Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 6 (SPECIAL EPISODE)


Gopi says urmilla to get fresh and ready.Paridhi goes with her to the guest room.Sona gets a call from Anahita that they are coming within 1-1.5 hrs. in modi mansion.Sona says it to gopi.Gopi says good and ask sona to sent a car for kids.

A car comes and receives them.Nimisha is saying that how will be the party.Suyyash says it will be awesome as badi dadi organised the party.Anahita and kabir agrees.Driver comes near modi house.

Anahita standing on door step says badi dadi.Gopi sees her and says anahita…Anahita(Sana khan) is shown in curly hair,wearing stylish black dress.Suyyash,kabir enters.Gopi says suyyash…kabir..Suyyash(Gautam rode) is shown in a leather jacket and jeans.Kabir(Ashish kapoor)is shown as macho guy.Wears a white shirt which shows his chest.Nimisha comes and says badi dadi.Gopi says nimi…Nimisha(Sanaya irani)is shown in long straightened hair wearing a pink dress.Gopi hugs all of them and says i missed you too.They says they missed her a lot.Family members hugs kids.Gopi says them to enjoy the party.

Dj music plays..Anahita and Nimidha dances on Naach meri jaana…Suyyash and kabir dances on Larki beautiful kar gayi chul….Paridhi and jigar dances on High heels te nache….everone enjoys their performance….Sona and sahir dances on Sanam re…Geeti and samar dances on Tere liye…..Gopi and ahem dances on Gerua….Everyone claps seeing their performances.

Gopi says mamiji since morning i am getting suprises…today is a surprise day for me.A lady comes an says yah!!! Gopi today is really a surprise day.Gopi gets shocked seeing modis business rival Roopa mehta.Roopa says hi gopi darling!! Nice party you had organised.Gopi smirks and says thanks but i didn’t call unwanted people.Ahem and paridhi smirks too.Roopa says anyways……but after this incident you will call me daily.Gopi gets surprised and says what??? Roopa says i have a surprise for you.She calls mom….A lady comes in veil.Roopa says pls. everyone meet my mom Mrs. Vandana mehta.She unveils her.Special effects are shown.Everyone gets shocked and stunned seeing Vandana(lookalike of kokila).

She wears a red and black saree with open curled hair.Having no jewellery except a pair of long earrings and watch and diamond bracelet.Gopi gets shell shocked.Modi family starts recalling moments with kokila.Gopi stares at her and reminsces her old days.Ahem says mom and cries.Anahita says koki dadi but she died 11 years ago.Gopi screams maaji.Vandana says who is maaji….i am vandana mehta….roopa’s mom.I am a rival for you all modis and thinking me as maaji….she laughs and says what nonsense…..Gopi thinks how is this possible….my maaji died 11 years had passed by.Is maaji alive??? Gopi says.Scene freezes on gopi in a confused state.

Precap-Roopa goes to her room and breaks a flower vase.Roopa smirks and says like this vase i will break you and your family.Now i will use you maaji and will destroy your modi family she says.Gopi says ahem ji i am confused is she maaji or not.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. What the hell??? is this real??? A leap?!!! New characters ?? i kinda hope it to be real

    1. It is a Fan fiction

      1. Now I’m lost. So the fan fiction is just for us to read and it is not the actual saathiya?

  2. jasmine Rahul

    1st of all thx a lot 4 saying the names of the actors who play the characters,i’m very excited to see sana khan,sanaya,gautam n ashish from IPK n SC in sns as grand children.are barun n jennifer also entering?but still u did’nt mention the actor who plays geeti.loved the song selection 4 the dance sequences.gopi’s rival roopa arrives with her mom who is a look alike of kokila.vandana is very modern unlike she really Kokila who is forced 2 behave strangely like this 2 Gopi or just a look alike?very interesting part.this ff is getting more interesting now.waiting 4 d next parts eagerly.plz update soon

    1. First, geeti will be played by Digangana suryavanshi and krish will be played by Anuj sachdev and karan will be played by karan wahi and viya will be played by Aditi bhatia……..Second, its the real kokila who had been in coma for 11 years n also has memory loss…….

      1. jasmine Rahul

        wow…geeti is digangana.samar digs nice paor.anuj sanchdev n meera also nice pair.aditi as viya is too good.shocking to know that karan is karan wahi as i’ve never seen him in a negative role b4

    2. Karan’s character is not a negative character….he is flirty fun loving but caring guy….

      1. jasmine Rahul

        seeing karan with a girl in the bedroom i thought he was negative.happy to know that he isnt completely black

  3. jasmine Rahul

    eagerly waiting 2 know how kokila survived death n reached roopa’s hands

    1. I forgot to mention…Shaina will be played by Adaa khan

  4. jasmine Rahul

    I’m sorry,i 4got who Shaina is.plz tell me

    1. Shaina is vidya’s youngest daughter

  5. jasmine Rahul

    have u written ffs before?

    1. Actually this is my 1st ff

  6. Who is paired opposite Meera?

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