Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 3


Piya says i can never be like badi nani but i will try become like her.Vidya and shravan stuns by her words.Vidya says why are saying that.Piya says mamma badi nani had stuggle and sacrifices a lot in her life.I cant tolerate all that but can only salute badi nani.Vidya hugs piya and says your badi nani will be very happy to hear that.Piya says ok mamma now i have to leave for shopping with Shaina, shall i go.Vidya says of course.Piya calls shaina.Shaina comes and they leaves.Vidya goes to kitchen.Shravan reads news paper.

In New york, gopi is reading novel in her ipad.She gets a video call from meera.Gopi receives and greets meera.Meera greets her too and says how are you.Gopi questions i am alright what about you.Meera says i am missing you all.Gopi says we all miss you too.Gopi asks about the weather of london. Meera says today is clear.Gopi says here is a rainy weather.Gopi ask about viya and karan.Meera replies that viya is in library.

London is shown.Viya is shown reading books in library.She sees her favourite encyclopedia and reads it.She shout wow!!!.Some people says this library dont shout pls.She says sorry and continues reading.

Meera says karan has gone for his friend’s birthday party.Gopi says Oooo.

In a hotel, they are on a door do not disturb board is given.Karan is shown getting cozy.A girl is there in a bed.He unbutton his shirt and flirts with a girl.The girl says you are late.Karan says baby i am late but always ready.They smile and they goes intimate.The girl ask did you brought that.He says its always in my pocket and continues.

Meera says maa its since more than 15-20 years that you all leave india.Gopi gets sad.They goes talking.Gopi asks about krish.Meera says he is fine and taking medicines properly.Meera says goodbye maa and cuts the call.Gopi cuts the call.Gopi hears paridhi shouting.She goes downstairs and sees jigar.Gopi greets jigar and jigar also greets gopi.Gopi ask paridhi that why is she shouting.Paridhi says gopi ben jigs had left the other trolley in airplane.Gopi says paridhi you dont that devar ji has alzheimer and you are shouting.Paridhi calms down.Jigar ask gopi who is this woman?Paridhi and gopi gets shocked.

Precap-Meera and vidya comes together and surprises gopi.Gopi emotionally hugs both of them.Ahem sees meera and vidya and rushes towards the stairs but slips and shouts Gopi!!!
Gopi shouts Ahem ji!!!

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. Omg jigs havng alzheimers omg its really sad yaar i didnt lik it personally 🙁 sry if ur hurt no offence ijus told what i feel…and ya the remaining part is super and top…..precap is shocking hope ntg hppnsti ahem

  2. jasmine Rahul

    I was excited 2 read this.Piya is so sweet.i’m eager to read her luv story.U know Piya looking Gopi reminds me of Ankita looking like her granny Archana on PR.i luv it.viya seems 2 b studious.but i feel sad 4 Meera.Her son karan is such a big flirt.Why Krish is taking medicine?Does he have any disease?Which woman they r referring to at the end?precap is scary.hope nothing happens 2 ahem

    1. No krish is alright to give a more realistic look i put krish is taking medicines actually he will taking painkillers for his headache..thanks for commenting…

  3. Karan is a disgusting character lol. I hate boys like that but it makes the story interesting.
    Make him like Shaurya from Ek Hasina Thi please???

  4. jasmine Rahul

    yES Shaurya is perfect as Krish.But unfortunately Ishaa has ledt the actors to our imagination.I prefer writers casting actors 4 their ffs.update soon plz

    1. No shaurya for karan lol. Shaurya is perfect for the seductive type

      1. jasmine Rahul

        sorry,i meant karan only.,name got confusing

    2. He used to trap girls by seducing them in Ek Hasina Thi Karan should be like Shaurya

    3. Guys please read comments on Gopis destiny part 4 I have some ideas on the new track

  5. Hi guys, sorry but due to technical issues in this site they are not taking any ff till 29th april….

  6. jasmine Rahul

    yes i also read that.but waiting eagerly 4 the next update.if u can on 29th plz post 2 or 3 updates as compensation.missing ur updates very badly

    1. I will try…..thanks

  7. Is this true?
    Saathiya doesn’t have this

  8. jasmine Rahul

    It is a FF

  9. Hey guys, i will update my nxt. ff on 31st april….thanks

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