Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi Destiny Season 6 Finale

“ Gopi, there is one more person you need to meet.” Rashi says. Gopi turns around and is shocked to see Priyanka.
“ Hi Gopi.” Priyanka says.
“ What are you doing here? I am in this problem because of you.” Gopi says.
“ Gopi, Priyanka was the one who saved me from that accident and she helped me fake my death.” Rashi says. Gopi is stunned.
“ Kya?” Gopi says.
“ Yes Gopi, I am the one who saved Rashi and I was the one who planned to save you from that mental asylum.” Priyanka says.
Priyanka finds Rashi in the bus crash. Loads of people are dead but Rashi was still alive. “ Priyanka?”
“ Don’t worry Rashi, I am here to save you. But you must listen to me. I have told a doctor to give you an injection that everyone will believe you are dead. Please trust me.” Priyanka says.
“ Ok.” Rashi says.

“ Priyanka saved me and she told me to fake my death because we need to teach Anjali a lesson.” Rashi says. There is a knock on the door. Rashi opens it and the police enter along with Jaya. Gopi is shocked. The police release handcuffs from Jaya.
“ Priyanka, are you ready?” The police officer says.
“ Yes inspector.” Priyanka says. The police handcuff Priyanka.
“ Priyanka, what is this?” Gopi asks.
“ I am making up for my sins. I confessed to the police that Jaya did not do all of those things. I made her do this all. It was all my scheme. Gopi, I am helping your family because I realised I was wrong. It is you who always supported me and my mother Sindoora was always wrong. The way Anjali tortured me, I thought that I was just a servant in their great plan. I am sorry for separating you from your family for so many years. Please forgive me.” Priyanka cries.
“ I forgive you Priyanka. I am glad you repenting for your sins and you are a good person now. That’s what makes me happy. Thank you for saving mine and Rashi’s life.” Gopi says.
“ Goodbye Gopi, Rashi and Jaya. Thank you for being there for me. I know I have always hurt you but today, my sacrifice will help you defeat Anjali.” Priyanka says and the police take her away. Jaya hugs Gopi and Rashi.
“ I missed you both so much.” Jaya says.
“ We missed you too. Its weird. We are friends now. Didn’t you be our family’s enemy before?” Gopi laughs.
“ I was an excellent villain.” Jaya laughs.
“ You are forgetting me.” Radha says as she enters along with Daya.
“ Radha? Daya? Daya you have woken up from coma?” Gopi says. Gopi runs and hugs them both.
“ Yes aunty, I have woken up finally. Maa told me that Jaya was being released soon. Me and Maa came from USA yesterday.” Daya says. Daya hugs Jaya.
“ Di we are finally together again. Promise me we will never fight again?” Daya says.
“ I promise.” Jaya says.
“ Gopi behen, I am so glad to see you back.” Radha says.
“ Same. Finally, you got your daughters back.” Gopi says.
“ Ok ok, we can talk later. Now we need to stop Ahem and Anjali wedding. Priyanka gave us evidence and now we need to reach there before they get married.” Rashi says.
“ Rashi behen is right. We cant let Anjali win.” Gopi says. Gopi goes upstairs and returns in her modern Durga avatar wearing a red designer sari and diamond jewellery. Gopi, Rashi, Radha, Jaya and Daya go to the Modi Mansion.

