Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 20


Anita pushes gopi and tells her about how she kidnapped kokila.Gopi listens to all.FB is shown….Anita comes via her car.She gives some money to some boys and asks them to sent a rocket bomb to modi mansion.They all agrees and launches the rocket.Kokila is shown blowing diya.Anita smirks.Rocket falls on diya and everyone starts shouting.Gopi shouts seeing all this.Anita and some boys goes to modi house.As the modis goes out of the house…the blast happens but the fire only spreaded to hall via wire and kokila was unconsious.Anita guards outside.Some boys takes injured kokila in a bag and flees from there….After that anita goes to doctor and ask him about kokila’s condition.Doctor says that kokila is in coma…after 10 years 11 months they are in USA.Kokila gets consious but she is unable to recognise herself and anyone.Doc. says she had a temporary memory loss…anita scares hearing that memory loss is temporary.She bribes the doctor and asks her give some chemical dose to her so that kokila cant recognise anyone.Anita takes the oppurtunity and uses her.She says to kokila that i saved her life else gopi would kill her.Anita dresses kokila in a new way and rebukes for taking revenge.FB ends.

Gopi hears all and sits on floor shocking she cries…and we thought that maaji is no more.Roopa smirks.Gopi strangulates roopa.

Ahem is shown sitting in bed.Roopa takes out her gun.Gopi snatches a gun from one goons.They both shoot each other.Ahem hears the sound.Ahem and other comes downstairs and sees gopi unsconsious.Ahem checks gopi nerves and gets shocked…he shouts gopi!!

Ahem wakes up and sees he is dreaming.Paridhi asks what happened.Ahem says i saw a worse dream.All gets tensed.

Gopi is shown strangulating anita.Anita starts feeling uncomfortable.Anita rebukes gopi to kill her and after that she will go to jail.Gopi leaves her.Anita takes out her gun and fires.Ahem hears the sound.Anita points gun at gopi.Gopi panicks.Ahem breaks the door suyyash and kabir breaks vase on goons head.They falls down.Ahem breaks the door and they all rescues and comes downstairs.Anita goes to shoot but suddenly main door opens.Anita shocks.Police is shown with his force.Jigar comes at front.Paridhi and gopi smiles on jigar’s act.Jigar says inspector arrest her.Gopi says yes inspector she had killed my family members.Anita shouts no.Police tries to snatch gun from anita but anita fires the gun.All gets shocked.Jigar gets bullet and his chest.Special effects are shoen.Ahem…kokila…gopi..paridhi and all shouts.Anita smirks and throws the gun.Police arrest her and goes.All goes to jigar and they rushes to hospital.Scene freezes on paridhi’s face

Precap-Jigar’s operation is going.Doctor comes and says that the operation is…..everyone face is shown

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. Nice! But sad it soon will finish. Please continue it with a new twist.
    And please could you comment on my FF as well.

    1. No i will not finish it so soon

      1. Oh that’s good. Waiting for new twist

  2. jasmine Rahul

    anita had bribed d dr 2 make kokila’s memory loss cruel.anyways glad that her plan didnt work.all modis fought against anita n happy that she got arrested.but she shot jigar.hope he will be recovered.waiting 2 read d next track

  3. Hey guys….i will post my nxt. on 1st june….as i have some

    1. But i will introduce a small leap after that many things will be shown changed

      1. How Do You Make Your Own Story???

  4. Its very simple first you have to go on fan fiction page and then you have to fill up all things written in that page…thanks

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