Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 28

Hi guys…sorry for the late update????….lets start without wasting time????



Meera and viya are still in fear of cockroach.Viya shouts help!!help!!…Krish comes at their room wearing a formal dress up.Viya cries dad…thankgod you came…Krish says you guys were shouting like a wild animals.Meera says stop your nonsense…and save me.Viya moves her head.Krish throws his office bag and brings the cockroach spray and sprays it…Meera sneases of cockroach spray.Viya hugs krish.Meera says thanks a lot.Krish smiles and hug both of them.



Paridhi comes downstairs and shouts OMG!!…i got a pimple…pls. dont look at me.Gopi,geeti and sona laughs.Kokila shouts paridhi you are not a kid…stop shouting.Paridhi says kakiji… look at me.Kokila says smiling that “yeh toh burappe ka asar hai”…gopi laughs vigourously.Paridhi shouts Gopi ben…pls.Jigar comes yelling at paridhi that why she is shouting for a tiny pimple….Sona says mothinlow is afraid of pimple…like an animal had grabbed her.Paridhi shouts at sona and says its mother in law….Sahir and samar comes.Paridhi says you two brought that cream…Sahir kids that they forgot.Paridhi shouts how can you…Sahir gives the cream and says sorry mom!!…Paridhi applies it quickly on her face and reliefs.She goes to her room calmly.Gopi and other laughs.



Shaina gets consiousness.Vidya looks at her.Shaina says mom,dad,dadi….Vidya hugs her and says you remembered everything my baby!!…Shravan hugs shaina too.Shaina says where is dadu….i reminsce we and dadu met with an accident….where is he???…Vidya hesistantly says your dadu had died falling of cliff.Shaina shocks hearing that and cries vigourously.Vidya calms her.


Suyyash is shown coming out of his car for ice cream.Akansha is shown in the ice cream parlour requesting for choco swirl icecream.Suyyash comes an asks for a mango icecream.He takes the ice cream and leaves.Akansha takes her ice cream and leaves too.Suyyash tastes the ice cream and gives compliments…Akansha sees her bag is wet for putting ice cream…She goes to remove it but her bag falls near suyyash shoes.She goes to take it and at the same time suyyash turns and he accidentaly bumps into akansha….Akansha’s ice cream falls on suyyash mouth.Akansha stares at suyyash and suyyash to stares at akansha…BAHARA BAHARA HUA HAI PEHLI BAAR MEIN(FEMALE VERSION) song plays….SCREEN FREEZES.

PRECAP-Suyyash says to akansha cant you see someone is standing…Akansha says hello Mr. you eat my ice cream okay!!…Suyyash says no it had falled on my mouth accidentaly.She says i dont no anything you have to return me the ice cream….Suyyash looks on akansha’s angry face.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Krish came to rescue his darlings meera was so cute that he hugged both viya n meera 2gether.paridhi is so funny.nice family scene.Shaina vidya scene was very emotional.which dadu died during the accident?Dharam?Poor Shaina.Suyyesh Akansha meeting with bahara song was so romantic.It was a long awaited meeting.precap is so interesting.plz update d next part soon.

    Really missed ur ff.R u busy?Is that y u did’nt post it 4 a long time?plz update it regularly

    1. Ofcouse dharam died..

    2. hi jasmine why dont you register

  2. Sindhura

    I have a question.
    In your dp ragini is their
    Is she their in your ff

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