Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 13


The episode starts with gopi talking to piya and shaina.Gopi says i am so confused beta.Piya says then badi nani you first confirm it that she is koki granny or not.Gopi says i will try my best.Shaina and piya wishes her best of luck and cuts the call.Gopi cuts call and thinks how should she get confirmed.

Nimisha is walking on street alone.Some guys kidnaps her and puts her in a car and flees from there.Modi mansion landline rings.Paridhi receives the phone call.She gets shocked and says what??? phone calls.Sona sees that and asks what happened?? Geeti asks the same.Paridhi shouts Somebody kidnapped Nimisha and asking for 5 crores.Gopi hears all and shocks.Ahem and other comes.Modis gets shocked.Geeti feels restless and falls on sofa.Samar holds her.Geeti says pls.someone call police…save my daughter pls.Paridhi says they had told not to call police else they will harm her.Paridhi cries.Rashi calms paridhi.Meera says then what we should.Ahem says then we have to wait for the next call then we can track their location.Gopi says you are right ahem ji till then we have to wait.Ahem asks paridhi what did they say when they will call next time.Paridhi says after 3 hrs they will call for money.


Nimisha is tied with rope and sitting in a chair.She cries and shouts for help.A man in mask comes and says are you feeling scared?? Nimisha says you bl***y how dare you to kidnap me…you dont know who i am.He shouts shut up!! and removes his mask.He is none other than Akshar(roopa’s grandson).Nimisha you…you that guy who had molest that girl.He says exactly you slap me that day and today i will slap you.Nimisha shocks.Akshar slaps her and laughs evilly.Nimisha cries.Akshar says i will not spare you easily and throws water in her face.Nimisha says stop it.He says no i slapped Akshar mehta in front of everyone and you will face it.Nimisha hears the name.

After 3 hrs.Akshar calls modis.Ahem says samar to put phone on call recorder and tracking mode.Samar receives the call.Akshar says is the money ready with you.Samar says hey you rascal i will kill you if you do something with my daughter.Akshar says shut up!! Oh so you are her father and says no problem “tum log jitna chilao ge usse zyada takleef tumhari beti ko hogi”.Samar shouts.Paridhi snatches the phone and says hello where will we come to give money.He says them about location and cuts the call.Ahem says Sahir to call police.Sahir says inspector to keep it a secret and pls. come without uniform.Ahem,Sahir and samar goes to save nimisha.Gopi holds geeti and calms her and screen freezes.

Precap-Akshar tries to molest nimisha.Samar and sahir fights with goons.Nimisha bites akshar’s hand.Ahem comes and tries to see kidnapper’s face.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    as i doubted akshar only kidnapped nimisha 2 avenge.but y does he want money from d modis like d usual sad that he slapped her.shocking that he tried 2 molest her.but glad that she bits him.will modis see his face…

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