Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi ka sansaar episode 10

Paridhi knocks door.Gopi ask her to come.Paridhi says gopi ben i had brought sweet corn soup for you.Gopi says no paridhi i dont want it.Paridhi says why??? you have too.Gopi hesitates but paridhi feeds her.Paridhi says gopi ben i want to tell you something.Gopi says then ask.Paridhi says gopi ben…we lost our italy’s project.Gopi gets shocked.Gopi says but paridhi how is this possible.As i know that me,ahem ji,Sahir and samar had worked hard for getting the contract.Paridhi says i know but gopi ben.Gopi gets sad.

Modi’s And Sons New York Office

Ahem,samar and sahir visits with Mr.Jones.Ahem ask about the loss.Mr.jones says that someone had destroyed our contract papers.Ahem says then we should check the cctv footage.Mr.jones says sorry sir but someone had erased the cctv footage.Ahem shocks.Samar and Sahir says so who had got the contract.Mr.Jones says Mehta industries had got the contract.Ahem yells that cheater….he throws the paperweight on floor.Samar and sahir calms ahem.

Mehta Industries

Aadesh kisses the contract papers and says yes!! We won.He calls roopa.Roopa smiles and gets happy.Aadesh tells how did he destroyed the contract papers.FB is shown.Aadesh’s puppets disguises and bribes the security guard and goes into office.They opens the locker and takes the files and shredds it to the shredding machine.He calls aadesh and says i had done your work.He says to erase the footage.They erases it too.Aadesh smirks.FB ends.Aadesh and roopa laughs.Roopa says now slowly slowly the whole modi family will get destroyed.Roopa laughs.

Roopa cuts the call.Roopa and maithli goes to Vandana’s room.Vandana gets shocked seeing her.Roopa laughs and says first stage we had cleared…now its time for second one.Roopa says you that what you have to do.Vandana says yes i know that.Scene freezes on vandana’s face.

Precap-Vandana threat calls gopi.Gopi receives and hears vandana’s voice.She reminsces kokila’s voice.Vandana says to leave everything else she and her daughter will destroy her.Gopi says what.Vandana laughs with roopa evilly.Gopi shocks.

Credit to: Ishaa


  1. jasmine Rahul

    oh no.1st roopa using vandana against sad.
    plz update d next part soon.waiting 4 new generation scenes too

  2. rahini

    Ishaa can you please read my fan fiction and tell me how it is because you write so good my ff name is saathiya a new start please read and leave comment how it is

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