Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 24


Modi mansion….Gopi stares her and ahem’s marriage photos.She reminsces her golden days.Ahem comes and they have some cute moments.Ahem says during our marriage time you was so slim and now….gopi says ahem ji you see i am fatty.Ahem says no no i wont meant that gopi.Gopi says what do you mean???…They have a cute nok jhok.

Akshar and Nimisha meets with anahita.Anahita presents them couple dance globe show piece.Nimisha smiles and thanks her.They thinks about their relationship.Milind comes with some shopping bags.Anahita surprises seeing him.Milind shocks too.Anahita says you.Milind says you here.Akshar says anahita di he is milind my big bro and bro she is nimisha’s elder sis.They have an introduction.Akshar says wow bro…so many shopping bags.Milind says oh yah!!this is for you.Akshar says for me.He opens it and surprises seeing the same present which anahita gifted.Akshar laughs and says same gift.Milind shys.Anahita smiles.

Suryavanshi house….Vidya brings dinner for shaina.Shaina is lying on bed.Vidya says i bought your favourite food…Mexican pasta,lasagna….Shaina doesnt response.Vidya keeps the food in table and shouts Shaina beta….beta wake up pls.Shravan comes and asks what happened.Vidya worriedly says shaina is not responding.Shravan sees shaina unconsious.Vidya cries.Durga and piya enters.They takes her too hospital.

Paridhi is watching tv serial and grabbing pakoras.Sona comes and says offo mothinlow its 9:30 pm.I need the remote now.Paridhi says no….now is 9:20…this wall clock is 10 mins. fast.Sona says dont lie mothinlow….Paridhi shouts i told you thousand times its mother in law not mothinlow.Sona says whatever i need the remote now.Paridhi hides the remote inside sofa.Sona says what are you doing.Sona tries to take out the remote but her hand locks.Sona shout…my hand…my hand.Paridhi smirks and says now its good…she continues watching tv and grabbing pakoras.Sona yells.Paridhi laughs.

Doctor checks shaina and says she is allright now.Vidya says why she was not in sense.Doctor says her medicines are overdosed thats why it happened.Vidya says piya that you gave medicines daily to shaina…right…so today what happened.Piya reminsces…FB starts.Shaina is howling.Piya grabs her mouth are forcefully inserts medicines in her mouth.Piya pushes shaina and shaina falls on bed.Piya smirks and goes out.Shaina faints.FB ends.

Vidya shocks and slaps piya.Piya shouts why did you slap me because of this mad girl.Shravan shouts.Piya runs towards hospital exit.Durga says forget it.Vidya says no…i wont..i understands her anger but…Shaina gets consious.Shaina is in weak condition.Vidya and durga cries.FREEZE.

Precap-Meera comes and visits modi mansion.Gopi and meera hug each other.Paridhi hugs meera.Meera says she came here because they are shifted from germany to india.Gopi smiles….Piya meets a guy and apologises to him for shaina’s behaviour.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Gohem scene was cute.Milind Anahita gifted d same type of gift 2 akshar n sona fight like urmila kinjal.funny DIL MIL.Bcz of piya’s carelessness shaina became unconscious.oh..piya called her mad cud she?she is gopi’s replica.rt?then how did she change?anyways shaina is ok now

    1. Actually there is a story behind piya’s bitterness….it will be revealed later…

  2. Good episode…sad to see shaina’s condition??

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