Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 16


Its morning

Mandy ask permission from sona that she want to go for holiday for somedays.Sona permits her and says ok come but very soon.Mandy smiles and goes.Sona says now i have to appoint a new maid and goes to search maid’s availabilty in google.She finds out that there are some maids free now.She calls some of them.

Maid’s interview starts.Sona says we will give only 250 dollars per months but maid disagrees and goes.A lady in veil comes towards modi mansion.Sona checks 4 from maids are rejected.

Suddenly storms calls out.Sona shouts gopi maa…mothinlaw…paridhi comes and says its mother in law….gopi comes and shouts how this storms calls out.Meera says mom i heard in news that cyclone will come today.Family members starts shouting.Sona goes to close the door but door brokes.Sona closes her eye with hands.Hall room window glasses breaks.Geeti comes to rescue sona.Geeti and sona falls ground and glasses falls them.Gopi shouts no…paridhi meera shouts too.Suyyash says we hide somewhere.They goes the hides in different places.Gopi and ahem alongwith paridhi hides under dining table but some pebbles and sands goes on gopi’s face.All starts shouting.Meera sees somehow outside and gets shocked seeing the rampage.Lights goes off.Radha krishna murti starts shaking.Gopi goes to rescue the idols but its about to fall but the Anahita catches it.After sometime cyclone stops.Gopi shouts saying these cyclones…go to hell!!! Paridhi relaxes gopi.Everybody cures sona and geeti’s bleeding hand and face.Sahir calls a doctor.Vidya and nimisha talks with their neighbours about cyclone.Vidya sees a lady inside a swimming pool.(Same lady in veil)Vidya shouts.Neighbours shouts that she falls on your pool during cyclone.They all takes out the lady and vidya alongwith nimisha takes her to modi house.Gopi says who is she.Vidya says maa she falls in our pool during storm.They cures the lady.Lady gets consious and says i came here for maid post but suddenly storm came.Sona says that means you are the fifth maid i called.She replies yes.

Sona says ok you are appointed.Gopi says sona you checked her icard.Lady gives her icard.Sona says oh!! so your name is Aashima and you are from India.Aashima says so can i start working.Gopi says now you are ok right.Aashima says i am ok mam.Gopi says then near kitchen there is maid’s room you can get fresh there.She agrees and goes.Gopi says well…now we get the new maid for household.All relaxes and goes each of there’s room.Aashima goes to her room and calls roopa.Roopa is shown outside the house due to storm.Aashima says i am appointed here as new maid as per as your plan.Roopa says good and smirks.Roopa thinks now aashima will eye at modi house and i will be alerted.Scene freezes on Aashima and roopa’s smirking face.

Precap-Roopa bails out akshar.Roopa says now we will defeat those modis you dont have to worry.Akshar says no i will not help you in this stupid revenge plan…pls. leave me alone.Roopa gets shocked and angry.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    storm.oh..u have described its after effects perfectly.As a maid Ashima has entered Modi house.Oh..she is sent by what will she do?
    Which actress plays the role of Aashima?

    Ur banner was nice.But can’t see the pics of 1st 2 people?Who r they before Ashish’s pic?

    1. Its tanya and anuj…

    2. Yah!! Its tanya sharma n anuj sachdeva

  2. Aashima role will be played by shweta tiwari

    1. jasmine Rahul

      wow..i luv sweta tiwari.cant believe that she is negative here.excited 2 read ore.plz update it daily

      1. Yah!! In most of the serials she is playing negative lyk begusarai….sab tv’s balveer show….and more…

      2. jasmine Rahul

        is it…i didnt know that.i’ve seen her only in d long serial like kasauti n parvarish.4 me sweta is prerna.wonder what roles sara n angad r playing.happy 2 c jennifer in d banner.ashish’s love interest is a mystery

  3. jasmine Rahul

    plz update

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