Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi Destiny Season 6 Part 3

Kajol enters the party and screams, “ What is this? Stop the party!” Everyone turns around and is shocked to see Kajol wearing a similar style to Kokila. Kajol had aged a lot, having grey streaks in her hair. “ I have come back after so long and I see this?” Amba comes to her.
“ Sorry I never informed you aunty.” Amba says.

“ What is this? Aunty? Don’t call me aunty. Call me Kaki Ji!” Kajol shouts. “ Tell all of these guests to go.” Amba tells the guests to go. The Malhotras and Priyanka stay behind.
“ What is this aunty? We were having so much fun.” Priyanka says.
“ Bas! You don’t even live in my house and you are telling me what to do? I have not forgotten that you are Sindoora’s daughter and that Radha’s granddaughter. Both your mother and your grandmother destroyed this family many times so I request you, don’t interfere in my family matters!” Screams Kajol. Priyanka grunts in anger.
“ Kaki Ji, you have come back after so long?” Amba says.
“ Yes, I have come back. Malaika sadly died 10 years ago. Ahem is mentally unstable. I gave Malaika full rights over my sons Ahem and Jigar. Sindoora killed Jigar in my absence and Ahem lost Gopi and went into coma. Now, I will bring everything back to it was before. Where is Rashi?” Kajol asks.
“ Shes in the kitchen.” Amba says. “ I’ll call her.” Amba fetches Rashi. Rashi approaches Kajol. Kajol lifts Rashi’s hands and gives her bangles.
“ This is my shagun to you. I want you to marry my son Ahem.” Kajol says. Dramatic tune plays. Everyone gets shocked. Mohini and Raj fume.
“ But Ahem belongs to Gopi? How can I marry my sister’s husband?” Rashi says.
“ Sadly Gopi maa isn’t on this world anymore. My Ahem is not happy on his own. Please marry my Ahem and bring him back to what he was. I request you.” Kajol says.
“ I am sorry Kaki Ji, but I wont let Rashi marry Ahem at all costs.” Amba says.
“ Amba is right. How can Ahem marry at this age?” Ajay says.
“ Why? Is there a law that says that 50 year olds cant get married?” Kajol says. “ This is my son’s life we are talking about. Why kind of relatives are you? He has been in coma for 10 years and nobody has bothered to cure him?”
“ Forgive me Kajol, you are the same age as me and I can understand your problem, but Rashi isn’t the right girl for your son.” Mohini says. “ She killed her own daughter Pari and saved her other daughter Gopi.”
“ You say you are a mother right?” Kajol says.
“ Yes.” Mohini says.
“ If you had two daughters and you could only save one, which daughter would you choose?” Kajol says. Mohini doesn’t speak. “ You have no answer right? Then don’t criticise Rashi. I was alive in Rashi’s previous birth. I have known her for 50 years. So please don’t tell me bakwas!” Shouts Kajol.
“ Mohini aunty, please leave. I’ll handle this situation.” Amba says. Mohini and Raj leave.
“ Rashi, come with me to my room. I want to talk to you in private.” Kajol says.
“ Ok.” Rashi says. They both go to Kajol’s room. Kajol closes the doors.
“ Rashi, tell me. What has happened in this house? What happened 10 years ago?” Kajol says. Rashi explains everything. Kajol breaks down.
“ That Priyanka killed Malaika and Gopi? She put Daya in coma?” Kajol cries but then wipes her tears. “ You will marry Ahem and avenge their deaths. I will try my best to get you married to Ahem. I know Priyanka will not let that happen…”
In the next morning, Rashi is sitting on her dressing table. Rashi background tune is playing. Rashi puts on her pink sari on, with diamond jewellery. She walks down the stairs. Amba is sitting on the sofa.
“ Hi Amba, how do I look?” Rashi says. Amba turns around and drops her tea cup seeing her. Amba remembers when Rashi returned in her Ganga avatar and now the same has happened again.
“ What happened Rashi? Has Ganga come back?” Amba says. Vamp tune plays.
“ No this isn’t Ganga’s avatar. This was my old avatar back in my previous birth. In this old avatar, I used to fool Gopi and make her my servant. Gopi was my sister then. Today, you are my sister so therefore I need you to be my servant.” Rashi says.

“ What rubbish Rashi? Have you gone mad? Go and make food in the kitchen.” Amba says.
“ Im so sorry, Im tired. I have to go and meet my friends. Oh my god, theres this amazing restaurant nearby. We are going there. Bye!” Rashi leaves. Amba is confused by Rashi’s new behaviour. Kajol laughs at Amba.
“ Amba, I warned you. I will make sure my son Ahem marries Rashi. This is only the beginning. The way you treated Rashi and Ahem for 10 years, you will wait and watch. Rashi will make you dance to her tunes.” Kajol says and she goes to the kitchen. Amba gets worried.
“ I wont let this wedding happen, no matter what.” Amba says.
At the Malhotra mansion, Mohini is on her own and Raj has gone to office. A man arrives. “ Come quickly. What if Raj comes back early?” She says.
“ It’s been 10 years and your plan has worked.” The man says.
“ Of course, I am Mohini Malhotra. I am capable of anything.” Mohini says. Mohini from Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi tune plays. Ricky’s face is shown. They both laugh. Greyscale effect.
“ Oh Maa, Gopi Modi has been in my clutches thanks to your marvellous plan.” Ricky says.
“ Modi family’s wealth has always been my desire. Gopi Modi is the key to get that wealth. I made her Devki so I can make her my puppet. She herself will get Modi property for me. But one problem, Ahem is getting married to Rashi. I cant let that happen.” Mohini says.
“ What? Rashi is getting married to Ahem? How?” Ricky says.
“ Ahem’s mother has returned. She insulted me and I wont spare that Kajol now. Luckily, Ricky that you didn’t marry Gopi yet. I need Gopi to marry Ahem so that I get Modi property transferred to my name. Then you can have Gopi back.” Mohini says. Dramatic tune plays. Mohini gets a glass of wine for both of them. They both say cheers and drink their glasses.
“ Our first victory Maa, the Modi family’s destruction.” Ricky says. They both laugh evilly.

