Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 19 (SPECIAL EPISODE)


Roopa gets up gopi and says how are you feeling Mrs.Gopi modi.Gopi shout you rubbish woman….how dare you kidnap my maaji…you are not a human but more than animal.Gopi says i just know you are our business rival but i dont know you are so cheap.Roopa shouts you made me cheap.Gopi says so tell me who are you…..come on say….who are you!!! Roopa shouts i am none other than ANITA….i am not roopa but anita…roopa is my disguise name.Gopi stuns and shocks.She says anita….gopi remembers the day when anita sets fire on kitchen to kill gopi but ahem comes and falls there…gopi saves her…anita apologises to all and goes out of their lives.Gopi gets dumbstuck.

Anita says are you surprised listening my name.Gopi says you lier anita ben was ahem’s ex girlfriend and she left our house more than 40 years passed.Anita says i am sorry but you are wrong i had not left the house but you made me left because ahem chosed you.Gopi says what the hell are you saying!!…i am confused.Anita says let me explain gopi after i left the house…..FB is shown…

Anita comes to her home and starts breaking things…..she looks at ahem’s photograph and tears it.She leaves rajkot and goes to delhi.Anita’s parents listens to all and scolds anita for it.Anita’s mother goes to kitchen and gas was leaking but she was no sad that she light the gas and the whole house blasts.FB ends.

Anita cries in that accident i lost my parents just because of you gopi…Gopi shocks.FB is shown….Anita wakes up and sees her new face.She breaks the mirror.Doctor says sorry but your face burnt badly so we had changed your face.Anita shocks.She asks were is my mom and dad.Doctor says sorry they are no more..Anita cries…FB ends.

Anita says after that…FB is shown…Anita is shown crying in street.Some boys sees her and takes her oppurtunity.They molests anita.After that anita takes glass bottle and breaks on those criminal’s head.They all dies.Anita tries to flee but police catches her.She somehow escapes from police hand and hides in a place.A man holds her and flees from there.

Anita says but some changes happened suddenly in my life….FB is shown…That man named himself Pratap mehta(Krip suri)….he marries anita and anita gives birth to aadesh.Pratap changes anita’s name to roopa….and lefts delhi and goes to rajkot…FB ends..

Anita says but after some years you destroyed my life…Gopi shocks…Anita says and that day…FB is shown…

Anita and pratap is shown in a car gone for long drive.They goes talking.Gopi is shown in another car driving in hurry.Gopi hits the car and flees from there in fear.The car goes to cliff…pratap opens the door and throws anita from there.A car falls and blasts.Anita screams pratap…anita vows to take revenge from gopi as she only saw gopi’s face….she burries pratap’s dead body and lefts rajkot with aadesh….after some years she returns to take revenge….FB ends.

Anita smirks and says…FB is shown….Hetal,chirag,parag is going to mandir via car.Anita bribes a truck driver and truck hits the car.And they all dies.FB ends.

Anita laughs…gopi shocks and grabs anita and says you killed my kaki ji..kaka ji and papa ji…Anita smirks.Gopi shouts why???…what was their fault…she cries.Scene freezes on gopi’s face.

Precap-Roopa shoots gopi and gopi shoots roopa too and falls on floor.Ahem breaks the door and they all escapes.Ahem…meera and paridhi…kokila screams on gopi being shooted.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Anita lost her parents in fire.sad.her face got burnt n thats how after d surgery she got this face.some ppl molested her n so she killed them,shocking.she escaped from d police.a man named pratap married her.On d show SNS in d last epi Modis had convinced Anita’s fiance n he had decided 2 accept her again.Where is he?hat happened 2 him.Y didnt he accept her in this ff?Why did’nt anita go there?Gopi’s car hit Anita’s n Pratap sacrificed his life 4 Anita?As per gopi’s character she wont leave d victims n go easily.So was it rly gopi who hit d car?Was it anita’s mu?Is there any more unknown truth related 2 that accident?shocking that anita only killed modis 2 take revenge

    1. Hi….as per my track I had changed some characteristics of Anita….and put a revenge drama….most of the changes in the real show are not been used in my ff…thanks

    2. It will shown be next in ep. why hoping fled from there

      1. Sorry…it’s wrong comment…it will be shown in next ep. why gopi flees from that place…

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