Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Durga’s Destiny Season 1 Part 4 (Special Episode)

Paro is speaking to Anjali in jail. “ Mom we need to execute our plan very successfully. We need to destroy the bond between Gopi and Durga.” Paro says.
“ I know how to do that. You just have to listen to me very carefully.” Anjali says.
At the Modi mansion, Rashi and Durga are waiting for Om and Ganga. “ Kaki Ji, I don’t know where they are. They should be here.” Durga worringly says.
“ Don’t worry, they will be here soon.” Rashi says. Gopi overhears.

“ What happened? Why are you two standing here?” Gopi asks.
“ Why should you be worried? Why don’t you serve your daughter Paro, your lovely daughter? Why don’t you feed her your delicious kheer? Om and Ganga are missing but I am sure you wont be concerned.” Rashi says. Gopi fumes.

“ Are you stupid? They are my grandchildren.” Gopi says.
“ Your grandchildren? Since when was I your daughter, Gopi Modi?” Durga shouts. Dramatic tune plays. Gopi is shocked. “ Ever since Paro entered our lives, you forgot me. You forgot all of us.”

“ Durga is right. I cant believe this. You are the Gopi Modi who saved this family many times. And this same Gopi wants to destroy the family now. Many years later. The Gopi devi who fought with many enemies in the past to save this family. You promised Kokila aunty that you will always protect our family but today you have broken that promise.” Rashi shouts. Gopi breaks down in tears.

“ Always Maa we considered you the most wise and strongest but today you are wrong. You named me Durga as a reminder of your shakti and power. You became Durga to destroy your enemies.” Durga says.
“ Gopi, you were the one who changed me. I never used to like you before. But I became good. I tried to sacrifice my life to save you because I knew that only you could protect this family.” Rashi says. Gopi wipes her tears and goes to the temple.
“ Kahna Ji, are they right? I am no longer Gopi Modi who protected this family? Have I broken my promise to Maaji? Answer me Kahna Ji!” Gopi cries. Suddenly, a phone rings. Durga picks it up.
“ Hello?” Durga says.

“ Hello, Durga Ji, your children are with me.” A female voice says.
“ Who is this? What do you want?” Durga shouts.
“ Meet me near market. There is a cliff there.” The female voice says. The lady puts the phone down.
“ Hello? Speak!” Durga screams.
“ Durga what happened?” Rashi asks.
“ Om and Ganga have been kidnapped.” Durga cries. Gopi and Rashi are shocked. Gopi comes closer to Durga.

“ Stay away from me! This is all your fault! If anything happens to my children, I wont spare you Gopi Modi!” Durga shouts. Gopi is disheartened.
“ Durga calm down. What did the kidnapper say?” Rashi asks.

“ She told me to meet her near the market, at the cliff.” Durga says.
“ Then go. Please call me if anything happens.” Rashi says. Durga leaves. Gopi goes to the temple and prays.
“ Kahna Ji, protect my grandchildren.” Gopi says.
Om and Ganga are shown in a van with the kidnappers. Ganga sees the window open. She puts her head and screams. “ Someone save us!” Suddenly, a man driving behind them sees her. He chases the van. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham tune plays. The man reaches the side of the van. He rams the van. The van breaks down. The goons get out and attack the man. The man beats up the goons and runs to the van.

“ Are you two ok?” The man asks.
“ Yes uncle. Thanks for saving us.” Ganga says. The man’s face is shown (Aham Sharma).
“ No problem, let me take you away from here. I have called the police. My name is Laksh.” The man says. Laksh takes the children to his car.
Durga reaches the cliff. It starts raining and the wind gets stronger. “ Where are you? Where are my children?” Durga shouts.
“ Which children?” A lady says as she comes out. Durga is shocked to see her. Vamp tune plays. It was Anjali with a gun in her hand.

