Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 29



Akansha is bumped on suyyash.They have an eyelock.Suyyash says Hatiye..hatiye…Suyyash and Akansha wakes up.Akansha says what rubbish..whats all this…you ate my ice cream.Suyyash rubbs his t shirt and says Oh mam…cant you see someone is standing here.Akansha says hello Mr. you ate my favourite ice cream…whats that.Suyyash says it accidentally falled.Akansha says i dont anything…i want my ice cream back.Suyyash says i have no money for wasting.Akansha looks at him angrily.



Sona and geeti is cooking food.Paridhi comes and says whats going on guys…Sona says “loh pimplewali aagayi”…Paridhi says Oh shut up Sona”…Geeti laughs.Geeti says momji we are making gajar ka halwa.Paridhi says thats good i love gajar ka halwa.Sona says there are calories in halwa…if you become fat.Paridhi astonishes.Geeti smiles.Paridhi says i will eat only half bowl.Geeti agrees.Paridhi leaves.Sona and geeti does hifi.


Suyyash says ok fine…come.Akansha goes with him.Suyyash pays 45 rupees for the ice cream.Suyyash gives her the ice cream.Akansha tastes it.Akansha says thankyou in a cracky manner.Suyyash says its ok!!…He sees his watch and says oh i am late for meeting.He rushes but his wallet falls on ground.Akansha sees the wallet and shouts but unable to catch him.Akansha thinks to return his wallet.She leaves.



Karan is shown working on laptop.His lady secretary comes.Karan says hey baby!!…I was waiting for you Minty.Minty says you was missing me.Karan completes his work and wakes up from the chair.Minty calls him seductively.He goes towards her and starts flirting with the girl.Suddenly fire alarm rings.Karan stops his flirt and asks her secretary to go.He goes out of his cabin.People runs here and there.Karan asks the peon what happened!!…Peon says there is a fire in the 18th floor and a girl employee is locked in that room….everyone is tryng to stop the fire but unable.Karan says call fire brigade right now!!…and runs towards 18th floor.Outside the building everyone is shouting.Karan goes towards the door but it is locked.He breaks the door.He goes inside and sees fire caught everywhere.He finds the girl unconsious and takes her outside.



Vidya brings Shaina to home.Piya is munching chips.She sees shaina and tries to go but thinks “iss pagal ke samne jaane se aacha meh yaaha rahoon”…she stops.Shaina shouts piya…Piya gets shocked.She goes near her.Vidya says your sister is perfectly allright now!!…Piya reminsces her and shaina’s old days…Piya gets emotional and hugs shaina.Shaina hugs her too.Piya says i am so happy now…you know when you was ill i thought i had lost my sister and i had to live with this mad girl…but now everything is ok…Piya hugs her again.Vidya cries.Shravan consoles her.



Landline rings…Gopi receives the call.Vidya says hello maa…Gopi smiles saying are you and my granddaughters…especially shaina.Vidya says maa Shaina is perfectly allright now.Gopi gets emotional and cries…what…I want to talk with her.Shaina says hello badi nani…Gopi says shaina…i am so happy for you darling!!…They have a conversation and call cuts.Gopi thanks kanha ji and gives the good news to everyone…Everyone rejoice hearing the news.Gopi smiles.SCREEN FREEZES.

PRECAP-Akansha comes to modi’s office building…Karan asks the wounded girl are you ok???….The girl asks for water…

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Suyyash Akansha scene was superb.His wallet with her,so they will meet again.waiting 4 to see paridhi bonding well with both her daughters in law in ur ff which is not there in d show.gud that karan cud’nt continue fliting with minty.who is the girl whom he saved.guess she will b his true luv.excited 2 meet her.piya is happy that shaina is alright.but i did’nt like piya’s attitude.when shaina was not well she insulted her,now she is gud with her as she is alright.this is not sincere luv.oiya needs 2 b punished.

  2. Nandhini

    Very fast episode moving between different houses,, the people and their lives….i am happy for shaina and piya….and also the bonding between geeti and sona is really nice unlike the real serial….

  3. I think karan will get his tru love….awsome story…

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