Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi Destiny Season 6 Part 14

Anjali and Kumari arrive at the chawl of the Modis. Both villainous women laugh. “ Poor Gopi Modi and her family. I will finally destroy them.” Anjali says.
“ I am impressed. Because of the Modis, my parents died and I was left an orphan.” Kumari says. Anjali knocks on the door. Kajol opens it and is happy seeing Anjali and Kumari. Gopi is shocked seeing them together.

“ Oh I am so happy seeing you two. Ever since Devki and Alka thrown us out, we feel so lonely.” Kajol says.
“ It is fine aunty. I have something to show you.” Anjali says. Ahem arrives. Gopi is tensed. Karan also comes.
“ What is it Anjali?” Gopi asks.
“ Have patience Gopi Ji.” Anjali says. She plays a video of Gopi and Karan being intimate. Everyone is shocked.
“ This is not true! That is Devki doing all of that! That is you!” Gopi shouts.
“ Me? How can I be Devki? This is all you. This happened last night at 9pm. Where was Karan and Gopi then?” Anjali asks.
“ Gopi and Karan went out to the market about 8pm.” Ahem says.
“ And at 8:30pm, they checked in a hotel. I have proof, come with me to the hotel.” Anjali says. Gopi starts crying. They arrive at the hotel. They ask the receptionist. The receptionists confirms that Gopi and Karan had checked in the hotel. And they were also shown in the camera footage.
“ Karan, is this true?” Ahem asks.

“ Yes Ahem. Me and Gopi are in love.” Karan says. Ahem fumes and Gopi gets shocked.
“ Ahem Ji please listen to me.” Gopi pleads. Ahem drags Gopi out of the hotel and throws her on the floor.
“ You disgusting woman! You went with your ex husband behind my back! From today, our husband and wife relationship is over! You are dead to me, Mrs Gopi Modi!” Ahem shouts. Gopi breaks down. Anjali and Kumari smirk. Ahem and the Modis leave in their cars.
“ Ahem Ji!” Gopi screams and she falls whilst trying to run after the car. Anjali and Kumari laugh. Gopi looks at them and pleads.
“ Oh Gopi Modi, why are you begging now? You killed my husband and you didn’t even care about sorrow. Karan always loved you and I was always neglected. I will snatch your Ahem Ji from you and you will suffer.” Anjali shouts. Gopi goes on her knees.
“ I beg you please leave me alone.” Gopi says.
“ Oh gosh youre embarrassing me. Gopi, I am going to take you very far from here and your family.” Anjali says. A white van arrives and nurses come. Karan starts crying.
“ I am sorry Gopi Ji. She said she will kill you if I never helped her.” Karan sobs and leaves.
“ Where are you taking me?” Gopi says. The nurses grab Gopi. Anjali laughs evilly.

“ Hell.” Anjali says. The nurses drag Gopi into the white van.
They arrive at a mental hospital. Gopi is strapped into a chair and given electric shocks. Finally, Gopi loses strength and goes into coma but her eyes were still open. Anjali and Kumari laugh at Gopi’s state.
“ This is your new home Gopi Modi. I also went to a mental hospital after my parents died. Now, you will stay here for the rest of your life.” Kumari says. Anjali hugs Gopi.
“ Don’t worry, I will come and visit you often. It will be fun Gopi.” Anjali says and both women leave. Tears drop down Gopi’s eyes.
5 months later…
Anjali enters Gopi’s ward room with a TV. “ Hey Gopi! I’ve got a present!” Anjali says. Gopi is sitting in her wheelchair without saying a word. She was lifeless. “ I am getting married Ahem today! He married Devki but obviously there is no Devki so he is marrying me. I am so happy. I could invite you but you are almost dead. So I decided you could watch my wedding instead. I want you to wear this sari for me.” Anjali puts a white plain sari for Gopi. “ When Ahem finally becomes mine, you will probably die seeing it. That is what I am waiting for.” Anjali hugs Gopi and leaves.
In the evening, the power goes out and the hospital staff are confused. A woman enters and sneaks into the hospital. She finds Gopi’s ward room and finds Gopi on her own. Suddenly, a security guard enters and sees the woman taking Gopi.

“ Excuse me? What are you doing?” The security guard asks. The woman gets a stick and hits the man’s head. The woman leaves the room with Gopi’s wheelchair. She escapes out of the hospital and puts Gopi in a car. Finally, the car reaches a familiar mansion. It was the Malhotra mansion. The woman’s face is revealed. It was Rashi. Raj is shown leaving the car and taking Gopi out of the car.
“ Raj Ji, take Gopi inside the house quickly.” Rashi says. They take her inside. Mohini is relieved seeing Gopi.
“ Thank god, Gopi is safe. But Anjali is about to marry Ahem! We need to get Gopi out of this coma fast!” Mohini says.
“ Gopi will wake up. She cant give up.” Rashi says.

Precap- Rashi plays a video to Gopi of all the moments she has shared with the Modi family since the starting to wake her up. Rashi plays a video of Kokila’s last message before her death. Gopi responds.

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  1. Isaaq

    Gopi Destiny to end soon with Anjali defeat. The finale of Gopi Destiny will be set at the same time as the actual SNS show ending. I decided to end Gopi Destiny as it has been running for a long time and I want to focus on new fan fictions now.

    This epic ending of Gopi Destiny will be amazing. Don’t think that Gopi will wake up and stop the wedding and there will be a happy ending? No there will be shocking twists towards this ending.

  2. Siddharth

    Hi i missed gopi’s destiny from long time . nice update again gopi has sent to mental hospital. rashi is alive nice twist what happened to ram

  3. Jasminerahul

    sad that anjali trapped gopi and got gopi in the mental hospital. ahem is disgusting that he didn’t believe his wife.sad that ahem is going to marry anjali.glad that rashi saved gopi from there.hope gopi wakes up and stops ahem anjali wedding

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