“ Anjali? You are supposed to be in jail?” Durga says.
“ Yes and? I escaped by the help of my dear daughter Paro.” Anjali says. Durga is shocked.
“ You mean?” Durga says.
“ Yes, Gopi is your mother and I am Paro’s mother. This was my whole plan. To separate you from Gopi Modi. Gopi Modi killed my husband and now I will take away her daughter from this world. I tried to snatch Ahem from Gopi but they always reunite. But I will make sure you and Gopi will never unite again.” Anjali points her gun at Durga. Durga runs and misses the bullet as Anjali shoots. She knocks the gun out of Anjali’s hand. Durga runs away and disappears. Anjali cannot find her. Paro arrives.

“ Mom, are you ok? Where is she?” Paro says.
“ blo*dy hell, shut up and help me find her!” Anjali screams. Durga is seen running on the road. Bhajan plays. Gopi is seen praying at the temple. Ahem arrives at the Modi mansion. Kajol and everyone are sat around. Ahem is confused. “ What happened?”
“ Ganga and Om have been kidnapped and Durga has gone to save them.” Kajol says.
“ What? And Gopi let her go on her own? Rashi what is this?” Ahem says.
“ Durga didn’t want Gopi’s help.” Rashi says.

“ What? What has been going on in this house?” Ahem says. Ahem approaches Gopi. “ What is this Gopi?
“ Ahem Ji.” Gopi cries and hugs Ahem. Emotional tune plays. “ I have been a very bad mother and a very bad wife. I promised Maaji that I would protect this family but today because of me, my family hates me. My own Durga hates me.” Gopi sobs.
“ No, you are Gopi, my wife. You have always defeated evil and you have always brought happiness to this family. Go save your daughter and grandchildren. Go.” Ahem says. Gopi gets the strength and gets up. She faces the Modi family and hugs every single member. She hugs Kajol. Kajol gets emotional.

“ It feels weird. When you first entered my life, you were Durga. You came back after 18 years to save our family?” Kajol cries and she hugs Gopi again. Gopi hugs Rashi.

“ I know Rashi behen that we have always had our differences and we have always fought since day 1. But we have always been sisters from the start. I remember when we both came into this Modi mansion for the first time. Our relationship was special then and will always be special.” Gopi sobs.
“ I am sorry for the things I said. I know you can never change.” Rashi says.
“ Don’t apologise Rashi behen, I was wrong and now I want to make everything right.” Gopi wipes her tears. Before leaving, she looks around the house. She recalls all her memories of her time at the Modi mansion. Gopi leaves.
Meanwhile, Durga gets tired and reaches near a lake. She feels faint. She drinks from the lake. Paro and Anjali reach there. They laugh evilly.
“ Where will you go now Durga devi?” Anjali laughs.

“ You will die today.” Paro says. Anjali shoots. The bullets hits Durga.
“ Maa!” Durga screams. Gopi is driving and hears Durga’s screaming.
“ Durga?” Gopi says. She comes out of her car. Anjali shoots Durga again. Durga screams Maa again. Gopi rushes to the lake and is shocked seeing Anjali and Paro.
“ Anjali!” Gopi screams. Kokila tune plays. Anjali and Paro turn around and are shocked.
“ Gopi?” Anjali says. Gopi is shocked to see Paro with Anjali. Anjali ignores Gopi and points the gun at Durga.

“ Gopi, I am glad you are here. I will finish off your daughter right in front of you. Bagwaan is with me today. I will kill your daughter the same way you killed my husband!” Anjali shouts. Anjali shoots and blood spreads everywhere.
“ Maa!” Durga screams. Anjali and Paro are stunned. Gopi is shown in front of Durga, with a bullet wound. Dramatic tune plays. Gopi drops to the floor. Durga cries. “ Maa, why did you come in between?”

