Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 17


New york police station…

Roopa comes with lawyer and asks inspector to show her grandson.Inspector takes roopa to akshar.Akshar is shown in jail clothes.Akshar sees roopa and says why did you came here.Roopa says i came here for your bail darling!! Roopa says inspector and ask for bail.They does bail formalities and inspector releases akshar from jail.Roopa hugs him and says beta nothing will happen to you but you have to help me in destroying.Akshar says no…i cant help you in this stupid plan.Roopa shouts at him but akshar ignores her and goes.Roopa calls out akshar.Roopa gets angry.

Paridhi calls aashima and orders her to make breakfast.Aashima agrees.Aashima goes to kitchen.She starts making breakfast.Gopi comes there.Aashima asks did you want something.Gopi asks for her pineapple juice and bread butter.She says i am preparing it.Gopi goes.Aashima mixes some unknown white powder in gopi’s juice and smirks.

All comes for breakfast.Gopi drinks her juice and after sometime she feels uncomfortable.Gopi starts coughing and runs towards her room.Ahem calls gopi.Gopi vomits in washroom and splashes water on her face.Ahem comes and ask is she ok.Gopi says i am feeling uncomfortable.Ahem calls doctor.

Doctor comes and checks gopi and says OMG!! Mr.modi has food poison.All get shocked hearing that.Ahem gets angry and comes downstairs and grabs aashima.Aashima asks what are you doing.Ahem says what did you mixed in gopi’s juice.Ahem shouts at aashima.Aashima acts as she cries and defends her.Gopi relaxes ahem.Ahem says i dont trust her.Gopi ask aashima to do her work.Aashima goes to her room and starts.Aashima says now gopi modi gone.She calls roopa and gives her the news.Roopa smirks and cuts all.Vandana hears it and thinks why is this happening…whenever i try to misbehave with gopi i feels a motherly care for her.Scene freezes on kokila’s face.

Precap-Vandana arrives for modi mansion.Gopi is doing pooja.Vandana comes and fb is shown.Vandana starts getting unconsious and calls out Gopi bahu!!!…gopi shocks hearing that.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    tho roopa promised 2 help akshar he didnt care as he wasnt interested in her he changing or wants 2 take revenge by himself?what is going on in his mind?Aashima poisioned gopi.But only ahem doubts her.Ashima escaped thru her fake tears.Vandana having motherfly affection 4 gopi even during revenge.wish she had recognized her Gopi bahu

  2. jasmine Rahul

    y didnt u update last 2 days?plz update daily

    1. Extremely sorry…i was busy in an imp. Work

  3. I will post my nxt. update tonight

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