Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi Destiny Season 6 Part 15

“ Gopi will wake up definitely.” Rashi says. “ She has fought for the Modi family for so many years. She has even come back from the dead to save our family. Gopi, you have fought Anita, Radha, Mansi, Gaura, Sindoora and now you cant give up to Anjali.” Rashi cries. Rashi plays a video of Gopi, Ahem and Meera doing pooja. Gopi in the video sings Hey Gopal. “ Remember Gopi how you killed Radha to save our family?”

Years ago…
Radha slaps Kokila and she falls on floor. Pari and Jigar ask Radha how dare she is to slap Kokila and try to confront her, when Radha asks them to stay away, else she will throw Rashi in river. Radha then lowers rope and takes Rashi in her hand. Kokila asks to slap her 100 times, but not to harm Rashi. Radha says she ruined her dignity and she could not do anything, asks to call her Gopi bahu. Gopi i still under water. She wakes up, frees herself from stone and rope, takes god idol’s trishul and comes out of river. Radha on the other side tells Kokila that Gopi will not come back again and now she will kill Rashi. Kokila asks her to kill her, but to spare Rashi.
Radha says Kokila that she will punish her severely, which she will remember her whole life. Pari requests her to spare Rashi. Kokila says she can do whatever she wants, but should spare Rashi. Radha says she will not give back Rashi so easily and says she has not forgotten the insults she made to her. She wanted some respect from them, but they even tried to snatch her child, now she has decided to snatch everything from them. Already one Rashi is dead, it is time for second Rashi to die. Kokila prays lord shiva that she is in his place omkareshwar and he should protect Rashi. Radha says nobody will listen to her.
Gopi wakes up with wide eyes. Pari and Jigar are still busy pleading Radha to spare Rashi. Radha says it is her time now and says nobody can save Rashi and after her end, Modi’s end will start. She throws Rashi in air. Kokila holds Rashi. Gopi comes out of river just then with trishul. Mantras are chanted in the background….. Radha and whole family are shocked to see Gopi’s new devi avatar. Radha shouts how did she come out of river. Gopi slaps Radha and she falls down on floor. A background voice says to end lies, truth has to pay big. Radha says she will come back from jail and will punish them, Gopi is her elder sister and cannot kill her. Gopi stabs her repeatedly with Trishul. Kokila asks to stop. Gopi says Radha has to die to end her sin. Pari and Jigar also request Gopi to stop, but Gopi continues stabbing Radha.
Kokila shows Rashi to Gopi to calm her down, and she calms down and starts crying vigorously holding Rashi.

“ How you defeated Gaura?”
Years ago…
Kokila snatches gun from Gaura and says she will punish her now for her sin. She starts hitting Gaura continuously with gun. Gopi frees her hands from rope and says look Gaura Suryavanshi your punishment has started and counts her each sin with each hit. Kokila continues beating… Durga lying on floor says no no..
Kokila continues that she feels yuck..seeing her. She loads gun and says her end has come. Gopi says no. Kokila chanting mantras shoots, but gun is empty. Gopi thanks god that Kokila did not become murderer. Gaura laughs that her lengthy dialogues failed. Kokila says she is thinking wrong. Gaura kicks her with gun and says it is not easy to kill her, now she will kill her whole family.
Kokila falls on devi maa’s feet, gets happy seeing trishul, takes trishul in her hand and walks towards Gaura. Gaura walks back and falls down. Ahem with Jigar, Dharam and Hetal come running and shouts mom… Gopi holds Kokila’s fet aeet and pleads her to calm down, her whole family is standing in front of her. She does not want her to make the same mistake she did by killing Radha. She is the pillar of their house and without her family is nothing. Kokila pushes her and punches trishul on ground. Everybody thinks it hit Gaura, but it hits ground. They all relax. Kokila calms down.
Shravan and Dharam run towards Durga. Gaura asks Dharam to kill Kokila as she tried to kill his baaji. Dharam ignores her and shockingly looks at Durga. Durga says Dharam that she loved him truly and spent her life for him. She requests him and Meera to reunite and says it is her last wish. She breaths her last and whole family sit ina shock.
Ahem says Gaura that she killed Durga. Gaura says she did not kill Durga, she did all this for Dharam. Dharam says she died for him after all her evil drama, she is dead for him. She is just worried about her revenge and herself and not family. Police enters. Ahem says Gaura killed her bahu and even shot Gopi. Dharam says he will come to police station and give evidence against her.

