Saath nibhana saathiya-gopi ka sansaar episode 18 (SPECIAL EPISODE)


Ahem admits gopi to hospital.Gopi and ahem caring scenes are shown.Doctor discharges gopi after 1 week.Gopi comes to home and sees her family.Family members hugs and ask about her health.Gopi says now she is ok.

Vandana comes hall.Maithli asks were is she going.Vandana says i am going to modi mansion for answers of some questions.Maithli looks confused and tries to stop her but vandana arrives.

Gopi takes the pooja aarti and sees her family and sings “kabhi khushi kabhi gham”……Gopi gives prasad and continues singing.Vandana is in car she thinks that today gopi have to give the answers why she betrayed her mother in law vandana.Gopi continues singing.

Roopa comes downstairs and asks maithli where is MOM.Maithli says hesitantly that she had gone to modi mansion.Roopa gets boggled and says what??? Roopa slaps maithli.Maithli gets shocked.Aadesh comes and gets shocked.Roopa says idiot!! I told naa…..that she will not go anywhere without my permission.Maithli tries to explains but roopa shouts at her.Aadesh says mom whats wrong with you.Roopa says your duffer wife had let vandana gone to modi mansion.Aadesh gets shocked and scolds maithli.Roopa says we have to stop her somehow else everything of our plan will get destroyed.Roopa tense.

Vandana comes out of the car and says today i will not spare you gopi.She goes at the doorstep.Song continues.Vandana steps foot the hall and sees gopi doing pooja and all are standing.Vandana gets some flashback of rashi n gopi doing pooja….ahem n gopi’s wedding…meera’s falls on water…gopi kills radha…gaura’s return and her suicide…accident of hetal..parag..chirag…and at last the fire incident.She reminsces and starts getting unconsiousness.She calls out ahem silently and gopi bahu loudly.Gopi hears it turns back she sees vandana.Vandana/kokila falls on floor.Gopi shouts maaji…all looks backwards and runs near kokila.Gopi says maaji…maaji….ahem ji she is our maaji.Ahem shocks and thinks its to be right.They all lifts to guest room.

Doctor comes and checks her.Doctor says she suffered a memory loss and now she is getting her memory back.Everyone gets shocked.Kokila gets sense and calls out ahem…gopi bahu..meera..vidya…samar..sahir..paridhi.Kokila says gopi bahu.Gopi and ahem cries out and hugs kokila.Kokila says i do not know anything after fire incident.Everyone hugs kokila and touches her feet.

Roopa comes to the guest room and says what my plan failed…kokila reminsces everything.Gopi shocks seeing roopa and gets angry for keeping kokila without in their for so many years.Roopa breaks a flower vase and stares at all.Roopa starts laughing.Some goons enters with guns.Ahem shouts.Roopa shouts at ahem and orders him to shut up.Roopa takes gopi to hall.Ahem says i will not spare you.Roopa locks the door from outside.Gopi ask what she is doing???…andctries to unlock door but roopa pushes gopi and gopi falls off stairs.All tries to escape but goons firs a bullet and fears them.Roopa smirks.Gopi looks at roopa in an injured state and scene freezes.

Precap-Gopi slaps roopa tightly and says you are not a human…you are more than an animal.Gopi says tell me who are you.Roopa says i am none other than ANITA.Gopi gets shocked.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    vandana went 2 mofi mansion.what answer did she want from them?Why gopi killed her MIL?Or why she feels motherly affection 4 gopi?Reaching modi mansion vandana got her memory back.Kokila’s reunion with modis was emotional.Roopa reached there with goons n troubled them.she pushed gpi cruel.Shocking precap.Roopa is Anita?Did Anita have plastic surgery?Glad 2 c Anita in ur ff as no on is using anita in ffs these days

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