Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi Destiny Season 6 Part 11

Gopi arrives at the Malhotra mansion. Mohini opens the door. “ Devki? Why are you here?” Mohini says.
“ Im not Devki, I am Gopi. I have come to meet Rashi.” Gopi says. Ahem arrives.
“ Ahem, is this really Gopi?” Mohini says.
“ Yes aunty, she is Gopi. Devki is still at Modi mansion.” Ahem says. Mohini gets teary and hugs Gopi. Gopi is surprised. Gopi and Ahem enter the house. Gopi sees a garland over Rashi’s portrait. Gopi breaks whilst Ahem holds her as she falls.
“ Rashi behen!” Screams Gopi. Ahem and Mohini try to comfort Gopi. Gopi sits on the floor speechless.
In USA New York, a big party is going on. A girl called Priya says, “ Where is Gopi? She is always late to parties.”
“ There she is!” Kimberely says. A young girl enters the party . Her name was Gopi Devi(Devoleena). She was wearing a modern dress.
“ Gopi!” Priya screams, she goes and hugs Gopi.
“ Priya, you going to mess my make-up. Is Abir here?” Gopi asks.
“ Yes hes right there.” Priya says. Gopi goes to Abir (Ravish Desai).
“ Hi Ricky.” Flirts Gopi.
“ Hey Gopi, do you want a drink.” Abir asks.
“ Sure.” Gopi replies, Abir puts champagne in for Gopi.
“ Cheers.” Abir says, they both drink. “ You are looking very pretty today darling.”
“ Thank you, you are looking hot as always.” Gopi flirts. The music turns up.
“ Do you want to dance?” Abir asks.
“ Yes please!” Gopi replies. They dance to ‘Balam Pichkari’. Gopi gets drunk.

In a penthouse in New York, a girl wakes up. Her name was Rashi Devi (Rucha Habanis). She goes inside a room and she wakes up her sister Radha (Bhavini Purohit).
“ Radha! Gopi isn’t in her room.” Rashi says.
“ What! Where has she gone?” Radha says.
“ Oh now I remember shes gone to that party. I told her not to go. Get ready, we need to get her before Mom finds out.” Rashi says. Both sisters get ready and go to the party.
Rashi and Radha arrive at the party and are shocked seeing Gopi dancing with Abir. “ This shameless girl! Radha go and grab her.” Rashi says. Radha goes to the dancefloor. A boy called Deepak ( Shaheer Sheik) comes over to Rashi. Rashi gets angry seeing him.
“ Oh, I didn’t know you were at this party. Please, get out of my sight!” Rashi shouts.
“ Please, Rashi baby.” Deepak says. Rashi slaps him.
“ Stay within your limits!” Rashi warns him, Deepak walks away. Radha comes with Gopi.
“ Let go of me, I am Gopi Devi!” Gopi screams.
“ You are coming with me home!” Shouts Rashi, she grabs Gopi.
“ Leave her!” Abir shouts.
“ No! I wont let my sister be with disgusting shameless people like you!” Rashi shouts. The three sisters leave.
Gopi sneaks downstairs in the morning. She goes to the shrine and sings Gopal Krishna. Everyone wakes up. Radha wakes up and joins Gopi. A woman named Aliya Devi (Shweta Tiwari) comes downstairs and smiles seeing her two daughters praying. Aliya goes to a room where a girl is sleeping. She gets very angry. “ Rashi! Your sisters are praying and you are sleeping. I told you not to go to that party.” Rashi wakes up.
“ Oh, ask your ladli Gopi, she went to the party as well, before me. Me and Radha went to get her back. You thought she was studying?” Rashi says.
“ Gopi!” Aliya shouts. Gopi comes.
“ Yes mother?” Gopi asks.
“ Is Rashi telling the truth?” Aliya asks.
“ I only went because Rashi took Radha as well. I tricked them to show you their real colours.” Gopi says. Rashi and Radha scowl at her.
“ Liar! You were dancing there. With that boy as well, Abir.” Rashi says.
“ Gopi! Dancing with boys!” Aliya shouts. Rashi and Radha smirk.
“ Rashi was also with a boy, Deepak. That’s his name. I think that is Rashi’s boyfriend.” Gopi says. They start arguing.
“ He was harassing me. He isn’t my boyfriend!” Rashi shouts.
“ Enough!” Shouts Aliya. “ You three are grounded. You are not allowed to go out now. That is final.”
“ Its not fair. I was going with Priya to the mall today.” Gopi says.
“ Priya is not even your friend. She talks behind your back with that witch Kimberly.” Rashi says.
“ Bagwan, is this my daughters?” Aliya says.
“ I will ask Priya myself.” Gopi says. Gopi, Rashi and Radha sit down for breakfast. They were talking about studies.
“ I am still in high school. I cant wait to go college.” Radha says sadly.
“ I am still nervous about getting admission at Oxford University. We should have received the email now. I really want to study law there.” Gopi says.
“ Same. I wanted to study Medicine there. Lets check on my laptop.” Rashi says. She opens the email- “ I got in!” Gopi and Radha hug Rashi and congratulate her.
“ Oh let me check.” Gopi says, she opens her email. “ I also got in!” They celebrate.