“ How you saved me from Paridhi?”
Years ago…
Gopi arrives at the place.
” So Gopi! You are here! It has been a long battle. 11 years I have troubled your family. But today it will finally end. Today Gopis story will end!” Pari laughs. Gopi looks at her, confused.
” What are you saying?” Gopi shouts. Rashi comes, with a gun in her hand, pointing at Gopi. ” What is this Rashi? Please?”
” I have to kill you Gopi. Paridhi told me that once you are dead, I can finally be free.” Rashi cries.
” Rashi ben. Do not do this! Do not listen to her!” Gopi screams.
” Arey Gopi. Be quiet. Rashi end her life.” Pari said, Rashi comes closer to Gopi. Gopi lashes the gun out of Rashi’s hand. The gun falls on the floor. Both Gopi and Rashi fight on who can get the gun. Gopi pushes Rashi and then gets the gun. Rashi grabs Gopi. ” Rashi kill her. She is your biggest enemy. She has always made you her slave. Kill her!” Then a gun shot is heard, Rashi has blood coming from her.
” Rashi ben?” Gopi cries. Rashi collapses on the floor.
” What have you done? First you killed your sister Radha. Then you killed your sister Rashi?” Pari asks, kneeling down to the body of Rashi.
” Rashi!” Gopi screams. Gopi breaks down, seeing her her sister dead on the floor. ” I didn’t kill you Rashi…”
” You are right, Gopi. You did not kill Rashi. I did. I also had a gun. Initially, I was supposed to kill you, but Rashi got in the way. You have a very bad kismat Gopi. First, you went to jail for killing Radha. Today I committed the sins and your will suffer for the sins. Today because of me you will go to jail perhaps 10 or 20 or even a lifetime!” Pari howls.
” How could you do this to me? To my family?” Gopi cries.
” Because I want wealth. I did all of this just to be rich. 11 years I had your Rashi in London and I tortured her so much. All the evidence is against you! You will pay now Gopi!”
” Yes all the evidence is against me! But today you will pay for your crimes!” Gopi gets up. ” Meera!” Meera reveals herself. ” Meera was filming the whole thing. We knew you would do something like this.” The police come, along with the Modis and Suvanyashi family.
” Arrest her.” Says Meera. The police handcuff Pari, whilst Gopi remembers that today the day of Diwali, Ram defeated Ravan. Today, Gopi defeated Pari.
” I will suffer for my crimes, Gopi. But you have to suffer the loss of poor Rashi.”
” You are wrong.” Rashi says, revealing she is not dead. ” This was all mine and Gopis plan. There were no bullets in your gun- I took them out earlier. I was to get kidnapped by you again. Ravan has been defeated today by Gopi and now Sita will return to her family.” Rashi looks at her family, crying. She firstly approaches Jigar and hugs him- then Tolu Molu, Kokila Hetal, Vidya, Meera,Baa and finally Urmila.
” Meri Rashi is back.” Jigar says.
” I always knew my Rashi would come back.” Urmila cries, hugging her daughter.
” She is like my daughter too. Rashi I am so happy you are back.” Kokila smiles at Rashi, and her hugs her again.
” Look at my Tolu Molu. Look at how grown up they are. And you must be Sona.” Sona cries seeing her mother in law and touches her feet. ” She is as lovely as Gopi described her.
” You won’t speak to us maasi?” Meera says.
” How could I forget my Meeru? You are my favourite?”
” Excuse me?” Vidya says angrily.
” Oh, both of you are like my daughters. We have a lot to do once we get back, but I would like to speak to Paridhi.”

