Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 8


Modi mansion

Gopi wakes up and thinks about yesterday’s incident.She says i am confused…Ahem wakes up and sees her in tensed manner.Ahem ask gopi for tea.Gopi says yah sure!! She goes.Ahem says i can’t see gopi like this.

Paridhi and geeti is making breakfast in kitchen.Gopi comes.Paridhi greets her.Gopi greets her too.Paridhi says do you want anything.Gopi says ahem ji asked for a cup of tea.Paridhi says ok and makes tea.Gopi takes tea and goes towards upstairs she thinks about vandana and slips off from stairs.Tea cup brokes.Gopi shouts.Ahem rushes towards gopi.Paridhi…geeti…and others comes.Paridhi says gopi ben are you ok.Gopi screams in pain.Meera says i think maa had a foot injury.Ahem lifts gopi in his arms and goes to his room.Sahir calls a doctor.

Mehta house

Vandana wakes up and comes to the breakfast table.Roopa says i did you came here i told you not to come outside and says when i will call you then you will come.Vandana i am getting bored roopa.Roopa yells at vandana and says dont argue with me.Roopa says today fine you will not get breakfast today.Maithli smirks….Aadesh smirks too.Vandana gets tears and she goes to her room.Roopa says these old lady had disturbed me a lot….Bl***y…she slangs.Meher(Tejaswi prakash wayangankar) comes for breakfast.Roopa greets her.Maithli serves her breakfast.They all does breakfast.

Gopi is screaming in pain.Doctor checks her.Ahem says is everything ok doc. Doc. says her foot is twisted.Ahem shocks.Doc. recommends the medicines.Anahita and nimisha goes for buying medicine.

Anahita and nimisha goes in car.Anahita worries for gopi.Nimisha calms her.Some guys are molesting girl and making fun of her.Nimisha sees and stops the car.Nimisha says excuse me.The guy turns she gives a tied slap to him.He gets angry.Nimisha says you do not have the right to molest a girl or anyone.Guy says mind your own business.She says i am minding my own business only.She takes the girl from there.Some people gathers.Some guys says Akshar(Barun sobti) she had insulted she had insulted you.Akshar shouts at gathered people and ask them to go.Scene freezes on Akshar and nimisha’s face.

Precap-Akshar goes to his room and starts throwing things in anger.Roopa hears the sound.Anahita says you had done good by slapping that guy.Nimisha smiles.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Poor gopi is hurt.hope she gets well soon.Roopa ,her son n DIL have no feelings 2wards Vandana.So does Vandana know that she is not Roopa’s real mom?Nimisha slaos Akshar who was misbehaving with a girl.Guess Akshar will try 2 take revenge on Nimisha now.Sanya n Barun.I’m so excited.Are Meher n Akshar Aadesh-Mythili’s children?

    Thx 4 quick updates.this ff is so interesting that I always waot 4 d updates.expecting more quick updates now

    1. Yah!!!

    2. Thankyou so much and yes akshar and meher are aadesh n maithli’s sons

      1. and daughter

  2. jasmine Rahul

    i’ve started my 1st Gohem ss Ye dooriyaan.plz have a look

    1. Ya sure!!

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