ Inspector wait. I also have to reveal a secret.” Ambika says. Ambika goes and slaps Sindoora. “ Today your mother slapped you!” Screams Gopi. Everyone is shocked. “ Yes I am Gopi Modi. I pretended to be Ambika because I knew Sindoora was still alive!”
“ Maa.” Sindoora says. Gopi slaps her again.
“ Don’t you ever call me maa again. You were dead to me on the day when you killed your own parents. Today I have three daughters, Vidya, Meera and Durga. Neither am I your mother and neither are you my daughter. You are a demon. I regret ever bringing you into this world!” Screams Gopi. “ Inspector take her away. Get her out of my sight.” The police take away Sindoora. Amba apologizes to the Modis. They forgive her. Jigar allows Rashi live with Raj. Raj and Rashi have a remarriage.
In the police van, Sindoora is very angry of her defeat. The police van stops. The police officers come out of the van and see a group of men on motorcycles with guns. The goons tell the police to go back into the van and Sindoora comes out of the van.
“ Well done. You helped me escape. Now, push that van over the cliff. I want everyone to think that I died in an accident along with the police.” Sindoora says.
“ But Madam, killing the police is a big crime.” The goon says.
“ I don’t care. Just do it!” Sindoora shouts. The goons push the police van and it explodes.
The Modis get the news that Sindoora had died in an accident. The Modis get ready for the sangeet. Gopi runs to Rashi. “ Devar Ji is here. He looks so handsome. Why are you blushing?” Gopi laughs.
“ Gopi stop.” Rashi laughs. “ Tell Raj Ji that his dulhan will take a long time to get ready.”
“ But Rashi behen, the sangeet ceremony will start soon.” Gopi says.
“ Ok baba, I will be quick. “ Rashi gets ready in a pink heavy lengha.
“ Rashi behen, today devar ji will be aroused by your beauty.” Laughs Gopi. Gopi, Kumari and Amba take Rashi down. Rashi sits down with Raj.
“ Arey, Gopi sit down with Ahem over on that chair.” Rashi says.
“ Why?” Gopi says.

