Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi Destiny Season 6 Part 2

Ricky goes to his room. He remembers when he found Gopi Modi severely injured in the forest. He laughs evilly.

Ricky hears the local villagers talking about a woman who just fell off the cliff and landed in the forest. The police were already in the forest. They had found the body. Ricky is shocked seeing that the woman is Gopi Modi. Ricky gets his gun out and shoots the police officers. They all die. Ricky runs and grabs her body. He throws a bomb and it explodes as he runs out of the forest. The police believe Gopi Modi and the other police officers died in the explosion.
Ricky takes Gopi to the hospital. “ Doctor, this is my wife Devki. She has been shot multiple times and she fell from a high distance.”
“ Ok we will operate on her.” The doctor says. After the operation, Gopi is out of danger and the doctor lets Ricky meet Gopi. Ricky goes into Gopi’s ward room.
“ Hi, thank you for saving me. Who are you?” Gopi says.
“ I am your husband, Ricky. Your name is Devki. Devki Malhotra.” Ricky says.
“ My husband, oh I am so sorry I didn’t recognise you.” Gopi says.
“ Yes, after you recover, we can go back home.” Ricky says. Ricky thinks that Gopi Modi is his now that she has lost her memory.

At the Modi house, theres the anniversary party going on. Rashi is serving drinks. She spills drinks on Amba. “ Rashi! Cant you see where you are going? Gosh… I have to change my sari now, you stupid.”
“ Sorry I wasn’t looking.” Rashi says. Mohini and Raj arrive at the party. They fume seeing Rashi and ignore her. They watch Rashi as she is pushing the wheelchair of Ahem. Raj and Mohini approach Rashi.
“ How disgusting? Your sister died and you are after her husband? I’ve never seen this in my life before.” Mohini says.
“ Maa, Rashi has always been like this. Jigar died so she went after me. Then when I divorced you, you went after Ahem. Listen, my daughter died because of you. You saved Jigar’s daughter Gopi but you let my daughter Pari die.” Raj says.

Priyanka had kidnapped both Pari and Gopi Jr. She had tied both of them. Rashi arrives there. “ Priyanka! Leave my daughters alone! I never thought you could be like your mother Sindoora.” Rashi shouts.
“ Rashi, please calm down. Your daughters will die. You know Rashi, I was the one who killed Maliaka and Gopi.” Laughs Priyanka. Rashi gets shocked and tries to slap her. “ Don’t step closer or both will die. There’s a timer on both of them. You can only save one. You cant defuse both at the same time. You have five minutes, you cant defuse both of them.”
“ Mama! Please don’t listen to her! Go and get the police!” Screams Gopi Jr.
“ Maa! Niharika is right!” Pari says.
“ No, there wont be enough time.” Rashi sobs. She is confused of which daughter to save. Rashi ultimately tries to save Gopi Jr. She defuses the bomb. Theres a few seconds left. She runs out with Gopi Jr and she sees the factory explode. “ Pari!” Screams Rashi. “ Why did I leave you in there? Why did I have the option to save one daughter?” Rashi screams again.

“ Why kind of mother are you? You let your own daughter die? And also, you blamed Priyanka for this kidnapping. Where is your proof?” Raj says.
“ Priyanka did all of this. I don’t have proof but she killed Pari.” Rashi says.
“ No she didn’t kill Pari. You killed her because you decided to save Jigar’s daughter instead of my daughter.” Raj cries. “ Stay away from me.” Raj and Mohini walk away. Priyanka is listening to the conversation.
“ Tut tut Rashi. Nobody believes you that I killed that buddhi Malaika, your beloved sister Gopi and your lovely daughter Pari.” Priyanka laughs evilly. “ I’ve made everyone’s life hell.” Mandira enters the party along with Durga,

