Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 11


Roopa asks vandana to call gopi.Vandana calls her.Gopi gets a call from an unknown no.She receives it.Vandana says hello “gopi modi”.Gopi says who is there.Vandana says you didnt recall me i am that woman who had stopped your party yesterday.Gopi shocks and reminsces vandana’s face.Gopi says Vandana ji.Vandana says yes darling vandana ji.Gopi reminsces kokila’s voice.Vandana says gopi to leave everything else she and daughter will destroy her.Gopi says what.Vandana says to wait and watch.They laughs evilly.Vandana cuts the call.Gopi confuses hearing vandana’s words.Roopa pats on vandana and says her well done MOM.She laughs.Vandana says gopi had took everything from me now i will show her.Vandana gets angry.Roopa leaves and laughs with maithli.Maithli smirks.Roopa says now what i will say she will do that only.

Kabir is doing exercise.Suyyash comes and says even you will beat bodybuilders.Suyyash laughs.Kabir says bro shut up!Suyyash continues leg pulling him.Anahita comes alongwith nimisha.They ask what happened.Suyyash says we were just kidding.Anahita says to be serious as she will tell something.Kabir says then we should book a hospital bed as we will have to get serious.Anahita says shut up!! Suyyash and kabir laughs.Anahita says them about the market incident that nimisha slapped a spoiled brat.They says nimisha had done a great job.Kabir says did he do something with you.Nimisha says bro do you think he will dare??? Suyyash says not at all.Nimisha assures.

A man throws karan(Karan wahi) out of his house.Man says how there you to touch my daughter……You ras**l…bl**dy he continues badmouthing.Karan acts and says uncle i like your daughter.The man says dont you even try to step your foot in my house.He says get out.The girl says to leave him dad.Dad says no i will not.Karan acts as to forgive him.People gathers.A long car comes.A man is shown in back sit watching the drama inside from his car.The car stops.Everyone watches the car.Karan says Oh shit!!..Its dad’s car.Driver comes out and opens the car.Krish(Anuj sachdev) is shown in sunglasses,formal suit with an ipad on his hand.Krish removes his goggles.Everyone sees him.Scene freezes on Krish’s handsome face.

Precap-Krish slaps karan in front of everyone.Karan says dad…Krish says to shut up!!! and he apologises to the man.Meera calls krish.Krish says her about karan’s drama.Meera gets shocked.

Credit to: Ishaa

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    karan is thrown out by a girl’s dad as he was misbehaving with her.krish saw it.gud that he slapped will meera react…
    plz show suyyesh kabir’s luv life too

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