Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 7


Gopi is in a confused state.Paridhi says gopi ben think once how it is possible kakiji died 11 years ago.She died in that fire incident.Gopi stops paridhi to leave her alone.Gopi goes to her room.Ahem goes with gopi.Roopa says well i had just come here for my mum’s introduction.Paridhi shouts roopa and ask her to go from here.Roopa says fine i am going.She smirks and goes alongwith Vandana.

Paridhi and others starts discussing.Gopi cries vigorously looking kokila’s photo frame.Ahem calms her down.Gopi says how is possible ahem ji is she maaji or not.Ahem says i dont no gopi but there is something fishy.Gopi gets confused hearing ahem’s words.

Mehta house

Roopa’s family members

Aadesh(roopa’s son)
Maithli(roopa’s daughter in law)
Milind(roopa’s eldest grandson)
Mahek(roopa’s eldest grand daughter)
Akansha(roopa’s youngest grand daughter)
Akshar(roopa’s youngest grand son)

Roopa(Aashka goradia) enters to her home.Her maid welcomes her.She sees the flowers and ask her maid to change it else she will change her maid post.Maid changes the flower.Vandana enters with her.Aashka shouts maithli.Maithli(Roshni chopra) says yes mamma.Roopa says leave mom to her room.Roopa thinks “accha khaasa tv dekh rahi thi ab iss buddhi ko kamre meh le jao….”.She hesitantly agrees and goes with Vandana.Roopa goes to her room and thinks about gopi’s face.She laughs in an evil manner.She smirks gopi….maaji…hahaha…she laughs.She sees a flower vase and breaks it.She points towards the broken vase and says like this i will destroy you gopi modi.She laughs.Now gopi’s maaji will destroy her own family without knowing anything.

Someone knocks door.Vandana says to leave her alone.Anyone says mom its me.Vandana opens door.Aadesh(Amit tandon)says mom are you ok.Roopa says yes darling.He says mom whats all this mess.Roopa says nothing beta.I was angry on someone and now i calm down roopa says.Aadesh says mom we got a new project.Now we will defeat modis aadesh says.Roopa says yes beta now no one can defeat us.Aadesh says good night mom and goes to sleep.Vandana closes the door.She smirks.Scene freezes on vandana’s face.

Precap-Nimisha is going with Anahita in car.They sees some boys trying to molest a girl.Nimisha ask driver to stop car.Nimisha turns the boy and slaps him.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    thx 4 a quick update.Modis r confused whether its Kokila or not,Roopa confirms that she is using Gopi’s maaji 2 destroy her n family,how did she get Kokila?roopa is Aashka.Aadesh is Amit Tandon.Wow..both r my fav.Maithili as Aadesh’s wife n is Roshni chopra.loved her in Kasam se.Such an attractive this ff is getting more interesting.Precap is abt younger generation n its so interesting.cant wait 4 d next it soon.

    Just a did u get d idea of a big leap n making gohem grand parents n showing their grand children?bcz on d show they r just parents

    1. Well…on one side i like leaps….on other side to get fresh characters….fresh storyline….the write had to move for leap once or twice….I hate the track of original sns were gopi suffers a lot….and then that rubbish gaura….so i thought after clearing all doughts n queries in the show i will introduced a fresh new gen. leap….as i had not any idea to start it from middle……..

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