“ Because it is your sangeet as well.” Laughs Amba and Kumari. Gopi is stunned with happiness.
“ It was Ahem jeju’s present. He wanted you and him to also get remarried.” Rashi says.
“ Thank you Rashi behen.” Gopi says.
“ Don’t say thank you to me. Say thank you to your husband.” Rashi laughs. Gopi sits with Ahem. Gohem’s love tune is played.
“ Thank you Ahem Ji. After so many years, I am your Gopi again and you giving me this happiness after so many years.” Gopi cries with joy. Ahem wipes her tears.
“ Gopi, you have done so much for my family. 63 years you have suffered Gopi to protect our family in mom’s absence. If mom was alive today, she would have been very proud of you.” Ahem says. Gopi hugs Ahem. Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays. Gopi and Ahem cry. Krishna calls for an announcement.
“ Listen everyone. Today, I will present to your our favourite couples. A song representing the love between these couples. Gopi-Ahem, Rashi-Raj, Radha-Siddharth, Anjali-Gaurav, Khushi-Karthik and Amba-Ajay. Please get up.” Krishna says.
All couples dance to Salam-e-Ishq. Jigar is sad seeing Rashi dancing with Raj. Mandira comes.
“ I understand your pain Jigar. You love Rashi but she can never be yours. I also love you but you will never be mine. That’s why I set you free. Be happy Jigar that Rashi is with someone who will protect her for the rest of her life. Look how beautiful their couple is.” Mandira says.
“ You are right Mandira. I should be happy for Rashi. Thank you for your support.” Jigar says.
“ No problem, I am always here to support you.” Mandira says.
Sindoora arrives at the gates of the Modi mansion. Tanveer from Qubool Hai tune plays. “ Today, I will end this all. You will pay Modis!” Sindoora laughs. Sindoora enters the Modi house and points a gun at Raj. “ Rashi, because of me, you will lose the love of your life.” Sindoora shoots Raj and Raj collapses. Sindoora escapes when Rashi sees her.
“ Raj Ji” Rashi screams.
At the hospital, the doctor comes out of the ward room. Rashi runs to the doctor. “ Doctor, is my Raj Ji ok?” Rashi cries.
“ I am sorry Mrs Malhotra, Mr Raj Malhotra has gone into coma.” The doctor says. Rashi grabs the doctor by the collar.
“ How can you say this?” Rashi screams. Gopi and Jigar release Rashi from the doctor. “ You call yourself a doctor? You couldn’t save my Raj Ji!” Screams Rashi. Rashi runs into the ward room and breaks down seeing Raj in coma. Rashi has flashbacks seeing Sindoora shooting Raj. “ Raj Ji, I promise to you that I will punish Sindoora myself today. That is my promise.” Rashi walks out of the ward room and walks away.
“ Rashi behen where are you going?” Gopi says. “ Rashi behen?”
“ Gopi! Don’t follow me!” Rashi shouts. Rashi goes out of the hospital and goes into her car. The police informed Rashi that Sindoora was spotted in near the Himalayas. Rashi books flight tickets and goes there. Rashi arrives in a snowy region near a mountain top where Sindoora was last spotted.
Sindoora sets a camp fire in the snowy area. She has Gopi, Rashi, Ahem, Raj and Jigar’s photos. She burns Raj’s photo. “ If Raj is destroyed then Rashi is destroyed.” She burns Rashi’s photo. “ If Rashi is destroyed then Jigar and Gopi are destroyed.” She burns Gopi and Jigar’s photos. “ But if Gopi is destroyed then Ahem is destroyed.” She burns Ahem’s photo. Sindoora laughs evilly. Rashi reaches there.
“ Sindoora!” Shouts Rashi.
“ Oh Rashi jaisekrishna. I knew you would come to meet me here. I was very lonely and I needed a friend.” Sindoora says.
“ I will punish you today Sindoora. Today your games end!” Rashi shouts. Vamp tune plays. Sindoora grabs Rashi forces her to pull the trigger of the gun.
“ Kill me! I put your husband in coma and you wont kill me in revenge?” Sindoora says. “ Kill me Rashi!”
“ I wont kill you. You will go jail where you will die everyday. I wont kill you, by letting you die in peace knowing that I will be in jail.” Rashi says. Jigar, Gopi and Ahem arrive.
“ Rashi behen!” Gopi screams.
“ Oh mama and papa are also here. Jaise Krishna, will you give me blessings maa?” Sindoora says. “Don’t move. Rashi kill me or I will kill any one of these three.” Sindoora pulls the trigger and Jigar comes in between to cover Rashi. The bullet hits Jigar’s chest. Jigar falls on the floor. Rashi cries.
“ Jigar Ji, why did you save me?” Rashi says.
“ Because I love you and my death will set you free.” Jigar cries.
“ Please don’t go again. Don’t leave me.” Rashi cries.
“ I have to Rashi. I hope you live a very happy life with Raj and your children.” Jigar dies. Rashi, Gopi and Ahem cry.
“ Oh dear. In your previous birth, I killed all of you four. Today, Ive killed one of you but today I will kill you all once more.” Sindoora laughs. Rashi gets a call saying that Raj had come out of coma. Rashi, Ahem and Gopi are happy.
“ Do you hear that Sindoora? Your efforts to separate Rashi behen from her saathiya failed. Evil will never win.” Gopi says.
“ Oh shut up Mother India. I don’t want to hear your lectures. This is your destiny Gopi. Gopi’s Destiny to lose to Sindoora Modi. Gopi’s Destiny to die knowing that her family is finally destroyed. How will you face Kokila after your death? What will you tell her?” Sindoora laughs.
“ Bagwan decides my destiny Sindoora. Do you know what great power that we Modis have? Saath Nibhana Saathiya. We are united by love and companionship. I am certain that Kahna Ji will punish you today.” Gopi says.
“ No chance. I am Sindoora Modi. I will not stop until this world fears me.” Sindoora screams. A snake appears and Sindoora gets scared. An earthquake occurs and it hits Sindoora. Sindoora screams and she falls off the mountain. All the snow and rocks fall along with Sindoora and she is crushed to death. Gopi, Ahem and Rashi return to the hospital in India.
Rashi goes back to the wardroom. Raj is sitting up. “ Raj Ji!” Cries Rashi. Raj also cries. “ Don’t ever leave me Raj Ji.”
“ I wont Rashi as long as you are on my side.” Raj cries. Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays.

