Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 9


Gopi feels her pain and says ahem ji…ahem ji…maa ji..Gopi cries a lot.

Vandana goes to her room but feels something bad.She reminsces about someone.A blurry image is shown.Vandana’s head starts paining.She falls on bed.

Akshar storms inside the house.He goes inside his room and locks the room.He reminsces about nimisha slapping him and says how can girl beat Akshar mehta….he gets furious and starts throwing things.Roopa hears a glass breaking sound and knocks akshar’s room door.Akshar says Roopa to go from here.He sats in the bed.Roopa orders him to open door.He opens the door.Roopa’s what happened darling….she sees the messy room and says whats all this…Akshar informs everything.Roopa hugs him and says not to get angry.Roopa says akshar that not to spare that girl.Akshar agrees.Roopa angers hearing all.

Anahita says nimisha that you had done right by slapping that road guy.Nimisha smiles and says you know di badi dadi had told me that not to spare that guy who insults a girl or a woman.Anahita says right.

Anahita and nimisha comes along with medicines.Ahem feeds medicine to gopi.Ahem makes face with due sour taste of medicine.Ahem says gopi to sleep.Gopi sleeps.

Vandana comes to roopa and orders her to do what she tells her.Roopa agrees.Roopa says to vandana that modi family had destroyed her.Roopa says she had to take revenge.She fools her by saying that gopi modi had tried to killed vandana for modis property and house…She is not like that she looks…She had tried to kill her by throwing her in fire.Roopa thinks that too foolish is this kokila modi….she smirks and thinks this is the good oppurtunity to excite her revenge.Vandana says i will listen your words as i dont know anything as you told me that i have a MEMORY LOSS….why i should listen to you vandana says.Roopa gets angry and slaps her…she holds her hairs and tortures her.Vandana cries to leave but roopa tortures her.Roopa says for your over smart behaviour gopi had tried to kill you but i had saved you and you are making faces for me…you say that you will not take revenge.Roopa slaps her again.Vandana says ok she will take revenge and begs her to leave.Roopa takes a mug of water and throws it to vandana’s face.Vandana shocks.Roopa says then clean your face and get ready.Now i will avenge modis she says.Vandana thinks something is wrong.

Ahem gets a call from office that they had lost there Italy’s projects.Ahem gets angry.Ahem says this is not possible…how it happened he cuts the call.Samar says what happened bade papa…ahem says we lost italy’s projects.Samar shocks.Paridhi hears from behind the wall and shocks.Paridhi says it can be done by Roopa.Scene freezes on there shocking faces.

Precap-Paridhi gives gopi soup and says that they had lost italy’s project.Gopi gets shocked.Ahem,Samar and Sahir goes to office and hears that there italy’s project appeal papers are burnt.All get shocked.Aadesh hears and smirks and calls roopa.Roopa smirks.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    instead of advising Akshar roopa asked him not 2 spare Nimisha.Hope in d revenge process he will fall 4 nimisha.waiting 4 the new generation luv story.Roopa told Vandana that 4 modi property gopi tried 2 kill her n so she shud help her 2 avenge gopi.when vandana refused Ropa tortured her.I’ve a does Vandana know that she is actually Kokila Modi?bcz of Roopa n Aadesh Modis a lost Italian project.Oh no…

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