Rashi approaches Pari. ” 11 years. 11 years you kept me away from my family. 11 years in my absence you tortured them and they did not even fight back. Liken in these 11 years because of you a new Rashi was born and a new Gopi was born. Gopi and Rashi two sisters transformed because of you- we both learnt how to win our battles and destroy our enemies. You listen to me. You try to take away this family’s happiness. Today, I will take away your zameen.”
” You have won Rashi. You have defeated me. You have your family back. I will take my leave. Police take me away.” The police take Pari. Rashi and Gopi hug each other, happy of their victory. Saath Nibana Saathiya title song plays.
“ How you defeated Sindoora and cleared my name?”
Years ago…
Sindoora and Amba kidnap Sona, Meera and Vidya.
“ Listen budhiya. I will cut your throats if you don’t stay quiet. Your pyari Rashi bahu will save your lives.” Sindoora says.
“ Sindoora, are you insane? The police will catch us because of you.” Amba says.
“ No. Today Jigar will die and Rashi’s true identity will be exposed. I’m sure my plan will work. I will go to Modi mansion myself. You call Rashi.” Sindoora says. Sindoora leaves. Amba calls Rashi.
“ Hello Ganga Malhotra.” Amba says.
“ Hello, who is this?” Ganga says.
“ You don’t need to know who I am Ganga. All you need to know is what I want. You see, I have sent a video of your beloved family in our custody. If you don’t hurry, they will die.” Amba says. Rashi watches the video and is shocked to see Sona, Vidya and Meera tied up. Rashi starts crying.
“ Leave them please. I’ll do anything.” Ganga begs.
“ Sure you can save them. I left a gun near the fountain. If you want to save your family members, I want you to shoot Mr Anurag Basu.” Amba says. Ganga is shocked.
“ No please.” Ganga begs.
“ No you have to do it.” Amba says. “ You have 5 minutes.” Amba puts the phone down and laughs. Ganga is in dilemma and goes to the fountain and picks up the gun. She approaches Anurag.
“ Anurag, I need to speak to you.” Ganga says.
“ Ok.” Anurag goes with Rashi to the courtyard. Ganga points a gun at Anurag.
“ Im sorry but I have to kill you to save my family.” Ganga cries.
“ What are you doing Ganga?” Anurag shouts.
“ Im sorry.” Sobs Rashi. Sindoora arrives and Anurag is shot. Sindoora gets excited seeing Anurag shot. Anurag falls on the floor.
“ Jigar Ji.” Cries Rashi. Sindoora comes up and watches Rashi cry over Jigar’s death. “ Savitri, look I killed Jigar Ji.” Sindoora tries to comfort her.
“ Its ok don’t cry. You didn’t kill Jigar. I killed Jigar.” Laughs Sindoora. “ 15 years ago, me and Amba tried to kill your beloved Ram and sent Sita to jail. 15 years later, both Ram and Sita come back but this Ramayan has a plot twist!” Sindoora laughs again. “ Ram dies finally and Sita must go back to Ravan. Oh this is better than watching drama serials.”
“ Why are you doing this?” Rashi cries.
“ Because my mother Gopi isn’t on this world as I killed her. I want power and the only one challenging my dreams is you. Only when you are gone, then I will finally have so much power that the whole world will worship me. I am the modern Ravan. I also have ten heads and I am capable of anything. One day, the whole world will fear me and nobody will be able to stop me, Not even Bagwan.” Sindoora says
“ What kind of daughter are you? A daughter who killed her own parents for power and revenge?” Rashi says.
“ Gopi and Ahem started all of this. Because of them, I lived as an orphan. That stupid Gopi gave me away. Gopi killed Sakshi as well, the only mother I knew.” Sindoora says. “ But wait a minute, why were you crying and how do you know about my past? You are Rashi Modi right? You are Rashi Modi! Finally!” Sindoora laughs.
“ Yes I am Rashi Modi!” Rashi screams and gets up.
“ I am the same Rashi who was blamed for the murder of her own husband.” Rashi says.
“ Who me and Amba tried to kill.” Sindoora laughs.
“ Yes, you and Amba tried to kill Jigar and today you killed Jigar. Today, everyone will know your truth. Look over there.” Rashi points at the projector above. The projector plays the video of Sindoora revealing her identity and that she and Amba tried to kill Jigar and killed him today. Sindoora is shocked. The Modi family and Amba arrive at the courtyard and are shocked seeing the video. Gopi killing Radha tune is played. The police arrive. “ Inspector arrest her.” The police arrrest Sindoora. Rashi has flashbacks of how she was betrayed by her family and trapped by Sindoora.
“ You may have won Rashi, but for this sacrifice, you still have to mourn over the loss of your beloved ex-husband.” Laughs Sindoora.
“ Not so fast Sindoora Modi.” Jigar says. Jigar gets up and everyone is shocked. “ I wont die so easily Sindoora. Yes, Sindoora my memory is back and I told Amba everything as well. Amba knows that you tampered with my brakes that day and caused her husband’s accident. Amba helped us and so did Mandira. We all teamed- up and made a plan to trap you. There were no bullets in your gun.” Jigar says. Amba goes to Sindoora and slaps her.
“ Because of you, I lost my husband! I supported you for 16 years and you used me all long for your games? How dare you?” Amba slaps Sindoora again. “ Listen to me carefully Sindoora Modi. You will suffer in jail for the rest of your life for your sins.”
“ Inspector wait. I also have to reveal a secret.” Ambika says. Ambika goes and slaps Sindoora. “ Today your mother slapped you!” Screams Gopi. Everyone is shocked. “ Yes I am Gopi Modi. I pretended to be Ambika because I knew Sindoora was still alive!”
“ Maa.” Sindoora says. Gopi slaps her again.
“ Don’t you ever call me maa again. You were dead to me on the day when you killed your own parents. Today I have three daughters, Vidya, Meera and Durga. Neither am I your mother and neither are you my daughter. You are a demon. I regret ever bringing you into this world!” Screams Gopi. “ Inspector take her away. Get her out of my sight.” The police take away Sindoora. Amba apologizes to the Modis. They forgive her. Jigar allows Rashi live with Raj. Raj and Rashi have a remarriage.
In the police van, Sindoora is very angry of her defeat. The police van stops. The police officers come out of the van and see a group of men on motorcycles with guns. The goons tell the police to go back into the van and Sindoora comes out of the van.
“ Well done. You helped me escape. Now, push that van over the cliff. I want everyone to think that I died in an accident along with the police.” Sindoora says.
“ But Madam, killing the police is a big crime.” The goon says.
“ I don’t care. Just do it!” Sindoora shouts. The goons push the police van and it explodes.
The Modis get the news that Sindoora had died in an accident. The Modis get ready for the sangeet. Gopi runs to Rashi. “ Devar Ji is here. He looks so handsome. Why are you blushing?” Gopi laughs.
“ Gopi stop.” Rashi laughs. “ Tell Raj Ji that his dulhan will take a long time to get ready.”
“ But Rashi behen, the sangeet ceremony will start soon.” Gopi says.
“ Ok baba, I will be quick. “ Rashi gets ready in a pink heavy lengha.
“ Rashi behen, today devar ji will be aroused by your beauty.” Laughs Gopi. Gopi, Kumari and Amba take Rashi down. Rashi sits down with Raj.
“ Arey, Gopi sit down with Ahem over on that chair.” Rashi says.
“ Why?” Gopi says.
“ Because it is your sangeet as well.” Laughs Amba and Kumari. Gopi is stunned with happiness.
“ It was Ahem jeju’s present. He wanted you and him to also get remarried.” Rashi says.
“ Thank you Rashi behen.” Gopi says.
“ Don’t say thank you to me. Say thank you to your husband.” Rashi laughs. Gopi sits with Ahem. Gohem’s love tune is played.
“ Thank you Ahem Ji. After so many years, I am your Gopi again and you giving me this happiness after so many years.” Gopi cries with joy. Ahem wipes her tears.
“ Gopi, you have done so much for my family. 63 years you have suffered Gopi to protect our family in mom’s absence. If mom was alive today, she would have been very proud of you.” Ahem says. Gopi hugs Ahem. Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays. Gopi and Ahem cry. Krishna calls for an announcement.
“ Listen everyone. Today, I will present to your our favourite couples. A song representing the love between these couples. Gopi-Ahem, Rashi-Raj, Radha-Siddharth, Anjali-Gaurav, Khushi-Karthik and Amba-Ajay. Please get up.” Krishna says.

