Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 2


25 years later…

The modi family had move on to USA.Gopi soul says that time never waits for someone, first i was the beginning of this household but now i had took maaji’s place.New York city is shown.
Modi mansion is shown.Maali is sprinkling water to flowers and cars are getting clean.Hall is shown as gopi is going through and saying now my household had changed even i am also but old is gold so i cant forgot those golden days.Some flasback memories of gopi’s life are shown with modis.There a room is shown were gopi is sitting beside a balcony and viewing the city.Gopi is shown in spectacles,indo western dress and long straight hair having a brownish effects.Gopi says maaji first i was your bahu then i became mother in law and now dadi.Gopi laughs.Gopi says maaji if today you are alive and her eye gets teared.Ahem rubbs her tears.Ahem says gopi its 25 years have passed and now also you are in that world.Gopi says so what if 25 years passed you should remember all those happy days right.Ahem says right.

Paridhi is shown in indo western outfit,curly hair,modern spectacles.Paridhi says mandy(maid) its 8’o clock and you didnt cutted vegetables, do fast.Paridhi says Omg how can this girl sleeps to late and shouts sona!! Sona!!.Sona wakes up from bed and gets ready.She is shown wearing chiffon saree ,light make up and jewellery.Gopi says its good that paridhi understood sona’s childish behaviour and accepted her before maaji’s death.Sona says yes mothinlow.Paridhi annoys and says its mother in law…call me mom ok.Sona agrees.Paridhi says were is Geeti.Geeti says i am here mamma.Paridhi smiles.Geeti is shown in indo western uniform and having sindoor in her forehead.Gopi says geeti is a well mannered girl with inner beauty.She is perfect for samar.Geeti says mamma i am going to get ready for pooja thali.Paridhi agrees.Gopi says ahem ji now i have to go for pooja.Ahem comes with her.Gopi comes for doing pooja.Paridhi says gopi ben pooja thali.Gopi takes the thali and does pooja of kanha ji by singing hey gopal krishna..Jigar comes.

Gopi says were are Samar and Sahir.Paridhi says they went to Germany for a business meeting.Gopi says were is anahita,suyyash,kabir and nimisha.Sona says they went yesterday for a trekking and will come after 2 days.Gopi says paridhi,sona and geeti to prepare breakfast.



Suryavanshi house

Vidya comes in saree with a modern look to meet Shaina.Shaina says hey mamma i am going for shopping with di but were is she.Vidya smiles and says she is doing pooja.Piya(gopi’s lookalike) does aarti singing the same song gopal krishna.Shravan says vidya that she is just like gopi sasuma.Piya says mom dad prasad.Screen freezes on piya’s smiling face.

Precap-Meera calls gopi and says i am missing you.Gopi says me too.Gopi ask about Karan and viya.Meera says viya gone for library and karan to….gopi says Oooo.Karan is shown in hotel room with a girl.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. Amazing written update….very very nice?

  2. You rock but miss kokila and the other buda party

  3. jasmine Rahul

    now modis r in US.They all have a modern!gopi is still haunted by d past memories.Sona is still childish,but paridhi has accepted her.So Geeti is just like Gopi.Hey plz tell me which actress plays Geeti.Piya who looks like gopi is like gopi in behaviour too.

  4. Hey tell me who is geeti and viya

  5. Tell me is this really happening in saath nibhana saathiya

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