Saath Nibhana Saathiya – FanFiction- Gohem ek nayi khani – Episode2


The episode starts with Mansi saying I have already got my revenge from all you modis, Kokilla say what revenge, Mansi say AHEM DEATH.. Everyone is shocked. Gopi hears this and say NAHIIIIII AHEM JI!! Kokilla say you took my Ahem away WHY Mansi WHY? Mansi laughs evilly. Mansi says to the whole family that Ahem is alive everyone is shocked.

Kokilla breaks down and says my Gopi bahu has been living like a widow for 5 years, she been staying in her room for 5years and my AHEM is alive? Mansi continues to laugh. Jigger says what rubbish, while Monica & Samar smirks. Paridhi says what a murderer and Mansi shouts SHUT UP JUST SHUT UP.

Mansi walks over to Ahems pictures and gets it down off the wall and starts laughing. She say Mr Ahem Modi this is what you get for choosing Gopi and leaving me 5 years ago.. Kokilla shouts why are you doing this.. Mansi smashes Ahem picture on the floor and Gopi shouts Mansi and runs over to Ahems broken picture.

Kokilla asks how can Ahem be alive when his dead body was bought here, Mansi laughs and says that wasn’t Ahem it was his look a like everyone is shocked.. Mansi says you will never see Ahem again and soon this Modi Mansion will be hers and no one else’s everyone is shocked.

Mansi goes over to Gopi and pulls her hair and says 5 years ago you took away my Ahem & my Meera I will never let you see Ahem again. Kokilla shouts Gopi Bahu. Gopi takes a maa durga avatar and shouts Mansi. She pushes Mansi on the floor and everyone is shocked.

Precap: Gopi says if anything happens to my Ahem Jii she will kill her. Mansi Laughs.

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  1. good start hope the ff will continue this interesting!!!!

  2. jasmine Rahul

    So the one who died was Ahem’s look alike.but how did Mansi acquire Modi mansion?But liked Gopi taking Durga’s avtar n pushing Mansi

  3. Manails back

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