All couples dance to Salam-e-Ishq. Jigar is sad seeing Rashi dancing with Raj. Mandira comes.
“ I understand your pain Jigar. You love Rashi but she can never be yours. I also love you but you will never be mine. That’s why I set you free. Be happy Jigar that Rashi is with someone who will protect her for the rest of her life. Look how beautiful their couple is.” Mandira says.
“ You are right Mandira. I should be happy for Rashi. Thank you for your support.” Jigar says.
“ No problem, I am always here to support you.” Mandira says.
Sindoora arrives at the gates of the Modi mansion. Tanveer from Qubool Hai tune plays. “ Today, I will end this all. You will pay Modis!” Sindoora laughs. Sindoora enters the Modi house and points a gun at Raj. “ Rashi, because of me, you will lose the love of your life.” Sindoora shoots Raj and Raj collapses. Sindoora escapes when Rashi sees her.
“ Raj Ji” Rashi screams.
At the hospital, the doctor comes out of the ward room. Rashi runs to the doctor. “ Doctor, is my Raj Ji ok?” Rashi cries.
“ I am sorry Mrs Malhotra, Mr Raj Malhotra has gone into coma.” The doctor says. Rashi grabs the doctor by the collar.
“ How can you say this?” Rashi screams. Gopi and Jigar release Rashi from the doctor. “ You call yourself a doctor? You couldn’t save my Raj Ji!” Screams Rashi. Rashi runs into the ward room and breaks down seeing Raj in coma. Rashi has flashbacks seeing Sindoora shooting Raj. “ Raj Ji, I promise to you that I will punish Sindoora myself today. That is my promise.” Rashi walks out of the ward room and walks away.
“ Rashi behen where are you going?” Gopi says. “ Rashi behen?”
“ Gopi! Don’t follow me!” Rashi shouts. Rashi goes out of the hospital and goes into her car. The police informed Rashi that Sindoora was spotted in near the Himalayas. Rashi books flight tickets and goes there. Rashi arrives in a snowy region near a mountain top where Sindoora was last spotted.
Sindoora sets a camp fire in the snowy area. She has Gopi, Rashi, Ahem, Raj and Jigar’s photos. She burns Raj’s photo. “ If Raj is destroyed then Rashi is destroyed.” She burns Rashi’s photo. “ If Rashi is destroyed then Jigar and Gopi are destroyed.” She burns Gopi and Jigar’s photos. “ But if Gopi is destroyed then Ahem is destroyed.” She burns Ahem’s photo. Sindoora laughs evilly. Rashi reaches there.
“ Sindoora!” Shouts Rashi.
“ Oh Rashi jaisekrishna. I knew you would come to meet me here. I was very lonely and I needed a friend.” Sindoora says.
“ I will punish you today Sindoora. Today your games end!” Rashi shouts. Vamp tune plays. Sindoora grabs Rashi forces her to pull the trigger of the gun.
“ Kill me! I put your husband in coma and you wont kill me in revenge?” Sindoora says. “ Kill me Rashi!”
“ I wont kill you. You will go jail where you will die everyday. I wont kill you, by letting you die in peace knowing that I will be in jail.” Rashi says. Jigar, Gopi and Ahem arrive.
“ Rashi behen!” Gopi screams.
“ Oh mama and papa are also here. Jaise Krishna, will you give me blessings maa?” Sindoora says. “Don’t move. Rashi kill me or I will kill any one of these three.” Sindoora pulls the trigger and Jigar comes in between to cover Rashi. The bullet hits Jigar’s chest. Jigar falls on the floor. Rashi cries.
“ Jigar Ji, why did you save me?” Rashi says.
“ Because I love you and my death will set you free.” Jigar cries.
“ Please don’t go again. Don’t leave me.” Rashi cries.
“ I have to Rashi. I hope you live a very happy life with Raj and your children.” Jigar dies. Rashi, Gopi and Ahem cry.
“ Oh dear. In your previous birth, I killed all of you four. Today, Ive killed one of you but today I will kill you all once more.” Sindoora laughs. Rashi gets a call saying that Raj had come out of coma. Rashi, Ahem and Gopi are happy.
“ Do you hear that Sindoora? Your efforts to separate Rashi behen from her saathiya failed. Evil will never win.” Gopi says.
“ Oh shut up Mother India. I don’t want to hear your lectures. This is your destiny Gopi. Gopi’s Destiny to lose to Sindoora Modi. Gopi’s Destiny to die knowing that her family is finally destroyed. How will you face Kokila after your death? What will you tell her?” Sindoora laughs.
“ Bagwan decides my destiny Sindoora. Do you know what great power that we Modis have? Saath Nibhana Saathiya. We are united by love and companionship. I am certain that Kahna Ji will punish you today.” Gopi says.
“ No chance. I am Sindoora Modi. I will not stop until this world fears me.” Sindoora screams. A snake appears and Sindoora gets scared. An earthquake occurs and it hits Sindoora. Sindoora screams and she falls off the mountain. All the snow and rocks fall along with Sindoora and she is crushed to death. Gopi, Ahem and Rashi return to the hospital in India.