A few days later…
The Modis are gathered. Gopi sings Hey Gopal. Gopi approaches Kokila’s portait. “ Maaji, today your family is safe. I’ve protected your family. Because of your blessings, I have won my battles. Today, Kahna Ji has given me the biggest happiness. Now your spirit will rest in peace. Look how happy your family is.” Gopi looks at the Modi family. Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays. Gopi remembers flashbacks when she first married Ahem until present. Gopi smiles seeing her family finally at peace. “ Thank you Kahna Ji.”

The End

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  1. Riana

    Marvellous episode???????????….Sorry i cant describe as the episode is too long but still i am very happy that ultimately that Sindoora got killed by NATURE….Idea was super good….Ultimately the story ended on a happy note….All the best for your new ff…

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you!!! It was so fun writing this fan fiction but I wanted to start my new one.

      Yes Sindoora was killed by nature because she started to believe she was a goddess and she was powerful than anyone. In my religion, there was once a pharaoh who believed himself as God and challenged Gods power several times until the pharaoh died in a flood and ultimately killed by nature.

      Similarly here the snake represents Shiva, slayer of sinners, The earthquake was caused by God to slay Sindoora himself because she challenged his divinity. She was far too evil that a human being couldn’t have the right to kill her, only God had the right to slay her to make her understand who is the real Bagwan and master of the universe.

      The new fan fiction will be fabulous. It will be based on Bade Ache Lagte Hain, which has become my new favourite show. I’m sure it’ll be even better than Gopi Destiny. It will be called Kasauti Mohhabhat Ki. The story will revolve around the trials and challenges Gohem face whilst they want to unite with each other.

  2. Shakaib

    Hi isaaq di! Awesome end. Sindoora died nature. She just deserves this. She has done many sins. Going to miss it as it was one of my favourite Fan fictions. Please to start soon your new ff after your exams. Wish you, best of luck for ur exams. Loved amba changing. Radha get her soulmate. If rashmi mam produce only this part, it will produce for at least 4-5 hours without break. What say..??

  3. Jasminerahul

    It was surprising to see Krystle n Harshad as Gohem’s children.Durga was hurt by sindoora n decided to put the blame on rashi.but the clever rashi had already took its photo to prove that d culprit is’s son rohit being Khushi’s son is a twist.but how did Khushi give the child to Anjali?So Pihu is innocent n its sindoora who sent fake luv letter 2 cause doubts in rohit’s mind against pihu.sad that thinking that pihu is bad he raped her.But luckily tho 1st khushi n anjali turned against rashi due 2 this incident later knowing d truth anjali herself said d truth in d court n rohit got arrested.wish rohit had known pihu’s innocence n had’nt hurt her n rohit pihu lived happily.who play Rohit n Pihu?Tho sindoora brought viren he too got arrested,good.Radhagets saved by siddharth n proposing her was romantic.Who plays Siddharth?But there too sindoora created probs btw Sid Radha.but glad that she failed n sid radha united n radha turned good.that was so nice.glad to know that ahem realized that ambika is actually gopi.Lawyer mandira’s husbamd anurag being jigar was a nice twist.It is inspired by KGGK.Right?sad to see mandira turning negative as she did’nt want to lose jigar.good that jigar got his memory back.sindoora forcing rashi to kill jigar was a heart breaking scene.but I loved d twist that jigar never died n it is amba who supported raji knowing sindoora’s real intention.But y is amba now angry with sindoora 4 killing her husband?yrs back amba had killed him.Then why now?tho sindoora exposed ganga as rashi loved how they exposed savitri is sindoora.but tho I was happy that sindoora got arrested sad that sindoora got escaped.jigar sacrificing Rashi 4 Raj was touching.Salam e ishq sangeet dance was nice.So Amba Ajay is a couple now.I forgot when they became a couple.sad that kumari is alone.she cudnt unite with Ajay.Who plays Anjali’s hus Gaurav?Sindoora shooting Raj n raj in coma was very sad.Jigar gave up his life to protect Rashi from sindoora.he is so sacrificing n so so nice.glad that Raj is back from coma.How the evil overconfident arrogant sindoora died due to nature explosion was superb.Raj Rashi scene was emotional n romantic.Missed gopi junior in this update as I wanted to know what happened to her after she escaped.Wamted her to reunite with Rashi.never thought that u r ending this ff so fast,bcz u said more seasons r coming up.But u ended it giving the summary of lots of tracks.
    Next ff is inspired by BALH or will u b adding BALH characters too in ur ff?

