Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 15


Mehta house

Akshar comes and says roopa that i am unable to take the money and escape from that place.Roopa gets shocked and starts laughing.Akshar says why are you laughing.Roopa says i am laughing on your foolishness.Roopa slaps akshar.Roopa shouts you can’t do a simple work also.Akshar apologises.Roopa advices him that police is searching for you so you should go there out of the city.Akshar agrees and tries to go upstairs.But Gopi comes and says thats not needed roopa.Roopa turns and gets shocked seeing gopi.

Gopi comes towards akshar very fast and slaps him hard.Akshar falls on ground.Maithli shouts at gopi and says how dare you to touch my son.Gopi shouts more loudly and says shut up!! Roopa says gopi have you gone mad.Gopi says oh please!! Roopa dont act this drama in front of me.Gopi shouts how dare your grandson to kidnap my granddaughter.Police says akshar you are under arrest.Roopa stands dumbstuck.Police arrest him.Akshar ask to save him.Maithli shouts at roopa to save her grandson.Roopa says you dont have to worry i will leave bail you very soon.Police takes akshar.Gopi goes too.

Roopa starts annoying and says now i would do now.She goes to Vandana’s room and says today that gopi modi had arrested my grandson.Vandana listens everything.Roopa grabs vandana and says now i will harass the whole modi family.Vandana says i will help you in this mission.Roopa says you have too help me and thinks as you are mine trump card.Roopa plans an evil plot against Modis.Vandana agrees.

Ahem congratulates gopi for arresting akshar.Gopi thanks him for helping her.They all goes to dining table and starts doing dinner.Anahita says takes some more ghee.Kabir teases her if she took more ghee she will become fat.All starts laughing.Anahita shuts up kabir.Paridhi says stop it and dont joke with my lovely granddaughter.Gopi and other smiles.Anahita says choti dadi am i fatty.Paridhi says not at all.Gopi smiles watching the seen.Scene freezes.

Precap-Sona appoints a new maid as mandy goes for holiday.New maid introduces herself as Aashima.Aashima goes to kitchen and calls roopa and says i am appointed here as new maid according to your.Roopa smirks.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    gopi got akshar arrested.wonder how will akshar fall 4 nimisha as he is complete maid set by roopa?Oh!hope d plan doesnt succeed

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