Rashi goes back to the wardroom. Raj is sitting up. “ Raj Ji!” Cries Rashi. Raj also cries. “ Don’t ever leave me Raj Ji.”
“ I wont Rashi as long as you are on my side.” Raj cries. Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays.
The Modis are gathered. Gopi sings Hey Gopal. Gopi approaches Kokila’s portait. “ Maaji, today your family is safe. I’ve protected your family. Because of your blessings, I have won my battles. Today, Kahna Ji has given me the biggest happiness. Now your spirit will rest in peace. Look how happy your family is.” Gopi looks at the Modi family. Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays. Gopi remembers flashbacks when she first married Ahem until present. Gopi smiles seeing her family finally at peace. “ Thank you Kahna Ji.”
“ You fought all these years to save our family and you cant accept defeat. She will destroy our family Gopi! Why don’t you understand?” Rashi screams. Tears come from Gopi’s eyes. Rashi plays another video. It is Kokila in her old age and her final request to Gopi.
“ Gopi Bahu, before I die, I wish to say a final message to you. I am so glad that I found a bahu like you. Before I me you, I was a greedy and power hungry woman but you changed me. You changed my Ahem and you brought happiness into my life. When I am gone, promise me that you will always protect my family and always defeat evil like you have always done. You are my Gopi bahu and I know you will never let my family get destroyed. Goodbye Gopi Bahu.” Kokila says in the video and it ends. Gopi cries and breaks down. She wakes up.
“ Maaji! I am sorry for failing you! I couldn’t protect your family!” Gopi cries. Rashi comforts her.
“ Gopi couldn’t protect her family but Durga will. You are Gopi for your enemies but Durga for your enemies!” Rashi says. Gopi hugs Rashi.
“ Rashi behen? How are you still alive?” Gopi says.
“ I faked my death Gopi. Raj and Mohini were part of the plan. I discovered Kumari had become our enemy again and I faked my death.” Rashi says.
“ You are right Rashi behen. Now it is time for me to become Durga again and defeat Anjali Modi. I wont let my family suffer because of her. It is time for Anjali’s destruction.” Gopi says.

