Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi Destiny Season 6 Part 4

Priyanka goes to jail. The warden let her go the cells. She meets a girl wearing a white sari. Jaya is shown.
“ Hi Jaya.” Priyanka says. Jaya turns around and gets shocked. Jaya gets angry.
“ You?” Jaya says.
“ How are you? It makes me sad seeing you in these clothes and rotting here.” Laughs Priyanka.
“ When I come out, I wont spare you.” Jaya says.
“ You have a lot of years left Jaya. You have committed so many crimes. 7 years for kidnapping Ahem. 14 years for killing Malaika, who I killed. Another 10 years for attempting murder on Daya. 31 years in prison Jaya. And now you have 21 years left. You wont survive. You’ll come out of this prison when you are 51 years old.” Priyanka laughs evilly. Vamp tune plays.
“ I promise you. I will be out of prison and you will be in this cell serving for your sins.” Jaya says.
“ Whatever. Nobody is alive to stop me. Daya is in coma. Malaika is dead. Gopi is dead. Rashi is a servant now at Modi house.” Priyanka says.
“ Don’t be so overconfident Priyanka. Rashi is still alive and she will get strength one day.” Jaya says.
“ Then I will finish off Rashi as well. She also was responsible for my mother’s death. Bye Jaya.” Priyanka says and she leaves.
At the Modi mansion, Kajol is preparing the havan and arranging the wedding ceremony. She is talking to the priest. Amba comes down and is shocked.
“ Kaki Ji, what is all of this? Why are you preparing all of this now?” Amba says.
“ Why? Who are you to tell me what to do?” Kajol says.
“ No I was just asking.” Amba says.
“ Bas, no more words. The wedding will take place this evening. Now go and arrange all the food. I’ve called all the guests.” Kajol says. Amba fumes and goes. Amba goes into the kitchen and Jyoti enters the kitchen.
“ Mom Ji, what is this? If Rashi aunty becomes this family’s malikan, then we are finished?” Jyoti says.
“ Don’t worry Jyoti, I wont let this happen. Rashi will never become my jethani.” Amba says. Vamp tune plays. Rashi is listening to their conversation.
“ Hmm so this saas bahu Jodi is planning to stop the wedding. No way will I let them to do this.” Rashi says to herself. She suddenly gets an idea. She gets a plate of chilly powder and places it on the courtyard. She gets the fan and places it near the plate. Amba is walking towards the courtyard. Rashi presses the button and the chilly powder flies into Amba’s eyes.
“ Ahhh!” Screams Amba. Rashi starts laughing and she runs to her room. Jyoti and Kajol come running to Amba.
“ Mom Ji, what happened? Why are you screaming?” Jyoti says.
“ Oh shut up! Every day you say ‘Mom Ji Mom Ji’, be quiet for once! My eyes are hurting. I cant see!” Shouts Amba. Kajol starts giggling. They take her to her room. The doctor examines Amba.
“ She wont be able to see for a day. I have given her medication and she must rest. She cant get up from here for the whole day.” The doctor says and he leaves.
“ How am I meant to come to the wedding now?” Amba says.
Rashi is laughing in her room. Priyanka hears about Amba’s accident and goes to her room.
“ Amba?” Priyanka says.
“ Priyanka? Is that you?” Amba says.
“ Yes, how did this happen?” Priyanka says.
“ I don’t know. Some idiot put a fan next the chilly powder and it went in my eyes.” Amba says.
“ I know. This is all Rashi’s plan. She is busy laughing in her room. She did this all so you cant stop the wedding. What does she think? If she has stopped you, she will defeat me? Never. I promise you Amba, I will not let Rashi get married to Ahem.”
“ Thank you Priyanka.” Amba says. Priyanka goes to Rashi’s room. Rashi is on the phones with her friends.
“ Rashi! Who do you think you are? Plotting against Amba like that? Your own sister?” Priyanka says. Rashi doesn’t respond as she is busy on the phone. “ Hey, I am talking to you.”
“ Priyanka, one minute. My friend is telling me this amazing gossip. Do you know Pooja ran away with her boyfriend? You know, Pooja that lives around the corner. What a disgusting girl.” Rashi says.
“ Rashi, put the phone down.” Priyanka says.
“ Ok, I will call you later. I want to know everything. Bye.” Rashi puts the phone down. “ What do you want? Yes, I am responsible for whatever happened to Amba. What are you going to do?”
“ I will not let this wedding happen.” Priyanka says.
“ But the wedding is this evening. All my friends are coming. I have to look beautiful. Please don’t cancel my wedding Priyanka.” Rashi says.
“ Rashi!” Priyanka shouts and she raises her hand on Rashi and Rashi holds her hand.
“ Don’t you dare. You murdered my sister and my daughter. Your mother slaughtered Jigar Ji. I wont spare you. You will wait and watch, because I wont forgive you so easily. You and your mother Sindoora have snatched all the happiness from this family.” Rashi says.
“ My mother died because of your family. You lost your Gopi behen and your daughter Pari because you all killed my mother. I want to see your family burn, then I will put my mother’s ashes in the River Ganges. That is Priyanka Mehra’s vow to you!” Priyanka shouts. Gaura tune plays.
“ I have always protected this family. In Gopi’s absence, I will not let any evil destroy this family.” Rashi says.
“ Your family is already half destroyed. What is left now Rashi?” Priyanka laughs and she leaves the room.

Precap- Ahem is putting sindoor on Rashi’s forehead. Suddenly, a mysterious woman enters. Ahem looks towards the woman and is shocked.

