Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi Destiny Season 6 Part 13

Gopi returns along with Esha. Kajol opens the door. “ Gopi, why are you with this girl?”
“ Kajol, this isn’t Sindoora reborn. This girl suffers from a personality disorder. I have renamed her Esha.” Gopi says. Kajol gets happy.
“ Really? Come beti. Welcome.” Kajol says happily. Esha tries to enter until Prem pushes her.
“ Prem!” Gopi shouts.
“ I will never accept her as my wife. She is not allowed to enter this house!” Prem shouts.
“ Who are you to say this? Poor girl suffers a mental illness and you are treating her like this?” Gopi says and she brings Esha in. She tells Kajol to look after Esha. Gopi goes to the Modi mansion.

Gopi enters the Modi mansion. Priyanka, Devki and Alka are sitting down watching a movie and laughing. Gopi starts clapping. The vamps get up.
“ Why do you always come here Gopi Ji?” Priyanka says.
“ I came here to warn you three that I wont spare you all.” Gopi says.
“ What are you going to do? Gopi Modi?” Laughs Alka. Gopi slaps Alka.
“ Ek dum chup!” Shouts Gopi. Alka tries to strange Gopi but Devki stops her.
“ Don’t. Let me reveal the truth to Gopi Modi here.” Devki says. Devki removes her mask and it is Anjali. “ I don’t need this mask anymore as my work is done.” Gopi is shocked.
“ Anjali? You?” Gopi says.
“ Yes me Gopi. Your ladli daughter Divya’s daughter, Anjali Modi.” Anjali laughs evilly.
“ Why are you doing this?” Gopi says.
“ Because you killed my husband Ashok!” Screams Anjali. “ I spent a year in coma because of you. Ram married me but Ram never loved me. He always loved you!”
“ Your husband Ashok tried to rape me!” Gopi shouts.
“ Lies! You trapped my husband and you killed him to hide the evidence!” Anjali shouts. “ And for that, I separated you from your family for 10 years. And I will snatch your Ahem Ji and your children from you as a punishment for your sins!”
“ I will see what you will do.” Gopi says and then she leaves. Anjali laughs.
Gopi is driving her car when she suddenly loses control of her car and crashes into a tree. Gopi goes unconscious.
Gopi wakes up in Omkareshwar. “ Where am I?” Gopi says to herself. She looks around and sees herself and Ahem. Anjali is shown holding a sword over Ahem’s neck.
“ Anjali, please! Don’t kill Ahem Ji!” Pleads the other Gopi. Anjali laughs evilly.
“ Gopi, please just go.” Ahem cries.

“ You killed Ashok and now I will snatch your Ahem Ji from you. You lose Gopi Modi!” Anjali screams and she stabs Ahem through the back before the other Gopi stops her. Ahem falls into the other Gopi’s arms. Anjali runs away and the other Gopi cries with Ahem’s dead corpse in her arms.
Suddenly, Gopi wakes up from her dream and finds herself in a temple. She sees the pandit healing her wounds.
“ Pandit ji, what did I just see?” Gopi cries.
“ Your future beti.” The pandit says. Gopi is shocked.
“ No youre wrong. My Ahem Ji cannot die.” Gopi says.
“ But whatever you saw is your future. Anjali Modi will kill your husband Ahem Modi. But that isn’t your fate.” The pandit says.
“ What do you mean?” Gopi says.
“ You saw the future but that doesn’t mean it is fixed. Whatever you do, your future will be changed. You can still save your husband from Anjali.” The pandit says. “ Have faith in Kahna Ji.”
“ I will save my Ahem Ji. That wont be my future.” Gopi says.
“ One thing I have to warn you. My prophecy says that one will betray you. One will die. One will suffer fate worse than death. Three people will suffer either one of these fates.” The pandit says. Dramatic tune plays.
“ I will do whatever I can.” Gopi says.
In the Modi mansion, Anjali is seen drinking champagne with another woman. “ I am glad you are here. Today, we celebrate the beginning of Gopi Modi and her family’s destruction.” Anjali says and she drinks her glass. The other woman is shown (Divyanka Tripathi). Kumari was wearing red sari with green blouse.
“ I am glad you invited me. You and me have both plotted this for a long time.” Kumari laughs evilly.

Precap- Lakshmi comes down to meet Prem but is shocked seeing him with another woman

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  1. Nandhini

    Anjali vs gopi fight starts..i thought from first kumari might turn negative? nice confrontation scene between anjali and gopi✌ gopi scolding prem for esha was also good? in precap its written prem with a girl..but its anurag isnt it??

    1. Isaaq

      Yh I wrote it by mistake??? I was fasting yesterday and I was so tired that I didn’t realise I made a mistake

      1. Nandhini

        Ohh you are fasting?! Then take care of ur health Isaaq…dont stress too much between ur studies and other works…God bless??

    2. Isaaq

      I was only fasting for one day yesterday. Today I’m not lol.

      1. Nandhini

        Ohh okay??

    3. Isaaq

      Yh the prophecy will be interesting because the pandit told Gopi three things.

      One will die
      One will betray the Modis
      One will suffer more than death

  2. Riana

    Nice episode Isaaq…Anjali’s mask drama is ended thats goood…Esha is accepted by all…Kumari is negative again..?…Waiting for nxt updt..

    1. Isaaq

      Yep Kumari has always been negative? She lost her parents Because of the Modis. She won’t spare them.

  3. Jasminerahul

    so now anjali herself exposed herself before gopi.waiting to see how gopi will save ahem from anjali. hope anjali comes to know the truth.shocking that kumari turned negative again and she was helping anjali.but since when she and anjali were plotting against modis?sad that again kumari is negative as I prefer to see divyanka in positive roles

    1. Isaaq

      Kumari has always been negative. During season 3, I mentioned that Kumari will be Rashi biggest enemy because she blames her for her parents death.

      She won’t spare the Modis. It was Sona fault that she rejected Kumari for Rashi. Kumari parents died because of Rashi.

      Because her parents are dead, she wants to destroy the Modis. She’s always been negative and she’s been plotting with Anjali from the starting in season 3.

      Kumari has a master plan for the Modis which will be revealed in the next update.

    2. Isaaq

      Kumari has deliberately pretended to be positive all this time. When she left during season 3, she was still negative and was plotting her revenge.

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