Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 4


Jigar reminsces that she is paridhi her 2nd wife.Paridhi and gopi smiles.

Dharam and durga comes in suryanvanshi house.Shravan and vidya touch their feet and hugs them.Dharam gifts vidya a jewellery set and shravan a laptop.Dharam ask vidya where is shaina and piya.Vidya replies they goes for shopping.Dharam says ok and goes towards his room along with durga
Dharam enters the room and sees gaura’s photo with garland.Dharam gets emotional.FB shows.Gaura after living 14 years in jail come to modi house and humbly apologises to kokila,gopi and everyone.Kokila forgives her.Gaura goes.Gopi calls dharam and informs everything.Dharam goes to find gaura.Kokila and gopi also goes to find her.Gaura comes near yamuna river and thinks about her crimes and jumps to the river.Dharam sees it and shouts baa.Kokila and gopi also gets shocked.FB ends.Durga comforts dharam.

Gopi sees some diwali photos and reminsces kokila’s death.FB is shown a rocket bomb goes into the house and falls on diya.Gopi is shown lighting diya.She screams.Kokila enters inside the house.Everyone tries to go inside but fire catches the whole house.Gopi screams ahem ji…maaji..Kokila comes to save gopi.Kokila saves gopi and gaves her the lord radha krishna idol.Gopi shout maaji.Kokila tries to flee but unable has windows are burning.Kokila shouts everyone to go dont worry for me.Ahem tries to save her but unable as the fire has blocked the space.Everyone goes out.Gopi says someone call fire brigade.Kokila starts getting unconsious.Kokila says her last words “Ahem dikra” and “gopi bahu”.Fire catches the main switch board and the modi mansion bursts.Everyone shouts kokila.Gopi faints.FB ends.Gopi cries reminscing kokila.

Meera calls vidya and they makes a plan to surprise gopi and others in new york.Vidya agrees and takes everyone’s permission and leaves.

New york airport

Vidya meets meera.They takes a taxi and goes.Both reaches modi house.They shouts maa..papa..kaka..kaki…Gopi,paridhi,jigar,sona and geeti comes.Gopi hugs them emotionally.Ahem comes downstairs and is about to fall.Gopi shouts ahem ji.Rashi(lookalike of old rashi) comes and holds ahem.They comes downstairs.Gopi gets happy seeing rashi and hugs her.Gopi ask when did you came.Rashi replies i wanted to surprise you but i am surprised seeing meera di and vidya di.They all hug each other.

Precap-Gopi plans a get together party.Everyone agrees…Gopi is busy in talking with guests.A lady comes and greets gopi.Gopi gets stunned.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. Good like it

  2. OMG who is the lady? Please tell?

  3. I think she may be radha or gaura

  4. jasmine Rahul

    good that gaura realized her mistakes n apologized 2 kokila n others.but after that she committed suicide.oh..kokila dying in fire accident was sad.Was it just an accident or was it a planned murder?Thank God..Rashi saved Ahem.Rashi is look alike of old Rashi.thats sweet.But how come Jigar Radha’s daughter look like Rashi?who is that lady?

    1. No kokila’s death is an accident…and its just a twist that rashi looks lyk old rashi…

      1. And the lady is none other than Urmila….very soon some twist will unfold…

  5. Wow….keep posting frequently

  6. Kokila is supposed to die she makes the film lively

  7. Hi guyz…I had introduced a very shocking twist….Kokila is alive!!! Actually she lost her memory and also stayed in coma for 24 years…..

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