Damini, Juhi and Durga’s husband, Eklavya (Shaheer Sheikh). Priyanka goes to greet them.
“ Hi nice to meet you four. How are you Damini and Juhi? I haven’t seen you in a long time.” Priyanka says.
“ We are fine. We were so bored at home.” Juhi says. “ We felt like middle class.”
“ Juhi, we don’t say stuff like that. We are not middle class.” Laughs Mandira.
“ How are you Durga and Eklavya?” Priyanka asks.
“ I am fine Aunty.” Durga says.
“ Yes I am good aunty.” Eklavya says.
“ Priyanka can I talk to you for a minute?” Mandira says.
“ Yh sure.” Priyanka says. They both go outside to talk.
“ Look Priyanka I know Gopi is dead but what about Rashi, she is still alive?” Mandira says.
“ Her sister is dead. Her husband divorced her. Her daughter died. What more will she face? She has become weak. Shes not Ganga anymore is she now?” Priyanka says.
“ Rashi is getting close to Ahem. I fear she is going to become his wife. If she does, she becomes the elder bahu and she will be the new malikan.” Mandira says.
“ What nonsense? Amba wont let that happen.” Priyanka says. Suddenly, a car is coming. The car stops and Kajol (Sanjeeda Sheikh) steps out of the car. “ Kajol?”
“ Who is Kajol?” Mandira asks.
“ She is Malaika’s sister in law. Ahem’s mother and Amba’s kaki ji.” Priyanka says.
“ What? Ahem’s mother? Biological mother?” Mandira says.

Precap- Kajol announces that she will be getting her son Ahem married to Rashi. Amba and Adi object to this decision.

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  1. Siddharth

    Sanjeeda shaik is playing mother to 50+old man . But why ricky is acting as Gopi’s husband does raj&Mohini know that .

    1. Isaaq

      Kajol was originally Sanjeeda Sheikh but it’s been so many leaps since I last introduced her. She’s playing an old character. I was going to replace her but I liked her character and she is going to be Gopi mother in law.

      Ricky is a womaniser. He liked Rashi before but he failed. Now he’s after Gopi. He also wants revenge from Rashi for ruining his life so he’s took his sister.

      Raj and Mohini don’t know. Raj threw Ricky out of the house 10 years ago

      1. Siddharth

        Oh k Isaaq?

  2. Riana

    Sanjeeda is Ahem’s mom…looool????…Btw Ricky is also an evil…???…OMG so so many evils here now…I think you should name your Story Gopi’s evil destiny???….lool just a joke!!…Ahem n Rashi will be getting married???…i m looking forward!!…Mohini n raj both r stupid!!???

    1. Isaaq

      Yh theyre going to get married… in the show Ahem and Rashi were to get married in 2010. Now theyre going to get married.

      Rashi will be forced to marry Ahem, eventhough she still loves Raj. Ahem will wake up during his marriage with Rashi. Will Ahem agree to marry Rashi? What will be Priyanka’s next plans? You have the read the next episodes to find out?

      I plan to make some changes to Rashi’s character. I miss her old grey shades character. For me, Rashi was the best SNS antagonist. She was the original and first antagonist of SNS. I plan to change her character.

    2. Isaaq

      I want to see Rashi in her grey shades again. Her background tune playing, plotting against Gopi like she used to in the show.

      I remember in 2010, Rashi always blamed Gopi for her misery. Rashi wanted to rule and wanted power and luxury life, but Gopi was always the favourite.

      Rashi will gradually fall in love with Ahem, but Gopi’s return will cause a storm. I want to do something new and different. This is a perfect story for season 6. I’ve had enough of revenge drama. Now I want to use the old famous rivalry between Gopi and Rashi once more. These two sisters will fight in a Mahabhrat again just like old SNS.

  3. Isaaq

    Grey shades Rashi wont appear until later on the season. Right now, Priyanka is the antagonist.

  4. Isaaq

    Rashi will be seen in this famous avatar. I’m actually excited for this track later on the season.

  5. Isaaq

    Early SNS was really popular due to the sibling rivalry between Gopi and Rashi. Season 6 will bring back that rivalry.

    My queen Rashi Modi, original antagonist of SNS, will be back!!!

  6. Jasminerahul

    sad that gopi believed Ricky. sad that raj divorced rashi when she saved gopi Jr n failed to save one is believing that priyanka killed pari.sad.kajol coming back.Wow.missed her.but kajol is ahen’s mother? then how was malaika related to ahem? I thought malaika was gopi’s mother in laa

    1. Isaaq

      When Sindoora had killed Gohem and Raji, Sona met the sage who witnessed the murder. The sage told Sona that both couples would be reborn.

