Saath Nibhana Saathiya – FanFiction- Gohem ek nayi khani


The episode starts with Gopi crying to ahems picture asking why did he have to leave her, She says that her life has changed since his death and wishes him to be alive. She says everything has changed here in modi house, Jigger is an anger problem towards all members, Paridi has become ignorant again and kokila has grown old and finding it hard to control everyone. Gopi continues crying.

Kokilla is praying to krishna and she says Hey Krishna Bhagwan you took my Ahem away.. 5 years have pasted and my gopi bahu hasn’t left her room, she says bring my Gopis happiness back. As kokilla leaves the temple doctor krishna walks him and says Koki aunty im asking for Gopi hand in marriage and kokilla stands SHOCKED. Dr krishna says he loves Gopi alot and he cant stand seeing her in pain, Kokilla looks on..
Kokilla lifts her hand and slaps him and says how dare you ask from my Gopi Bahu hand and accsues him of trying to take Ahems place.

Everyone hears kokilla shouting and runs, Pardhi says what is the problem now, Jigger says why is there always a new drama here and monica & samar looks on and smirks. As everyone is shouting the door bells rings Monica rushes to the door and there was an unknown women at the door. Monica shouts who are you and the women stands there and says who are you. Everyone turns around and there are shocked.

Kokilla shouts Mansi?.. Everyone is shocked… Mansi tells everyone to shut up and she walks in evilly. Kokila asks what do you want, She goes 5 years ago when my Gopi Bahu got realsed from prison you made her life hell, why are you coming back now? Mansi says she’s back, she has her revenge already; Kokilla says what revenge? She laugh evilly everyone is shocked.

Precap: Mansi says Ahem is alive, She says I kidnapped him 5 years ago to make Gopi life hell. She laughed. Everyone is shocked!

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    here gopi is in her senses n is crying n talking 2 ahem.Dr.Krishna wants 2 marry gopi but all r against it.Mansi’s re entry brought a major twist.she took revenge by kidnapping ahem 5 yrs back.means Ahem is!But what about Ahem’s body they showed on the show?thanku so much 4 starting a ff on d present track of sns.plz update daily

    1. Umaiirkhann

      Thanks for you reply, is was actually my first time writing a FF! Hope you enjoyed 🙂

  2. good twist

    1. Umaiirkhann

      Thanks for you reply, is was actually my first time writing a FF! Hope you enjoyed

  3. Nandhini

    Is mansi and dr.krishna are related somehow?? Anyways good thing is ahem is still alive…

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