Gopi continues to cry remembering Rashi. Gopi gets up and faces Mohini. “ How did this happen?” Gopi shouts. “ You were her saas! Her mother! You were supposed to protect her!” Gopi shouts.
“ Gopi calm down please.” Ahem says sadly. Gopi looks at him furiously.
“ Even you are at fault Ahem Ji. You never told me about this. In my absence, you or Raj was supposed to protect her.” Gopi shouts.
“ I will tell you everything Gopi.” Mohini says. Mohini tells Gopi everything that happened during the 10 years. Gopi is shocked.
“ I know Sindoora did this and I wont spare her.” Gopi says and she leaves the house. Gopi arrives at the Modi Mansion. She kicks the door open. “ Sindoora!” Gopi screams. Alka and Priyanka come running. Priyanka smirks evilly seeing Gopi. Gopi gets angry seeing Priyanka.
“ Tut tut Gopi. Welcome back. When I tried to kill you Gopi, you survived. I am very happy seeing you here.” Priyanka says.
“ You disgusting woman, I don’t want to even talk to you. I am here for Sindoora. Where is she?” Gopi says.
“ Whats the hurry Gopi Ji?” Alka laughs evilly. Suddenly, Sindoora arrives. Tanveer tune plays.
“ Oh Gopi, my men never caught you. Such a shame.” Sindoora says.
“ You killed my sister Rashi didn’t you?” Gopi shouts.
“ Yes, so? Rashi was the one who exposed me when I was Savitri Mehra and she sent me to jail. Therefore, Rashi had to die.” Sindoora says.
“ I am warning you Sindoora! I will make your life hell! I will get my revenge!” Gopi screams. Sindoora suddenly feels dizzy and falls down the stairs.
“ Sindoora!” Screams Alka. Priyanka and Alka rush to pick up Sindoora. “ Gopi, don’t just stand there, help us.”
“ Why should I help? I wouldn’t care if she is dead.” Gopi says. The ambulance comes and takes Sindoora.

At the hospital, the doctors come out of Sindoora’s wardroom and takes Gopi, Alka and Priyanka to his office.
“ Listen, Sindoora got brain injury when she was in her mother’s womb. We know that from her medical reports.” The doctor says.
“ What does that mean doctor?” Alka says.
“ Look Im sorry but Sindoora has a personality disorder. It is a mental illness that she has suffered since childhood due to brain injury. When her mother fell off the cliff when she was in her womb, Sindoora suffered brain injury. She was born with a personality disorder. She believes she is her mother. She believes she is reborn when her personality changes. She cannot control her personality. When her personality changes, she becomes Sindoora and thinks that she is her mother. She is not mentally well. We will try our best to cure her. Right now, she is in her normal state. If you give her a lot of stress, she will become Sindoora again.” The doctor says.
“ This means she is really Sindoora’s daughter? She is not reborn?” Gopi says.
“ Yes Mrs Modi, Sindoora is mentally ill hence she believes she is reborn and she is her mother. If you take care of her, you will prevent her from becoming Sindoora.” The doctor says.
“ Can I meet her?” Gopi says.
“ Don’t you dare Gopi! She is my daughter!” Alka says.
“ If you took care of her so much, she wouldn’t be in this state.” Gopi says. Gopi leaves and goes to Sindoora’s wardroom. Sindoora is awake. “ Hi, who are you?”
“ In my previous birth, I was your grandmother’s sister. I am Gopi Modi.” Gopi says.
“ My name is Sindoora.” Sindoora says happily.
“ No, today your name is Esha from now on.” Gopi says.
“ Esha? That’s a nice name.” Esha says.
“ From now on, you will be my daughter. Did you know, you are married to my son Prem?” Gopi says.
“ Really? I am your bahu?” Esha says.
“ Yes.” Gopi says happily. Gopi thinks that Esha has had such a sad life and she will cure her.
“ Will I go to your house afterwards? That other woman hit me. I can cook and clean.” Esha says. Gopi cries and hugs Esha.
“ Yes I will take you to my home.” Gopi says.