“ Gopi, I am very touched seeing you die for your own daughter. Paro is my daughter. I am glad that before your death, you never betrayed Durga. You lost Gopi Modi.” Anjali laughs. Gopi smiles.
“ You are right Anjali. I never betrayed my daughter. I made this sacrifice because I know that after I am gone, she will protect our family. Durga, the way Maaji made me promise to protect the Modi family, will you promise me that you will never let any evil destroy our family?” Gopi requests.
“ Maa, you wont go anywhere!” Durga screams. “ You and Papa are my bagwaan. You are everything to me. You cant leave me!”
“ But I have to go. I have done my time. I made a lot of mistakes and now I have saved your life, knowing that you will carry on. Gopi’s destiny was to keep her loved ones happy and defeat evil and now Durga’s destiny is to carry on her mother’s legacy and continue to protect her family.” Gopi says. Durga holds Gopi’s hand.

“ I promise you Maa, I will protect your family. I will do everything just like you did. I will make sure that after your death, I will keep our family united.” Durga says.
“ Thank you. Now I will go. Stay happy and remember my promise. Many years ago, I promised Maaji I will protect her family and now I am asking you to protect my family. Make your enemies realise that you are Gopi Modi’s daughter. This is your destiny now. Durga’s destiny.” S
uddenly, Gopi head falls back in Durga’s arms.

“ Maa? Maa, wake up!” Durga sobs. Gopi doesn’t move. “ Maa!” Anjali and Paro laugh.
“ Finally, Gopi Modi is gone. Good riddance.” Anjali says. Durga is furious and gets up.
“ You killed my mother and I wont spare you.” Durga says.
“ What will you do? Gopi is gone. Now I can finish you off as well.” Anjali says. Shagun tune plays. Anjali points the gun. She tries to shoot but the bullets are finished.
“ Even Kahna Ji is with me. You wont do anything to me. I will punish you both.” Durga says. Anjali and Paro fume. Durga attacks Anjali.

“ Mom! Durga, get off my mother!” Paro shouts. Durga strangles Anjali.
“ I will kill you here and now. You murdered my mother and I will destroy you here so you never come back!” Durga says. Anjali gasps for air. Suddenly, Anjali pushes Durga. Durga falls into the lake. Anjali tries to breathe again. Anjali and Paro look down.

“ Quick, we need to find her body. I will make sure she never leaves that lake and escapes. If she escapes, we both will go jail.” Anjali says. They both search the lake and could not find her. They ask people if they saw a woman wearing a red sari recently. The people didn’t see it.
“ Mom, maybe she died? It was a deep lake. How could we possibly find her? Nobody can survive in the lake that long. Its been an hour since we’ve been looking for her.” Paro says.
“ You are right. I guess our plan was successful, Gopi and Durga are gone!” Anjali says happily. They both go. While they are driving, they see Durga driving her car.
“ Mom, she is still alive!” Paro panicks. Durga notices them.

“ Kahna Ji, please protect me. I will reveal their truth to my whole family. Anjali rams her car against Durga’s car. Durga’s car goes into the forest and explodes.
Some time later, Laksh arrives at the Modi mansion with Om and Ganga. Everyone is wearing white clothes. Gopi’s body is on the floor along with her portrait. The Modi family are crying. Rashi sees Om and Ganga and runs to hug them.
“ Durga? Om?” Rashi cries.
“ Nani, what is this?” Ganga says.

“ Can you take the children away from here? I don’t want them to see this.” Rashi sobs.
“ Ok, sure. I will send them with the driver. They can go to my house. But who is that?” Laksh asks.
“ That is their grandmother. She was murdered and the children’s mother is missing. We don’t know where she is.” Rashi cries.
“ I am sorry for your loss. I saved Om and Ganga from the kidnappers.” Laksh says. Rashi is shocked.
“ You mean that the children were not with that lady? They were with you? This was a trap for Durga then.” Rashi says.
“ What do you mean?” Laksh asks.

