Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 23


Anahita says nimisha that you are so lucky sis.I am happy for you.Nimisha says oh!! So you are getting jealous…dont worry di you will also get your prince charming.Anahita shys.

Mehta house….Aadesh is shown working on laptop.Maithli is baking cookies for everyone.Aadesh comes to maithli and says those cookies are lookibg yummy…and tries to take one but maithli pinches on his hand and says i had made for everyone…Aadesh gets sad.Maithli puts a cooky inside aadesh’s mouth.He chews it.They laughs.

Akshar comes downstairs with his ipad and says mom and dad…guess what..bro is coming.Maithli glads hearing the news.Aadesh says its good that he is coming home.Mahek(Tejaswi prakash wayagankar) comes wearing a pink top and jeans.Mahek says wow big bro is coming…i am excited what he will bring for me from India.Akshar says you are so selfish.Maithli smiles.Akshar and mahek have a sweet argument.

A Car comes near there house.Milind(Angad hasija) comes out of the car wearing a formal black suit and sunglasses.He enters the house and says hello everyone.Mehtas gets surprise seeing milind.They all hug milind.Milind says well i just came for one day…Maithli gets emotional and says why…cant you live here for some months.Milind laughs… mom…but i cant.He presents gifts everyone.

Suryavanshi house…Vidya cries and reminsces what happened some months ago.FB is shown…Dharam and Shaina is coming from mandir.Suddenly the car brakes fail…driver tries to control the car but unable.Shaina shouts help.Dharam shouts no.He sees a cliff near and opens the door of the car.He throws shaina from the car.Shaina’s head hits with a hard rock and she gets unconsious.On the other hand…Dharam’s car falls on cliff and blasts.In hospital…driver is severely injured but Dharam dead body is shown to suryavanshis and modis.Durga faints.They all breaks down.Vidya says how is shaina.Doctor says shaina has a memory loss and she had became violent too.Shravan and vidya cries.FB ends.Vidya gets up and leaves to the kitchen.

Next day…Akshar and Milind comes to airport.Akshar calls nimisha and asks her to come there.Milind leg pulls akshar…and goes to buy some products.Nimisha and anahita comes.Anahita kids with nimisha and goes to buy for shopping.Nimisha comes to akshar.Nimisha is shown wearing a floral pink dress and open hairs.Akshar gets mesmerised.They sits.Akshar proposes nimisha for marriage.Nimisha smiles and agrees.Akshar and nimisha dances on Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai song…..Milind and anahita is shown in a same shop.Anahita’s bag falls.Milind helps her and gives bag to her.They have an eyelock….Anahita says thanks and smiles and leaves looking at milind.Milind stares at her.SCREEN FREEZES.

Precap-Akshar introduces nimisha and anahita with milind.Milind and Anahita greets each other.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Aadesh Maithili scene was cute.Have they turmed positive after Anita got exposed?Milnd has come.all r happy.but y is he not staying here 4 more days?sad fb.dharam saved shaina n died.Shaina had memory loss n her present violent nature is its after effect.hope a nice guy enters her life n changes her 4 good.Akshar proposing Nimisha n their dance were romantic.Milind Anahita scene was so romantic.
    Hey…Anahita is Sana Khan or Sara Khan?I remember Sana was one charac in this ff.So I imagined her as anahita.But now seeing Sara’s pi in d banner i doubt whether Sana Khan was a typing mistake n its Sara Khan actually

    1. Yah…it’s sara khan actually….I Lyk their pair…

      1. jasmine Rahul

        I also like their pair tho i’ve seen only a few scenes of them from their serials

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