Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 21

Hey guys i am back with my ff…..sorry that i waited you for so many days….lets start…

The episode starts with modi family rushes jigar to hosital.Jigar is shown wounded badly.Gopi comforts paridhi.Doc. comes and brings jigar to operation theatre.All starts geeting tensed.


Anita is shown in jail breaking things and screaming.Some constable comes and beats her.Aadesh and maithli comes and sees anita’s condition.Inspector informs aadesh that his mom had killed modi family members years ago.Aadesh shocks and maithli too.Aadesh cries out that i thought we and modis are business rivals but i do not know that mom will do this…she kept us in darkness and didnt tell truth.Aadesh regrets for his mistake to help anita.

Doc. comes out and says jigar is allright now.Modis gets glad hearing that.Paridhi hugs jigar.Gopi says now my family became fulfiled.Ahem hugs her.


Gopi Sole says that and like this two year passes.Mumbai is shown.Gopi sole continues that one story ends and another story starts.New modi mansion is shown.Gopi sings hey gopal krishna…Gopi says kanha ji always keep my family healthy and wealthy.Gopi is shown in a new look with gold and red saari…Light makeup and jewellery and specs.She prays to god that nowadays maaji’s health is not good and dont no from where learns about fitness.Kokila is shown in lawn doing yoga in a black top and jeans with sona and geeti.Sona says dadi sasuma i am already feet let me go.Kokila says sshhhh….when you are doing yoga you should not talk.Geeti smiles.Sona annoys.

Gopi says dont no kanha ji what ahem ji is doing.She goes to her room and sees ahem is sleeping.Gopi gets angry and splashes water on ahem.Ahem wakes up and says what are you doing gopi….he rubbs his eyes.Gopi says ahem ji its 8 am….you should get ready for office.Ahem says do you forgot that i am retired.Gopi says hey kanha ji…i am sorry ahem ji i forgot that….you can sleep.Ahem yells what sleep…you had destroyed sleeping.He goes to washroom.Gopi feels pity.

Paridhi is shown in light orange kurti and slightly greyish hair finding her medicines in her room.Jigar comes and gives her medicine.Paridhi says thank you jigs.Jigar says its ok…but you should keep it with you.Paridhi says i am happy that your alzheimer is cured via treatment.Jigar sits besides her and says but paridhi you should also take care of your health right.Paridhi says hmmm.Jigar says see kaki ji in this age she doing yoga.Paridhi says kaki ji has no work…”jabse india aaye hai sona…geeti aur mah hi toh iss ghar ka saara kaam karti hoon”…Jigar makes faces.

Chauhan house…Meera comes downstairs wearing a maroon saari and sleeveless blouse with specs and a large maroon bindi…and bangles and watch.Meera yells at her maid to clean the floor in a perfect manner… better understand.Karan and viya comes hearing meera’s shout.Karan is shown in jacket and jeans…and viya is shown in kurti.Meera says karan…when you will go to know that your dad is waiting for you.Karan says i am leaving…ok bye mom…he goes.Viya tries to leave but meera shouts and viya when you will go to college….”do saal pehle toh tum books ke alaava kuch bhi nahi parti thi”…then now.Viya says my sweet mom…i just going now.Meera shouts dont butter me just go…Viya says ok ok and leaves.Meera’s angry face is shown and scene freezes.

Precap-Anahita and nimisha is shown in a car going to a fashion show.Gopi says within 2 years they became fashionistas of mumbai.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Aadesh maithili regret helping Anita after knowing what she did.gud.2 yrs leap.that was unexpected.Kokila doing yoga n making Sina n Geeti also do yoga strictly was funny.Gohem scene was nice.When suddenly he retired she 4got that.its natural.Liked paridhi’s desription-stylish grey hair.I imagined it.Loved Jigar taking care of her.Meera is very strict.I am curious 2 know how Nimisha will meet Aksar again.Will he b negative again?waiting 4 other youngsters’ luv story too.
    Where were u?rly missed ur updates

    1. Thanks for commenting

      1. What???…

    2. After 2 years….akshar n nimisha r in relationship…many changes will be shown in upcoming episodes….

      1. jasmine Rahul

        Wow..that’s cool.plz update daily.

        By the way i’m posting a college SS called Youth Stars.Have a look when u r free

  2. Hey nice leap of situation from new york to mumbai! But i am surprised gopi got angry and splashes water on ahem!! She is such a woman who dont do these things even for fun! Other characters like paridhi, rashi (rucha), meera can do this but not gopi….ok anyways its nice story yaar☺☺ glad jigar is alright and back to normalcy….waiting for next update….

    1. Yah i know that gopi is not lyk that but her anger was just a funny expression and she splashes water on ahem in fun….thanks for commenting

  3. i like how people are putting meera’s usual dialogue “understand, you better understand” in the ffs

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