In Modi Mansion, Anjali phones someone in Canada. The woman in Canada picks up the phone. “ How is Lakshmi?” Anjali asks.
“ She is fine. Poor girl doesn’t realise that I brought her into this house as a servant. She believes that she came her to rule as my eldest bahu but she was wrong.” The woman laughs. Her face is shown and it is Naina. Naina laughs evilly. Niharika tune plays.
“ You keep an eye on her. I have great plans for her.” Anjali says.
“ My Siddhant will keep her very happy.” Naina laughs evilly.
“ Ok have fun, goodbye.” Anjali says. Naina puts the phone down. Naina goes downstairs. Siddhant (Mahesh Shetty) enters the Maheshwari Mansion drunk.
“ Mom, go and get me food please.” Siddhant says.
“ Go and fresh up. Lakshmi made the food today.” Naina says. Siddhant freshen himself and comes downstairs. He sits on the table. Lakshmi arrives from the kitchen wearing a pink sari and pink veil. She puts the food down on the table. Lakshmi gets scared.
“ Lets see if your food is nice today.” Siddhant says. Siddhant eats the food and spits it on the floor. He gets angry and gets up. He grabs Lakshmi by her hair.
“ Leave me please.” Lakshmi cries. Naina laughs and goes upstairs.
“ I told you many times to make tasty food. Today, I will teach you a lesson today.” Siddhant shouts and he pushes Lakshmi. Lakshmi falls in a man’s arms.
“ What is this? She is your wife!” The man shouts. The man’s face is shown (Mrunal Jain). Lakshmi looks at the man adoringly.
“ Anuraag Bhai, youre back from abroad?” Siddhant says.
“ Yes I am back. I wont tolerate a woman being disrespected in this house, do you understand?” Anuraag shouts.
“ I understand bhai.” Siddhant says and he goes upstairs. Anuraag turns to Lakshmi.
“ Are you ok? You haven’t hurt yourself have you?” Anuraag says. Gohem tune plays in background.
“ No I am fine. Thank you.” Lakshmi says.
“ You know, you are staying in my room today. I will sleep in the guest room. It is fine.” Anuraag says.
“ No, maaji might get angry and Siddhant might shout at me.” Lakshmi says.
“ Lakshmi Ji, how long are you going to be scared? You are going to stay in this house your whole life. You need to be confident and strong.” Anuraag says.
“ But how I will be a strong woman?” Lakshmi says.
“ When a saathiya is with you. A person who will support you. A person who becomes your strength.” Anuraag says.
“ And who is that?” Lakshmi asks.
“ Me.” Anuraag says. Lakshmi looks at Anuraag again adoringly. Gohem tune plays again.
“ Ok, I will be off to your room. You don’t mind, be honest.” Lakshmi says.
“ No I don’t mind. Go and tell me if anyone troubles you.” Anuraag says and smiles at her. Lakshmi gets nervous and goes upstairs. She gets ready for bed. She lies down. She imagines Anuraag everywhere. She starts blushing and starts thinking about him.
“ Lakshmi, you have gone mad.” Lakshmi laughs to herself. Lakshmi falls asleep. Lakshmi has a dream. She is wearing a red lengha, diamond jewellery and her hair is down and open. Anuraag arrives wearing a black suit.
“ You are looking very beautiful today.” Anuraag says. Lakshmi starts blushing.
“ Because I have to impress you. You are so handsome and I have to look good.” Lakshmi giggles. Anuraag grabs
Lakshmi from the waist and kisses her neck.
“ I love you.” Anuraag says to Lakshmi. Lakshmi releases herself from Anuraag.
“ I love you too, but not a lot of romance.” Lakshmi says. She turns around and Anuraag holds her from behind on her waist.
“ But I love you a lot.” Anuraag says. They dance.
Dhoop se nikal ke
Chhaanv se phisal ke
Hum mile jahaan par
Lamha tham gaya
Aasmaan pighal ke
Sheeshe mein dhal ke
Jam gaya to tera
Chehra ban gaya
Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon
Nikli hai dil se ye duaa
Rang de tu mohe Gerua
Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Haan nikli hai dil se ye duaa
Ho.. Rang de tu mohe gerua
Ho tumse se shuru.. tumpe fanaa
Hai Sufiyana yeh dastaan
Main kaarwaan manzil ho tum
Jaata jahaan ko har raasta
Tumse juda jo
Dil zara sambhal ke
Dard ka wo saara
Kohra chhan gaya
Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon
Nikli hai dil se yeh duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Ho.. Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
O.. veeraan tha, dil ka jahaan
Jis din se tu daakhil huaa
Ik jism se.. ik jaan ka..
Darza mujhe haasil huaa
Haan.. pheeke hain saare
Naate jahaan ke
Tere saath rishta gehra ban gaya
Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon
Nikli hai dil se yeh duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua
Haan nikli hai dil se ye duaa
Ho.. Rang de tu mohe gerua