      Sona discovered that Kajol had given birth to twin sons Ahem and Jigar. To save Ahem and Jigar, Sona ran away with Tolu and their son and daughter in law Krishna and Malaika.

      Krishna and Malaika became the adopted parents of Ahem and Jigar. Kajol is the real biological mother and her husband hasn’t been introduced yet

    2. Isaaq

      Eventhough Kajol had full rights of her sons, she kindly let Malaika be their mother whilst Kajol went abroad.

      Now Malaika has died and Kajol is now Ahem’s mother. She gave Malaika the duty to protect her sons. But now that she is dead, it’s upto Kajol to fulfill those duties that she didn’t do in the past. Now her mission is to bring back happiness into Ahem life.

      Have you noticed- Kajol Kokila? Kajol will become the new Kokila and when she finds out that Gopi is alive, she will try her best to unite them both.

      Kajol will have other children as well. So there will be new entries such as Ahem’s brothers and sisters.

      1. Isaaq

        Ahem having more brothers means Gopi and Amba will have more sister in laws in later seasons.

  7. Apurba ghose

    Is ricky the son of gopi

    1. Isaaq

      No sorry. Here Ricky is a completely different character. He is Rashi’s second husband Raj’s brother. Ricky liked Rashi for himself and wanted to use her but she ended up with Raj.

      Now hes after Gopi

  8. Shakaib

    OMG!! Thrilling+Shocking update….that bulshit Ricky….Though kinshuk is my favourite…..In your ff….All vamps are well known in real for their positive roles…..What made you to choose them ad negative…????That Buddhi Mohini and mad Raj….I think they need brain….Ricky is Mohini’s son..Right?? THEN, why She don’t know that Gopi is alive…and Ricky take benefit of memory loose of Gopi and told her as she is his wife….???? Durga is Gohem’s 2nd birth daughter..Right..?? Yippee…Kajol is back….I think kajol was last introduced in 3rd season…Right?? Precap is thrilling…looking for upcoming updates…and very glad that it’ll continue for more seasons….BTW…looking for upcoming exciting updates….

    1. Isaaq

      Because they’re my favourite actors. I love them so much as positive characters that they deserve to play negative role as well

    2. Isaaq

      Durga is Gohem second birth daughter yes and Kajol was introduced in season 1 when Gopi came back as Durga to get revenge for Kokila death

  9. Nandhini

    Poor girl rashi she had to save only one of her daughters??…and yes!!! I want old rashi back…she has had it enough due to that priyanka?? rashi must kill that priyanka with her own hands??

    1. Isaaq

      Since Priyanka is Gaura, she won’t die easily. Her character won’t end until season 7.

      There’s a lot to happen. Varun Varun wife and children will love Gopi more than Priyanka and Priyanka will lose her family because of Gopi. Varun will become positive and will hate his mother.

      Priyanka has a lot of plans for the Modis.

      The tracks are:
      Rashi and Ahem marriage
      Devki entry
      Ahem vs Ricky
      Gopi gets her memories back
      Rashi becomes grey shades character again
      Gopi vs Rashi again
      Rashi unites with Raj
      Mandira vs the Modis
      Tulsi and Prem marriage
      Varun turns positive

      More tracks will be confirmed

    2. Isaaq

      Mandira character will end during this season and Gopi and Rashi will unite with their parents

    3. Isaaq

      Rashi will plot against Gopi like she used to do. I remember when she ripped 50,000 rupees sari and blamed it all on Gopi??? it was so funny

      She’s to do things like that but this time, Gopi won’t be innocent and stupid like she was in early SNS

      1. Nandhini

        Ohh yeah priyanka is gonna be a long time vamp? she has so many plans to finish off the modis…
        And again rashi will try to acquire control over the modis by competing with gopi…yeah those were the so funnier memorable episodes of gopi and rashi??

    4. Isaaq

      Radha legacy will end with her granddaughter Priyanka. That will be the end of the evil Radha family.

      in Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi, Mohini was my favourite and iconic vamp. Mohini in Gopi Destiny will become the typical evil mother in law who only wants wealth and power. She will manipulate her own son Raj to get what she wants. She doesn’t want Rashi and Raj to be together. She will make life hell for Rashi.

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