Precap- Rashi puts chilly powder on a plate and puts a fan behind the plate. Amba walks past the plate and the chilly powder flies into Amba’s eyes.

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  1. Isaaq

    What do you think of Mohini? She’s going to be different from the other vamps.

    She’s going to be one of those joker clown vamps that wear loud makeup, heavy sarees and loads of jewellery.

    She’s a greedy woman that wants a lot of money. She’s going to be very funny. She’s a drama queen. You’ll see her dancing a lot and getting drunk.

    She’s so pathetic all she loves is money. She wants a big empire. She’s crazy about money

  2. Isaaq

    This is Mohini current look

    She won’t stop until she is the queen? She’s very childish and drama queen but she’s extremely cunning and manipulative

  3. Isaaq

    And another clarification that Mohini is Raj and Ricky stepmother. Her real biological son hasn’t been introduced yet.

    Ricky is in his 40s right now. Raj is 50 now and Mohini is 48 as well. Raj and Ricky mother died when Raj was 20 years old. That’s when Raj and Ricky father married Mohini when she was 18.

    Therefore Mohini is the same age as her stepsons??? and the same age as Rashi and Gopi.

  4. Shakaib

    “loooooooooooool”, Anyone enter like Ricky and Mohini and declare that they’re going to take revenge..”Loooool”!!!!! BTW…update was worth to read…Love Sanjeeda’s this Kokila avatar….She is my favourite kagdi now…!!!! Love Rashi new avatar…BTW..I’ve a quest and that’s you said Amba is married to a man(Arjun Bijlani)…what happened to that?? Please tell…And please show Kumari and her husband(Karan Patel) as well….Over all…I love the update….it was very very very very attractive…..!!!!……

    1. Isaaq

      looooooooooool you’re right??

      Sorry Amba never married a man played by Arjun.

      But Arjun will enter as Amba stepson Adi.

      Mohini will be like Urmilla who only loves money. Mohini biological daughter will enter and she will be Amba daughter in law. She will be exactly like early Rashi.

      Mohini and her daughter will become the new Rashi Urmilla duo. So Mohini will
      Be a long time vamp

      1. Jasminerahul

        please don’t make arjun amba’s stepson.its hard for rivanya fans to see arjun as mouni’s step son

    2. Jasminerahul

      amba is married to ajay played by vivek dahiya

  5. Jasminerahul

    loved kajol’s come back like kokila. she wants ahem rashi marriage and encouraging rashi to take revenge was superb.rashi turning into her old form and treating anba like a servant was cool.shocking that mohini is a young step mother and she was also involved in ricky’s plan of trapping gopi.but I loved mohini’s plan to get gohem married even though it was for a bad purpose

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you. Personally I loved Mohini in Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi and I wanted her to be in my ff. Shes different from the other vamps Ive showed in the past.

      Ok Arjun wont be Amba stepson- I’ll use someone else.

      Any suggestions for Mohini’s daughter? Who should play her? She will be exactly like early Rashi?

      Kajol is Vidya’s daughter so hence she is the new Kokila 🙂

    2. Riana

      Atleast in ur ff…Vidya is Gopi’s bio daughter???

      1. Isaaq

        Yh??? She is the twin of Divya. Unlike Ricky and Vidya in the show, Gopi gave birth to twins.

        Now that you remind me, I miss Sindoora???

  6. Nandhini

    What a back-to-back reply from kajol to mohini!!??? mohini is like sister to ricky and raj in that age…then rashi and mohini are of same age when i think about the previous updates where mohini taunted rashi always,, i couldnt stop my laughing now???? esp when she was acting like so much in motherly love with raj???? but actually she is younger than him…

  7. Riana

    The story changes day by day…yesterday’s episode it was 10 years leap…suddenly kajol came like kokila n even shouted baass….L???????L….Liked Rashi’s new avatar…???…I wish her to punish Priyanka too…??….Mohini n Ricky r the new destroyers of modis…I wonder is Modi family the richest family in the entire world!!…??????…I mean all the so called revenge is based on Modi’s wealth!!???????….Precap was Awsome???

    1. Isaaq

      Mohini is just a cheap woman. Modi family is the richest in India hence why she is after their money???

      She’s different from the other vamps. She just wants their money nothing else.

      The truth about Mohini is that she’s a fraud that has been stealing money off people for years.

      Now she is after the Modi empire to be the ultimate queen. After Gopi gets her memories back, Mohini plans will fail. Then Mohini biological daughter will make her entry.

      Amba will get her stepson Adi engaged to another girl. Mohini and her daughter will stop this wedding and her daughter will get married to Adi to save their family reputation.

      Another spoiler is that Tulsi is Mohini daughter and Tulsi isn’t her real name. Tulsi will become the new Rashi. Prem will become the new Ahem. Adi will become the new Jigar.

      A new girl will enter and will become the new Gopi. She will be Gopi Bahu. She will be an orphan. Mohini and Tulsi will try to her Gopi Bahu out of the house

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