“ We got a phone call that Om and Ganga were with the lady. Durga, their mother, went to meet the lady. The children were not there. That means that if that lady killed Gopi, they may have killed Durga too.” Rashi says and she breaks down. “ I request you, take the children far from here.” Laksh leaves. Ahem is seen near Gopi’s body. He is hurt. He wasn’t speaking. Rashi thinks that today again Gopi had left everyone and this time, for good. Rashi goes to the temple.
“ What is this Kahna Ji? The same Gopi who was your greatest devotee, you took her from us? Today, you have proved that you have never done justice to Gopi. You have never given her a good life! And from today, I have lost my faith in you!” Rashi says and blows the light from the diya. The diya loses it light.

At a mansion, Paro and Anjali are seen celebrating their victory. They are drinking wine. “ Cheers!”
“ Finally, I got my revenge. Gopi Modi is gone and the Modi family is destroyed. Darkness will arise once more. The days of Gopi Modi are over. Now Anjali Sindoora Mehra’s rule has begun.” Anjali says. Shagun vamp tune plays.

18 years later…
A woman seen wearing heavy blue sar and a veil similar to Kokila’s style. She is wearing glasses. Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays. It is Rashi. She speaks to the viewers.
“ Hello, I am Rashi. 18 years has passed since Gopi’s death and since then I have looked after our family. Everyone has changed since then and I love them. But of course, I had to take care of my own family. I forgot to tell you guys. Today it is my grandson’s sangeet! Yes! I became a Dadi He is my sweetie. My jaan. There he is!” A girl and a boy are shown in the middle of the hall.
Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usey tadpana o zaalima, o zaalima

Jo tere ishq mein behka pehle se hi
Kya usey behkana o zaalima, o zaalima (x2)

The girl is shown ( Priyanka Udhwani) and the man is shown ( Anshul Pandey)
Aankhen marhaba, baatein marhaba
Main sau martaba deewana huaa
Mera na raha jab se dil mera
Tere husn ka nishana hua
Jiski har dhadkan tu ho
Aise dil ko kya dhadkana
O zaalima, o zalima..
Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usey tadpana o zaalima, o zaalima
Saanson mein teri nazdeeqiyon ka
Itrr tu ghol de, ghol de…
Main hi kyun ishq zaahir karun
Tu bhi kabhi bol de, bol de… (x2)
Leke jaan hi jaayega meri
Qaatil har tera bahaana hua

Tujhse hi shuru
Tujhpe hi khatam
Mere pyaar ka fasaana hua
Tu shamma hai toh yaad rakhna
Main bhi hoon parwaana
O zaalima, o zaalima..
Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usey tadpana o zaalima, o zaalima

Deedaar tera milne ke baad hi
Chhoote meri angdaayi
Tu hi bata de kyun zaalima main kehlayi
Kyun iss tarah se duniya jahan mein
Karta hai meri ruswayi
Tera qusoor aur zaalima main kehlayi
Deedaar tera milne ke baad hi
Chhoote meri angdaayi
Tu hi bata de kyun zaalima main kehlayi
Tu hi bata de kyun zaalima main kehlayi

Rashi runs to hug her grandson and future granddaughter in law. “ Rahul, you looked so handsome. You made me so proud.” Rashi says.
“ Dadi, you are embarrassing me. You are such a drama queen.” Rahul says.
“ Rahul? That is very rude. I am old now. I get emotional very easily.” Rashi fake cries. Jigar and Heer come.

“ Maa, stop it.” Jigar says.
“ He has gone completely on you. Rahul is your son indeed.” Rashi says and furiously leaves. They all laugh.
Rashi enters her the hallway. Her hallway was full of portraits of people from the past- Kokila, Hetal, Jigar, Paridhi, Tolu, Molu, Vidya, Naiya, Dharam, Gaura, Shravan and finally Gopi and Durga. All portraits had garlands over them. Rashi looks at them sadly. “ My family has changed so much. You all have been with us in this kahani. People have changed in all of these years but our love for each other remains the same. I still miss everyone and they continue to stay with me in my heart.” Raj arrives and comforts the upset Rashi.
“ Whats wrong Rashi?” Raj says.

