Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 14


Gopi prays to god and calms everyone.Geeti keeps her head on gopi’s shoulder and cries.Gopi tries her to calm.Sona and paridhi cries too.Anahita,Suyyash and kabir comes.Anahita says what happened.Meera says nimisha is kidnapped.They all get shocked.Suyyash and kabir says were are Bare dadu…dad.Urmilla says they goes for saving nimisha.Suyyash and kabir goes to location.

Suyyash and kabir meets with ahem samar and sahir.Ahem says its good you came.Ahem holds a money bag.Ahem says police will come anything but they are not uniform.Suyyash and kabir guards the place.Ahem samar sahir enters.Ahem says i am going to act as i am giving them money and goes.Some goons comes and they had a fight.Samar and sahir beat goons.Ahem goes towards the room were nimisha is kept.

Akshar attracts towards nimisha and says that day you didn’t allowed me to touch that girl so today i will take revenge.Nimisha shouts.Akshar tries to molest her but nimisha bites in his hand.Akshar screams.Ahem comes towards akshar and turns him and slaps him but doesn’t saw his face.Akshar falls but hides and runs from there.Ahem sees nimisha and removes her rope.Nimisha hugs ahem and says thankyou so very much bade dadu.Ahem says are you ok.She says yah!!.Police comes and arrest all goons except akshar.Ahem says he flees from here.Police says no problem we will catch him soon.Sahir and samar hugs nimisha.They took nimisha via car.

Gopi sees nimisha at the door step and says nimisha.Nimisha comes.Everyone hugs nimisha.Geeti hugs her and cries.Nimisha says mom i am ok now.Geeti calms down.Ahem says how police will catch him as we dont no kidnapper’s name.Nimisha says dadu he told his name is Akshar mehta.Gopi hears it and says i had heard this name before.

Precap-Roopa slaps Akshar and says you dont know to do a simple work.Roopa says now i have to harass the modis.Vandana says i will help you.Roopa says you have to help me.Roopa says akshar to flee somewhere.Gopi comes with police says thats not needed roopa.Roopa gets shocked.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    oh akshar tried 2 molest nimisha as he got attracted 2wards her.but thankfully nimisha got saved by ahem.but no one cud c his face n he escaped.but nimisha knows his will they trace him?

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