Precap- Anjali and Ahem are sat at the mandap. Gopi enters in her modern avatar along with Jaya. Everyone is shocked.

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  1. Siddharth

    Good episode Isaaq loved it . So rashi faked her death . And rashi telling flash back stories were nice and what happened for priyanka

  2. Jasminerahul

    glad that gopi has recovered and is becoming stronger to be a Durga to defeat anjali

  3. Shakaib

    Anjali and Kumari are so cheap to ddefame Gopi being intimate with Karan. What happened to Lakshmi?? Sad that anjali make Gopi went into coma..but rashi rescued her. Glad that Mohini n Raj were part of the game… Oh no..!! AnjaHem going to get married… Precap Jaya is back…Jaya is back….Lovely..!! You said there will be shocking twists….and I’m excitingly waiting for them….BTW..I think this ff was started when Meera pushed Dharam from terrace and gaura faked dha’s death…so I think, gaura fb didn’t suit the story…sorry to say its my views..sorry if you’re hurt… Waiting fir next part..

    1. Isaaq

      Since Gopi Destiny will be ending next week on the 23rd July, Lakshmi and Anurag will confess their love for each other and will try to elope with each other. It will be based on the love story of Saiba and Mirza who try to elope but their families won’t let them be together and will try to kill them.

      And you’re quite wrong lol. This ff started after Durga death. Since it’s my ff, that last Gaura scene wasn’t shown when I started this ff.

  4. Riana

    Superb episode…I loved how Rashi saved Gopi from evil Anjali n her partners clutches…Glad that Rashi …Raj n mohini r together…Precap is emotional

    1. Riana

      It was for previous part

  5. Riana

    This episode was quite emotionL…Precap is Amazinggg

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