Ahem is about to fill sindoor in Anjali’s forehead until Gopi arrives with Jaya, Radha, Daya and Rashi. Everyone is shocked. Kajol comes.
“ Stop this wedding!” Gopi shouts. Gopi approaches and throws water over the havan fire. The fire goes out.
“ What are you doing?” Anjali shouts. Vamp tune plays. Anjali gets up and tries to raise her hand on Gopi until Gopi holds her hand and slaps Anjali.
“ Don’t you dare raise your hand on me!” Gopi screams. Anjali is shocked. Ahem gets up.
“ What is this Gopi? Where is your lover gone? The lover you were with, that you left me for?” Ahem shouts.
“ You just be quiet Ahem Ji! Always you have insulted me and you have never believed me! If Maaji was alive today, she would be heartbroken seeing her own son marrying another woman!” Gopi shouts.
“ Gopi, shall I play the video?” Rashi says.
“ Go ahead. Today I will reveal Anjali’s truth.” Gopi says. Rashi plays the video. It is Kumari and Anjali revealing all their plans and talking to each other. Everyone is shocked. Kajol is furious and slaps Anjali.
“ I was going to make you my bahu and you cheated us like this?” Kajol says.
“ Please I didn’t mean to. This was all my revenge to destroy Gopi Modi!” Anjali says.
“ What did Gopi do?” Ahem says. “ Answer me!”
“ She killed my husband!” Anjali cries. Everyone is shocked. Dramatic tune plays.
“ Gopi is this true?” Ahem asks.
“ Yes Ahem Ji. I killed her husband because he tried to rape me. But she doesn’t believe me.” Gopi says.
“ You killed him! He didn’t touch you! You made me a widow at such a young age!” Anjali screams. “ Then Karan got married to me. But Karan always loved you! That’s why I planned all of this!” Anjali says. Kajol looks at Kumari and slaps her.
“ And you? You betrayed our family! I cant believe this.” Kajol shouts.
“ Because of your family, I lost my parents. How could I not get revenge? I still want to destroy your family.” Kumari says. The police enter.
“ Inspector, arrest them both.” Gopi says. The police arrest Anjali and Kumari.
“ Gopi, I am warning you. I will get my revenge and you remember that. I will snatch your happiness from you. I have one more shocking news to tell you. Durga isn’t your daughter.” Anjali says.
“ What bakwas is this?” Gopi says.
“ When Durga was born, she was swapped by me.” Anjali laughs evilly. Vamp tune plays.
Anjali enters the ward and picks up baby Durga. “ You will be Gopi’s daughter now. Lets see how Gopi suffers when her own biological daughter will stay away from her.” Anjali places Durga in a crib and picks up Gopi’s daughter and takes her away. She places Gopi’s daughter in Durga’s crib.
“ Your real daughter is somewhere else in the world. Who knows what problems you will face now Gopi Modi.” Anjali laughs evilly. The police take them away.
“ Don’t worry Gopi, You will find your daughter.” Kajol says.
“ But Kajol, how did we get our house back?” Gopi asks.
“ Rashi brought it back in her fake identity. She tricked Anjali into selling it to her.” Kajol says. Kajol approaches Radha, Jaya and Daya. “ I heard Priyanka confessed her crimes and now your family is safe now. Thank you for saving Gopi maa.”
“ You should thank Priyanka. Her sacrifice today saved Gopi behen’s life. Gopi behen has won this battle because of Priyanka’s sacrifice.” Radha says.
“ I think we should pray to Kahna Ji. I have a new mission now to find my daughter. I wonder where she is?” Gopi says. The Modi family go to the temple and do pooja. “ Kahna Ji, please help me find my daughter.”

Precap- A year later, Gopi finds out that her daughter is somewhere in Sydney. In Sydney, a girl is shown partying at the beach in a bikini.

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  1. Riana

    This episode was Supermaaziiiingggg ????????…Finally Anjali n Kumari r arrested !…Modis got there mansion backkk…superb !…Waiting for precap eagerly…Sanskaari gopi’s fdaughter in bikini…???…waiting…

    1. Isaaq

      It’s the end of Gopi Destiny but now I have a sequel called Durga Destiny which will focus on 30 year old Durga find her new life after being tortured by Mandira and her evil husband Karan.

      It will be similar to Gopi story in the show except Durga will be seen getting remarried to a new man in her life.

      Gopi found her new life in the Modi family and had her happy ending. Now it’s Durga story and her Destiny… who will become her saathiya?

      Durga Destiny will be amazing and it’s a sequel to Gopi Destiny!

  2. Jasminerahul

    surprising that priyanka reformed and became modi saviour.happy that jaya is released from jail and jaya daya united. anjali kumari exposed. that was nice. oh anjali had exchanged gopi’s real daughter with Durga. hope they find her soon

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