Lakshmi dream ends and she wakes up.

Precap- Lakshmi gets ready for Anuraag. She is excited when he arrives at home but she is shocked when she sees a woman with Anuraag.

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  1. Isaaq

    Since many of you wanted Lakshmi track. I decided to do it. Lakshmi is married to drunkard Siddhant.

    But she has fell in love with her brother in law Anuraag.

    This track will explore Lakshmi and Anuraag pure love for each other. It will be forbidden love. Lakshmi evil husband will prevent his brother and his wife from coming closer.

    Naina will never accept this marriage. Will Lakshmi and Anuraag ever unite?

    For the first time, it’s never been used in Indian drama serials that the female lead falls in love with her brother in law.

    Anuraag will represent my Adam and will support Lakshmi through her battle against the Maheshweris.

    This track will be based on romance. An interesting love story between Bhabi and devar, who love each other and want to be together.

    Like Romeo and Juliet, the evil family will
    Never let them be together.

    Lakshmi will probably soon become the new Gopi and her saathiya will become Anuraag.

    Anushmi is their couple name❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Will Anushmi unite with each other?

  2. Isaaq

    Anushmi love story will be better than Ricky and Sita love story?

    Ricky and Sita don’t have much chemistry. Neither is their love story interesting

    Lakshmi is based on me and Anuraag is based on my Adam. I will writing my heart out and create the greatest romantic story. The pain Anushmi will feel for each other for not being together.

    At the end of this season, I want Anushmi to unite and live happily ever after❤️❤️❤️

    1. Jasminerahul

      I love Ricky Sita n their chemistry

    2. Riana

      No isaaq I love Ricita ❤❤❤

      1. Isaaq

        I just hate Ricky??? so annoying. He’s worst than Meera

      2. Jasminerahul

        meera n ricky are annoying.but they r 2 of the best actors n most interesting characters of sns.ricita have superb chemistry

  3. Isaaq

    The woman in the precap is Anuraag girlfriend and Naina best friends daughter.

    Anuraag girlfriend will be seen as a modern spoilt brat that will challenge Lakshmi.

  4. Isaaq

    Hunar Hali to play Anuraag girlfriend.

    1. Isaaq

      Her name will be Ankita

  5. Jasminerahul

    it was a surprising twist that sindoora is not her mother’s rebirth and its because of personality disorder that she thinks so.loved gopi accepting her and deciding her to cure her with her love.their scene was are anjali and naina related to each other?loved anurag protecting lakshmi from her abusive husband siddhanth.if anurag has a gf why did he indirectly say that he is her saathiya?lakshmi anurag dream scene was romantic.
    though in serials it was shown about bhabhi devar romance it was only after bhabhi got separated from the brother.

    1. Isaaq

      Anuraag has feelings for Lakshmi.

      Ankita is Naina best friend daughter. Naina wants Ankita and Anuraag to get married. Anuraag does not like Ankita.

