Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 27




Ahem is changing clothes in bathroom but door is open.Gopi comes and shocks seeing ahem.Ahem hurriedly wears his pants.Gopi shys.Gopi says hey kanha ji!!…ahem you.Ahem says go…gopi…gopi what are you doing here???…Gopi smiles and leaves.Ahem smiles too.

Paridhi applies makeup alongwith geeti.Paridhi smiles and says i am so young.Geeti smiles…Paridhi says see me there is no…she looks at mirror and screams aaaaahhhhh!!!!!…..Geeti worries and asks what happened.Sona rushes to paridhi’s room.Paridhi notices a pimple in face and peeps.Sona vigourously laughs.Geeti laughs and says mom you are worried for this small purpose…its just a pimple.Paridhi says it will destroy my face…i have to do something.Gopi comes and laughs too.They all laughs except paridhi.



Meera reads magazine and munching chips.Suddenly she hears a sound and goes towards it.She hears someone screaming and goes towards viya’s room.Viya screams seeing a cockroach…Meera shout what happened??…Viya says mom there is a cock….Meera says what??…how cock came in my house…Viya says no..not cock…its cockroach.Meera calms oh cockroach…..what cockroach!!!…Meera runs towards bed and she and viya jumps on bed in fear.They screams.



Akshar is watching movie and eating pizza.Milind is working on laptop.Someone knocks at the door.Akshar opens the door and sees akansha.He gets glad.Akansha says surprise….He hugs akansha.Akshar says sis you here…what a pleasant surprise!!…Akansha enters.Milind gets glad seeing akansha and hugs her.Milind says what a surprise…Akansha says actually i came here for a small vacation.Akshar says awsome.Akansha goes to washroom for getting fresh.



Meera crosses her fear somehow and comes down from bed.Viya shouts no mom…Meera says shut up!!…let me do something.Meera sees the cockroach killer spray and goes slowly towards it.Viya peeps no.Meera tries to take the bottle but cockroach starts climbing her hand.Meera shouts no…viya screams.



Vidya takes shaina to garden and tries to talk with her.But shaina ignores.Shaina sees piya coming and does a mischief by throwing dustbin on her.Vidya shouts.Shaina laughs.Piya is shown full of waste materials.Piya doesnt see anything and pushes shaina.Shaina hits wall.Vidya screams.Shaina feels painful and falls unconsious.

Doc checks shaina and says there is a good news.She is getting her memory back as she got hitted in her forehead like before her memory loss.Vidya bursts out in happiness and hugs shravan.Shravan cries too.Durga thanks to god.Shaina’s face is shown.SCREEN FREEZES.

PRECAP-Akansha bumps into suyyash accidentally…..Paridhi creates havoc in modi mansion for her pimple.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    now akso paridhi is so beauty conscious.cockroach scene was so funny.happy that tho pia pushed hshaina she got her memory back.surprised abt akansha being aksar angad’s cousin sus.suyyaah akansha meeting in d next’m so happy

    1. I wrote in previous episodes that akshar,milind,mahek and akansha all are aadesh n maithli’s own sons and daughter….

      1. jasmine Rahul

        oh ya…i 4got that its the same maithili.thanks 4 the reply

  2. Nandhini

    Nice update! This time after shaina gets back to sense, she and piya must love each other….

  3. Funny ep.????

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