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  1. Riana

    Amazing?????…Pooja fled with his boyfriend this gossip Rashi is saying to Priyanka…L???????L….Waiting for the wedding!!…Chikky powder scene was Super funny!!…???…Precap is Superb!!…I think the mysterious woman is Gopi/Devki!!…??…updt soon…

    1. Riana


    2. Isaaq

      I won’t reveal any spoilers as part 5 will be a special episode???

      The chilly powder scene was inspired from the actual show when Gia Manek was Gopi. Rashi once put chilly powder and fan to blind Kokila but it went into Rashi’s eyes instead???

      1. Riana

        Loool???…Waiting for the special one!!

  2. Isaaq

    However one thing I might reveal that Priyanka track might end towards the end of season 6, since all of the heroines such as Rashi and Kajol are now fighting against her.

    However I might bring Priyanka back in future seasons for her revenge…

    I don’t plan any leaps now until season 8 or 9. I don’t want to show Gopi and Rashi as grandmothers yet.

    Main vamp of season 7 will probably be Mohini. Or even a new vamp. To make the story more interesting and exciting, I might bring a new vamp that will be different from other vamps introduced before.

    But right now, Mohini is more likely to be a side villain- she won’t be the big bad. She will be like Urmilla.

  3. Isaaq

    New vamp confirmed for season 7. She will be Gopi daughter in law????

    Get ready for some more twists and exciting storylines. I’m excited for further seasons.

  4. Isaaq

    Heer and Jigar have not been shown yet as well…

    I won’t reveal any spoilers???

  5. Isaaq

    The new vamp of season 7 will be an orphan like Gopi once was.

    She will be the opposite of Gopi.

    Gopi was tortured for so many years by Rashi and Urmilla. Imagine if she turned evil after all of this torture???

    Well the new girl will have a similar story to Gopi.

    In the actual show, we have Sita who is similar to Gopi.

    I thought I could make it more exciting by a showing a girl that has had the same life like Gopi, but she is evil and the opposite of Gopi, an orphan who only wants power and money.

    Gopi married Ahem to get a saathiya and a real family. She I wanted a happy ending.

    Her daughter in law wants to marry Prem to have power and money for the torture she got from her auntie and cousin.

  6. Siddharth

    Nice Isaaq. Rashi’s current avtaar is nice. WL gopi stop Ahem&Rashi’s marriage and did rashi forgot raj

    1. Isaaq

      That’s a secret. Ahem and Rashi marriage will stop but I won’t reveal how.

      Rashi hasn’t forgotten Raj. Rashi has agreed to marry Ahem to bring back his happiness.

      Raj and Rashi have separated but will soon unite later on the season. Mohini will
      Become the typical evil mother in law and will try to brainwash her son to not remarry Rashi. She will also plot against Rashi- Saas Bahu battle.

      Gopi and Ahem story will be interesting, however a new entry is about to come as well in the next update… I’m really excited to bring her in because she’s a very special character in this fan fiction and she’s a new character

  7. Shakaib

    First of all isaaq di…please don’t tell about any spoilers….. Because I think by reading them we get to almost half stories….I’m not threatening you but its. A request by this we get to see more thrilling drama…..Its a request..please look over this request…coming to epsioe…..
    hilarious…… Love it….. OMG! Priynaka trapped Jaya for so many crimes…. Oh my goodness…. I was going to ask about Heer/Jigar Jr but as per I guess now…they might have shifted to Foreign….. or they might be killed by Priyanka….. Let’s see because you always come with Unexpected twist…let’s see..what luck has store for viewers….

    1. Isaaq

      I agree with you myself. I myself haven’t revealed anything about season 7??? I won’t reveal spoilers

      I won’t reveal anything about season 7 but the only thing I will tell is that it will play with your emotions.

      One American TV show that I watch made me cry because of the current unexpected twist in the story because I was so attached to the characters. It’s my favourite show??????? I was literally crying at the end of the previous episode. I have to wait for a month for the next episode???

      I wish to do the same with season 7. I also want to do something different similar to this American tv show.

      1. Shakaib

        That’s great..!! I don’t watch American shows but After you tell me, it will surely going to be thrilling…You’re fabulous write di…Keep your talent up..!!

      2. Chetan

        I desperately waiting for your next episode……… it’s very interesting…… I seriously enjoy…… when you will upload me xt

    2. Isaaq

      Most of the tracks in season 6 are going to be based on Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi looooool. That’s all I’m going to reveal

    3. Isaaq

      My favourite show of all time is Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki as it taught me a lot in life about family, love and revenge.

      1. Shakaib

        I’ve heard alot about KGGK… Whenever I go to my Grandmother’s home, My cousin/aunt’s daughter…always talk about this show alot…As my cousin whom I call aapi, says “Ekta’s current show has spice but her old shows were thrilling”..etc…if I get time, I’ll try to see that show on hot star…I’m waiting for your other ffs as your ffs have a lot of thrill…. Whom every viewer want..!!

  8. Jasminerahul

    hope like jaya challenged priyanka she will be out and priyanka will be in jail.rashi priyanka conversation was also nice.hope rashi will reach her and amba a lesson.chilly powder scene was funny.hope with gopi’s arrival rahem marriage will be stopped

    1. Isaaq

      Btw Anjali (Anita Hassanandi) to return soon

      1. Shakaib

        OMG!!!! Hope sh plays a strong role in upcoming episodes..BTW…di…which show is your most favourite show..??

  9. Nandhini

    The convo of priyanka-rashi was superb!! I hoped rashi wil give her a big tight slap! Rashi is the one most sufferred by priyanka? she must get back her revenge on priyanka! Waiting for the big twist??

    1. Isaaq

      Another exciting thing to come in the new update. A new entry and she’s a very special character. Final vamp of Gopi Destiny?

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