Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 12

Krish removes his sunglasses and goes towards the man.Man asks who are you???….He says i am Krish Chauhan(Owner of Chauhan associates) and he is my son karan chauhan.Man says do you know that what did your son done to my daughter???….Yes i know and i am extremely sorry….karan says ‘but dad’…krish gives karan a tied slap.Karan falls on floor.Everyone looks at him.Krish says karan you are my son and you know that i do not like those people who interferes between my sppech…so keep your mouth shut!!! Karan stops.Krish apologises to the man and his daughter for what karan had done.Krish drags karan to the car.Karan begs sorry dad!!!….

Meera is continuosly trying to call krish but his phone is in silent.Karan fears and says sorry dad….but krish ignores….karan says again and again dad sorry!!..krish says its 150th time i m going an apolosing to a young girl’s father…..he you had care of your father’s reputation???….Karan keeps mum.But dad….krish interfers yes i know that you are a littlebit…not littlebit…you are flirty but there is a limit of your flirtness.Karan acts as he listens.Krish continues his lectures.There house comes.Krish comes out taking karan.The living room is shown.Krish says everytime i say you but this is the last time i beg you dont do it next time…okay!!!…did you get that.Karan says yah!! Dad and yawns.Karan goes to his room.Krish takes out his phone and sees meera’s 5 missed calls.

Krish calls meera.Meera says “what the hell” i am calling you 5 times and you didnt answer any of them.Krish says relax honey now i am calling you is it okay…Meera says yah…and says what happened you are hushing.Krish informs meera about karan’s flirts.Meera hears all and gets shocked.Meera says and he told me he is going to his friend’s house.Meera says he should be shameful….its your 150th time right.Krish replies yes.Meera says its nonsense…wait i will go and show him.Krish says when you are coming.Meera says actually it can be month also bcoz last time when i came here i had took more than 2 months…she amiles.Krish irks and says okay then stay there only…bye and cuts call.Meera says this is not fair..hello..hello!!.her call cuts.Meera yells to herself why did she told him about the duration.

Gopi is resting in her room and thinks about kokila and are lectures….She is confused.She thinks about the incident of 25 years ago. when premlata was in disguise and kokila was kidnapped.Gopi thinks it can be a lookalike also.


Shaina(Adaa khan) and Piya(Devoleena bhattacharya) is working on a college project.Shaina says di is it ok.Piya says its perfectly ok.Piya feels that she want to talk with gopi.Piya calls gopi.Gopi receives it.Piya greets hi badi nanny.Gopi says Shaina…she smiles.Piya says i heard about your injury…are you ok.Gopi says yes darling now i am better.Gopi says what are you doing now.Piya says they working on a college project.Gopi says then continue.Piya says why you dont want to talk to me??? Gopi says that beta.Shaina laughs.Gopi says okay piya you know about vandana(roopa’s mother).Piya says i know that…mamma told me last night.Gopi says she looks exactly like your koki granny.Piya screams what….Shaina says what happened.She places the phone on speaker.Gopi informs everything to Shaina and piya.Shaina says its impossible…koki granny died years ago..Gopi says i know darling but her speaking manner and shouting is exactly like maaji.Piya and shaina get shocked.Scene Freezes on the three faces of gopi,piya and shaina.

Precap-Some goons kidnaps Nimisha.Modis gets a call that if they want Nimisha then they have pay 5 crores….Gopi gets shocked hearing all.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    good that krish slapped Karan.meera is also sad.when will he change?Guess Nimisha was kidnapped 2 b avenged by roopa’s grandson

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