      1. Jasminerahul

        how is naina connected to anjali?sorry I forgot

    2. Isaaq

      Ram is Siddhant step brother. Naina is Ram step mother.

      Ashok was Naina biological son. Naina and Anjali are Saas Bahu years ago. Both Naina and Anjali have been planning revenge on Gopi for many years.

      Anjali was Naina choice for Ashok like Mona and Paridhi. After Ashok death, Naina and Anjali joined together to destroy Gopi.

      When Gopi was married to Ram, she never met Naina as Ram and Gopi got married without the family when Gopi was 18.

      Naina will be exactly like Niharika from Bade Ache Lagte Hain.

      Niharika tried to separate Priya and Ram. The same way Naina will try to separate Anushmi.

      Anjali has a big master plan so far and Gopi will be completely destroyed by this.

  6. Nandhini

    Sonarika and Mrunal?? cute pair!!! Excited to see their love story! Flash back scenes of rashi and gopi were awesome! Reminded the good old times again? so sindoora is not reallt reborn? She is suffering from mental disease? Anyway i like this twist…its logical however.?

    1. Isaaq

      Yh I kind of regretted bringing back witch back so I decided to change the story.

      Originally Lakshmi was the one who was supposed to be suffering mental disease and she would later turn negative when her personality changed.

      But Esha/ Sindoora will suffer the illness herself. Esha is her good personality and Sindoora is her evil personality.

      Now Gopi will fight against Devki for ownership of Modi property.

      Later on there are many tracks and shocking twists

      1. Nandhini

        Actually it would be more interesting if Lakshmi had the personality disorder? but its okay…good thing sindoora gone and she gave way for new vamps…

    2. Isaaq

      Yh I was sick of Sindoora. Nowadays vamps only do stuff like murder and kidnapping.

      All Gaura did was murder three people and he attempted to murder Kokila, Urvashi and Jaggi. That’s all she ever did. Murder…

      Radha was exactly the same. Her best plan in her entire life was making Meera fall of the cliff. After that, she too tried to murder and kidnap that’s it.

      Sindoora was exactly the same. She murdered Gohem and Raji. She murdered Jigar twice.

      But Anjali will be different… years ago when the old shows like KGGK used to come on, the best vamps were the one who attacked the protagonist emotionally.

      In KGGK, Trishna turned the whole family against Parvati. Her own family sent Parvati to jail because of Trishna.

      That’s why I decided to get rid of Sindoora and bring Anjali instead as Anjali will become the first vamp to manipulate with Gopi’s life

      Anjali main aim is to snatch all of Gopi happiness. She wants to snatch Ahem and her children from her.

      Esha is obviously suffering from personality disorder so she could become evil again anytime soon?

    3. Isaaq

      And I also got rid of Sindoora because there’s another vamp coming instead of her…

      But I won’t reveal who it is? She will enter when the Modis get their property back.

      1. Nandhini

        Hmmm stealing away the people who love instead of murder, kidnap…nice concept??

  7. Riana

    Sindoora’s is suffering a disorder…It means Is not reborn thats good…Now she is Esha…???…Goood to see lakshmi again…Now she loves Anuraag…❤❤…Anushmi makes a cute couple…Precap is Nice

    1. Isaaq

      Yes? The evil witch is not back. I regretted bringing her back.

      Not bringing Sindoora back means I get to bring in new vamps.

  8. Isaaq

    Since Lakshmi is Gopi, Ankita is Anita and Anuraag is Ahem.

    Neha (who is played by Sumona) will be Rashi, Lakshmi sister in law.

    Neha is Ram sister in law. Neha will trouble Lakshmi just like Rashi troubled Gopi.

    Poor Lakshmi will be so innocent and naive that she will fall into Neha trap.

    Hopefully Lakshmi defeats Ankita, Naina, Neha and Siddhant and unites with Anuraag.❤️

  9. Isaaq

    A spoiler…

    An old vamp will be returning for her revenge very soon? Gopi life will become hell

  10. Siddharth

    Nice so sindoora is not reborn she is suffering from personality dis order. Anurag&Laxmi track is nice.
    Where is Gopi’s son prem

    1. Isaaq

      Prem will be shown. Gopi will bring Esha home.

      Prem won’t love Esha at all. There’s an interesting track of Esha and Prem very soon.

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