    1. Isaaq

      Anjali was Sindoora daughter in season 2 remember? She used to support Sindoora until she found out that Sindoora killed Anjali parents. Anjali and Khushi both got married into the Garg family in season 2. Anjali was played by Anita hassanandi and Khushi was played by Sanaya Irani. Gaurav was Anjali husband and Karthik was Khushi husband who I never introduced. But the ff has ended so they’re not really important right now lol.

      Radha husband Siddharth is played by Siddharth Shukla.

      Amba although almost killed Jigar, the Modis forgave her as she helped them defeat Sindoora. Sindoora was an evil woman who could brainwash anyone and the Modis forgave Amba because she was under Sindoora control.

      Read below of what happened after the events of the last episode…

      1. Jasminerahul

        i know who r Anjali n khushi. u had written that Khushi’s husband is Barun.but i don’t remember who is Gaurav.Thats y i asked u.but u didnt write who are Rohit n Pihu.

  4. Nandhini

    How clever Rashi is to distract sindoora to stop her from kidnapping durga.!!..bravo work by her to demolish modi bhavan!??…finally ambika revealing herself as gopi and slapping sindoora is too good! The next twist is Amba! Even she changed and trapped Sindoora?? inorder to save pihu and to get justice for her,, rashi did an excellent job by convincing anjali and turning her against sindoora..and mandira was positive and helping rashi and jigar and help him regain his memories…only sad thing is jigar is dead…very smart ending as the evil (sindoora) got defeated by nature’s wrath…because if any human kills her then they have to go to jail and face punishment! So evil got defeated on his own hands(Anger,jealousy and pride)! Excellent fan fiction so far!??

    1. Isaaq

      Yep it was so scary writing about Sindoora in this last part. She was so evil and that she made me scared of how demonic she is. She was a monster. My favourite line what I wrote was when she laughed at Gopi that how will Gopi face Kokila after her death that the Modis were destroyed.

      Read below for after events and also read below of the summary of the new ff

  5. Isaaq

    After the ending, Gohem and Rajshi continue their marriage after a month. Sindoora body is found by the police and the Modis refuse to do her final rites. The hospital just take the body and dispose it there. Sindoora isn’t given any final rites so her soul will be distressed and she will be suffering forever.

    Gopi Jr returns back to India and finds out the whole truth. She reunites with her mother Rashi. Anurag marries a girl called Ganga and finally Gopi becomes the new Kokila. And Ganga becomes the new Gopi.

    Priyanka also realised her mothers evilness and joined the Modis. Priyanka becomes positive and she becomes Gopi granddaughter and the daughter of the Modis and she lives there.

    Kumari was already married when she returned in season 4. She married a Canadian Indian man and she was settled there. Kumari returns back to Canada after the ending. Amba and Gopi become the elders of the house.

    1. Nandhini

      Pretty good ending Isaaq.??atlast even kumari has got married and settled with a canadian man!