“ I wish they all were here today, especially Gopi and Durga. My own sister is not here for my grandson’s wedding. Heer was Gopi’s daughter, Gopi isn’t even here for Heer’s son sangeet.” Rashi cries. Raj hugs Rashi.
“ They are still with us, they are watching us. They don’t want to see us sad. They want us be happy.” Raj says. “ Now wipe your tears, Ganga and Om will be arriving soon with Laksh.”
“ Arey Ha, Om and Ganga will be coming soon.” Rashi says. Heer arrives.
“ Maaji, Om and Ganga are here with Laksh.” Heer says. Rashi gets happy.
“ Already?” Rashi says happily and then goes. Rashi comes to near the door and sees Om and Ganga. They show Ganga (Shivangi Joshi) wearing a glamorous designer pink sari and light jewellery. And they show Om (Pulkit Samrat) wearing a royal blue kurta. Laksh is seen along with them wearing the same as Om. Rashi rushes to hug them both.

“ Nani, you saw us last week.” Ganga laughs. “ How are you Nani?”
“ I am fine, I am old now. I cant do much these days.” Rashi laughs. Rashi sees Om looking at the girls. Rashi clicks in his face. Om stops looking.
“ Nani?” Om says.
“ Hmm, I noticed. Badmash, you haven’t changed. If Durga was alive today, she would sort you. But I am glad Laksh that you have brought up Ganga and Om in these 18 years.” Rashi says.
“ Yes you are right Rashi. I brought up Om and Ganga eventhough Durga Ji means nothing to me. I have never met her but in these 18 years, Om and Ganga have told me how great she was, a strong woman.” Laksh says.

“ If Maa was alive, our lives would be different. Laksh papa was our mother and father at the same time but Durga Maa was different, she was our strength.” Ganga cries. Rashi hugs her again.
“ We all miss her but she is watching us. She must be proud that her children have grown up to be wonderful. You are Durga’s children indeed. You both have her qualities.” Rashi says.
Far away in Jammu, Kashmir, it was the Vaishno Devi temple. A young woman removes her sandals and enters the temple. Bhajan plays. Wind grows stronger. Bells ring heavily. The young woman goes near the idol. “ Today, Maa, I request you to give me shakti and strength to destroy my enemies. I am Durga too and today I want you to give me shakti to become the one to bring destruction to my enemies. You are goddess of revenge and power. You are goddess of justice. You were the one who slayed evil. Today give me the power to defeat evil. Give me the power to bring justice for my mother.” The woman says. It was Durga. Dhin dhin thatha tune plays as Durga is shown wearing a gold sari. “ 18 years ago, my mother blew the light off the diya. Today, I light this diya in hope that my battle against my enemies ends in victory.” Durga lights the diya. Bhajan plays.

Precap- Rashi-Raj, Heer-Jigar, Rahul- Karishma and Lakshmi-Anurag dance to Mahi-ve song. Durga arrives in Mumbai airport in her modern avatar.

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  1. Isaaq

    Hey I’m finally back after so long. I reread Gopi Destiny Part 1 and honestly people loved that story. It was so fun seeing Gopi go against Radha and her evil grandchildren and get justice for her Maaji KOKILA death.

    Durga will do the same. Gopi sacrifices her life to save her daughter and now Durga will get her revenge. Durga will re enter the lives of the Modis to destroy Anjali and Paro

    It will be full of thrillers and plans.

    We saw Radha vs Gopi in Gopi Destiny and now Durga Destiny will Radha granddaughter (Sindoora adoptive daughter) Anjali vs Gopi daughter!!!

    Everyone loved Gopi vs Radha and now everyone will love Durga vs Anjali???

    After Anjali and Paro defeat, season 2 will bring new vamps and will focus on Ganga and Om’s lives.

  2. Isaaq

    Btw guys I made a mistake. Rahul isn’t Rashi grandson. Karishma is Rashi granddaughter I made a huge mistake sorry?

    It was Karishma sangeet, not Rahul

  3. Isaaq

    One of the exciting and unique storylines in this season will be Durga and Laksh love story.

