Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 22


Suryavanshi house….Durga is shown as a widow wearing beige saree.Durga lights diya in front of dharam’s photoframe wearing garlands.Durga cries seeing dharam’s photo and says she misses him.Shravan comes in specs…striped half jacket and white trousers.He comforts durga.Durga asks where is vidya.Shravan replies she is making dhoklas.

Vidya is shown in purple saari with full designer blouse…pearl jewellery and packed pony hairs.Piya comes and says mamma is the dhoklas ready.Vidya says more 5 minutes and it will get ready soon.Piya says what a smell.Vidya says dhoklas are ready.Piya takes dhoklas plate and brings it for Shaina.Shaina is shown in a cracky mood.Shaina sees dhoklas plate and throws it.Plates brokes.Piya shouts what did you do.Shaina gets violent and says get lost of my room.Piya gets angry and leaves.Shaina shouts i need no one.Piya comes outside and sees vidya crying.Piya says everything will be allright soon.

Gopi gossips with ahem that anahita and nimisha have a fashion show today.A long car is shown.Anahita and nimisha comes downstairs.Anahita and nimisha both are shown wearing fashionable dresses.They goes inside the venue.Gopi says within 2 years they became fashionistas of mumbai.Anahita and nimisha walks on ramp.Everybody claps for them.They hug each other.

Modi office(Mumbai branch)….Suyyash and kabir illustrates about their new project.Samar and sahir claps for them and appreciates their spirit.Suyyash says we all learnt this from our dad…grand dads…

After fashion show is over….Nimisha gets a call.She receives and says hi baby.Akshar replies i am missing you.Nimisha says Oooo.Akshar says cant we meet together.Nimisha says sure we can meet tomorrow on skype.Akshar says guess what…i am coming india tomorrow.Nimisha says are you serious???…its bravo.She jumps in excitement.Anahita says what happened.Akshar smiles.Nimisha says he is coming tomorrow.Anahita hugs him.Akshar and nimisha kiss each other in phone and cuts call.Anahita reminsces the day when….FB is shown…

Akshar personally comes to modi mansion in USA and apologises to everyone specially nimisha.Nimsha forgives him and asks him to go…after some days akshar’s rowdy friends tries to molest nimisha.Akshar comes on time and beats that guys.Nimisha thanks him and they becomes friends….after some incidents they becomes bf and gf….FB ends.SCREEN FREEZES.

Precap-Nimisha and akshar have a romantic date.Anahita meets with Milind(Akshar’s big bro)…

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Dharam no more.why is sHaina behaving like this?sorry..plz tell again who plays Shaina.Was it Aditu Bhatia?Suyyesh kabir r rly doing well.Anahita n nimisha r gr8 fashionists now.Akshar turned positive.hNimisha akshar’s candle light dinner.wowe aplogized 2 modis n nimisha,also saved nimisha from his friend.hope rly rly changed n rly luvs Nimisha.Akshar’s big brother milind?which actor plays milind?Nimisha akshar’s candle light!cant wait 4 d next part

    1. Shaina is adaa khan….viya is aditi bhatia

    2. Milind is played Angad hasija

  2. Its a complete change of akshar’s character…so wondering who will be the new vamp here…

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