    2. Jasminerahul

      Thank you for closing all loopholes. Nice ending

  6. Isaaq

    In Kasauti Mohhabhat Ki, Gopi and Ahem will be soul mates. Gopi will belong to the Sharma family. The Sharma family will be middle class and Gopi will be the eldest. Gopi will have a brother called Anurag played by Harshad Chopra. Anurag will be the second eldest. Rashi will be the youngest.

    Gopi is highly educated and she is a teacher. However, nobody wants to marry her as she is too educated and everyone wants a bahu who is obedient and docile. They don’t want a educated bahu at all. Gopi is also too simple and boys prefer more pretty girls than her. Rashi will be a fashionista and a super model. She dreams of luxury and a fabulous life. Anurag will also be educated abroad and will be very successful.

    Ahem will be the stepson of Niharika, who is his late father Parag’s wife. Niharika will be a power hungry woman who will only use Ahem for his money. Niharika will have four biological children. She’ll have two daughters called Kinjal and Ishika. And two sons called Prem and Jigar. Jigar will be the eldest son and he will be negative as he uses Ahem for his money for girls and alcohol whereas Prem is the youngest son and will be positive and will always support Ahem like Lakshman. Prem will be played by Siddharth Shukla and Niharika will be played by Eva Gover from BALH.

    Shagun will be the eldest daughter and is already married. She will also be negative and will support Niharika. Shagun will be played by Anita Hassanandi. Kinjal will be played by Krystle Dsouzar and she will be positive although she will be spoilt girl.

    Kinjal and Anurag are in love and want to get married. However Anurag wants Gopi to get married first. The Modis and Sharmas decide to get Gopi and Ahem married. Niharika hidden motive is to get Gopi and Ahem married so she can get Modi property. Gopi and Ahem hate each other. Gopi thinks Ahem is too arrogant and she only wants to marry Ahem for her brother happiness. Fate will bring them together.

    Anita will also be the second vamp who vow to stop the wedding of Gopi and Ahem. Niharika will be worried about Anita and will try her best to stop Anita.

    Kokila is Ahem real mother and she was divorced by Parag. She will enter during Gohem wedding. However Niharika will kick her out whilst Ahem will stop her.

    1. Nandhini

      So inspired from BALH,, the characters Gopi-Ahem is Ram-priya,, Kinjal-Anurag is Karthik-Natasha,, Jigar-Rashi is Siddhant-Ayesha,,prem is Rishabh,, shagun is the elder daughter played by mansi in BALH…the story seems different with kokila’s character.?

      1. Isaaq

        Nandi, Ive finally thought of a master plan. Because my lover is being so stubborn and secretive, I decided to contact my biggest enemy Amba and I plan to trick her to reveal the truth about my lover.

        Yh I’m going to enjoy this new fan fiction. Itll be quite weird writing a new story with a new Gopi. Since I ended Gopi’s Destiny on a happy note, it feels weird that I’m starting another thrilling ff with deadly vamps and plot twists.

        Rebirths will not happen in this fan fiction as I used it a lot in Gopi’s Destiny. I want to do something new with this ff. All I can say is that Niharika, Anita and Rashi will be the main vamps of season 1. Rashi will become a vamp as Jigar traps her. She becomes brainwashed.

        The plot summary of Gohem wedding. When Gopi does her grava parvesh at the Modi house, she will be shocked to see another dulhan, who happens to be her sister Rashi. Niharika planned all of this to cause fights between both sisters. Niharika pretends to shout at Jigar for marrying Rashi. Secretly, Niharika promises Rashi a lot of jewellery and money. Rashi becomes happy by this and she becomes Gopi’s enemy. Both Jigar and Niharika succeed in brainwashing Rashi.

      2. Isaaq

        I’ve changed my mind about Niharika. Ahem stepmother will be Gaura to make everything interesting.
        So Gaura will be Gopi evil mother in law???

      3. Nandhini

        Oh so you are gonna speak up with Amba and know the truth! Best of luck Isaaq!???
        Gaura is ahem’s step mom?!!!?? Thats funny to hear! Looking forward??

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