    Ganga will want her adoptive father Laksh to get married. Ganga will meet Durga and think that it is her mothers lookalike. Ganga believes her mothers lookalike is the perfect wife for Laksh.

    Durga will eventually fall in love with Laksh for bringing up her children in her absence.

    Ganga will bring them closer.

  4. Isaaq

    Gopi death was very sad but it was necessary. She had to die to pass on her role to Durga. Durga has to step up and become the new Gopi ro protect the Modis.

  5. Isaaq

    I hope you all enjoy part 5 with the sangeet special. The Modis and Malhotras will be seem dancing to hit songs.

    Unlike previous leaps, this leap will be different. It starts with happiness and love. The Modi family and Malhotra family are happy and safe. But Anjali is still free and as long as Anjali is around, the Modis won’t be safe. Durga will get justice for Gopi

  6. Riana

    2 months Later…
    ISAAQ IS BACK ????

    lovely episode dear…
    Awesome means awesome…
    It was like i am watching a thrilling film or a maha episode…

    So many twists and turns…

    Gopi got killed accidentally by Anjali ???????

    She will be recalled always…

    Durga met with an accident and everyone assumed her dead…??

    Sadly Anjali & Paro won…

    18 YEARS LEAP ??????…

    Extremely shocking but it started in a different manner…

    And i imagined the entire episode in a different visual…?????

    Rashi is nautanki ??…And happy with her family…

    Wow so much fun…??

    Durga is alive ??????

    Precap: Awesome…????

    Updt soon
    Loved it & Banner is too good… ?????

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you for updating!!! Yes it was really thrilling. Gopi Destiny final seasons were getting too boring and it needed a Fresh Start. I ruined the story with the entry of Mandira and Jaya. Jaya story especially ruined it, until I brought in Priyanka which was good.

      However, I brought the twist that Anjali was behind everything for her revenge against Gopi and that’s what brought the spice back in the story.

      Anjali will be a very dangerous vamp like her grandmother Radha. Eventhough Durga is more stronger and confident than before, she will find it difficult to defeat Durga. Anjali will still find a way to destroy her enemies?

      1. Isaaq

        Thank you for commenting*

      2. Isaaq

        To defeat Anjali*

  7. interesting indeed Isaaq never knew you were that good i have the time now so i am reading yours and Riana ff i know that song it is from Raees i have to read on to see if rashi will become her old self or she will get good you know rashi right lol you take care in three months time i am back to work by the way Isaaq when is diwali? you take care and keep writing

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you for commenting. Rashi is a positive character. She has changed so much in my fan fiction. Take care and I’m not sure when diwali is

  8. Jasminerahul

    good that gopi realized her unknown mistakes .sad that gopi got killed.wish she wasn’t sweet that laksh took care of om and Ganga for these many years.younger generation star cast is nice.raj rashi scene was Durga is coming back for revenge.anjali paro need brutal punishment. but why did Durga wait for 18 years to come back for revenge?she could have avenged the vamps when they killed gopi.
    please update kasauti and kahani.I like family ffs more than revenge ffs

    1. Isaaq

      Hi thank you for commenting!

      Durga came back after 18 years is something I will reveal in the next episode. Anjali has a bigger plan. Anjali had been planning Gopi’s death in jail and she used Paro as her tool.

      Anjali has a bigger scheme and Durga had to come back after 18 years to defeat her…

      Anjali has a plan for Rashi as well and it is a shocking one. Durga will come to the rescue.

      First track we will see Durga saving Rashi from Anjali evil master plan

      And I know you like family ffs but believe me, this will become a family ff very soon.

      Unfortunately due to my studies, I can’t do three ffs. I have to focus on one

      1. Jasminerahul

        i feel kasauti n kahani r ur best it will b better if u focus on them.u have written only a few parts on other ffs.but this ff is very long.already finished many seasons.o i guess u have to concentrate on other ffs

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