Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Durga’s Destiny Season 1 Part 2

Gopi arrives at the Kapoor Mansion. Mandira opens the door. Mandira gets angry.
“ You? Why are you here?” Mandira says.
“ I came to meet my daughter. Will you greet me to your home?” Gopi says.
“ Of course devi ji. Come, I’ll do your pooja.” Mandira says. Gopi enters. Mandira tells the servant to call Durga. Durga comes down. Mandira scowls and then leaves.
“ Maa.” Durga says and she hugs Gopi.
“ Are you ok?” Gopi asks.
“ Yes Mama, I’m fine.” Durga says.
“ Then why are your eyes red? Have you been crying?” Gopi says.
“ No Mama, I’m just tired. I’ve been working all day and the kids should be coming home from school.” Durga says.
“ Where is Karan?” Gopi asks.
“ He is in Australia.” Durga says.
“ And he left you on your own? What kind of husband is he?” Gopi asks.
“ Leave it Mama, you said you had important news to tell me?” Durga says.
“ Yes, I have found my daughter. She is living in Australia. I am going tonight on the plane. I want you to come with me.” Gopi asks.
“ Me?” Durga says.
“ Yes pack your bags. We need to leave for the airport now.” Gopi says. Mandira returns.
“ Durga wont go anywhere.” Mandira says.
“ And who are you to decide that? I am her mother. I raised her.” Gopi says.
“ But you didn’t give birth to her didn’t you? You aren’t her mother, you fool.” Mandira laughs. Vamp tune plays.
“ I may not be her mother but I raised her. A mother is someone who loves and cares for her child, even if they are not theirs. A mother is their protector and saviour.” Gopi says.
“ Well see Gopi Modi. Because for you, Durga is your adoptive daughter. Your real daughter is more worth to you. You will love your real daughter more because she is your blood.” Mandira says. Durga comes back with her luggage.
“ We are leaving.” Gopi says.
“ Bye you foolish Modi clown family.” Mandira says and shuts the door on their faces. Durga and Gopi go on their plane. Finally they arrive in Sydney. The car takes them to the Mehra Mansion. Gopi knocks on the door. Nivedita opens it and is confused.
“ Hi? Who are you people?” Nivedita says.
“ I am Gopi Modi and this is my daughter Durga Kapoor. I need to share something very important with you.” Gopi says.
“ Sure.” Nivedita says. Gopi and Durga sit at the lounge. Nivedita sits along with them after telling the servants to bring food and drinks. “ Tell me Gopi Ji, whats the matter?”
“ Many years ago, our daughters were swapped. My Durga is your daughter.” Gopi says.
“ You’re lying.” Nivedita says angrily. Gopi shows her papers.
“ Look Durga’s DNA doesn’t match with mine. For over a year, we have been matching with the other women who gave birth that same day. None of them match. You are the last one. Please.” Gopi pleads.
“ Ok I will come to the hospital with you.” Nivedita says. Suddenly, Paro arrives.
“ Mom, who are these people and where are you going?” Paro says. Gopi gets emotional seeing Paro.
“ Is this your daughter?” Gopi asks.
“ Yes, this is my daughter Paro.” Nivedita says. Gopi slowly walks upto Paro with tears in her eyes.
O.. o.. o…
O.. o.. o…
Dil se dil ka rishta juda
Pal do pal mein mit.ta nahi
Bandhan dilon ka toot.ta nahi
Bandhan dilon ka toot.ta nahi
Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hai
In aankhon se har aansoo
Mujhko churana hai
Mujhko churana hai..
Mujhko churana hai
Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hai
In aankhon se har aansoo
Mujhko churana hai
Mujhko churana hai..
Mujhko churana hai
Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hai
Teri bechaini ka, teri tanhayi ka
Ehsaas hai mujhko sun..
Main jo saath tere hoon
Phir tujhe hai kaisa gham
Dard baant lenge hum sun..
O.. o.. o…
O.. o.. o…
In palkon mein khushiyon ka
Sapna sajana hai
Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hai
Kaise main bataaoon yeh
Tera is tarah rona
Dekha nahi jaata hai sun..
Shaam jab dhalti hai
Subah muskurati hai
Khushbuyein lutati hai sun..
O.. o.. o…
O.. o.. o…
Udaasi ke lamhon mein
Hamein muskurana hai
Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hai
In aankhon se har aansoo
Mujhko churana hai
O.. o.. o…
O.. o.. o…
“ Mom, I asked you. Who is this woman?” Paro says. Gopi tries to hug her. Paro steps back.
“ Paro, this is your mother. We need to go to the hospital.” Nivedita says. Paro is confused.
“ What mom? No, this is not my mother.” Paro says. Nivedita holds her hands.
“ Just listen to me. Let’s go with them.” Nivedita says. Paro then notices Durga. Durga thinks that this is Karan’s wife.
“ Who is this girl?” Paro points at Durga.
“ This is Gopi’s daughter Durga, or maybe even my daughter. Who knows?” Nivedita says. Paro smirks evilly. Paro thinks that if Gopi is her mother, Gopi will support her and throw Durga out of her life forever.
“ Ok Maa, I will go.” Paro says. They all go. At the hospital, they conduct the tests. Hours later, the doctor comes back with the results. Nivedita’s DNA matches with Durga’s and Gopi’s DNA matches with Paro’s.
“ Parvati? You are my daughter.” Gopi cries. Paro acts innocent and rushes into Gopi’s arms.
“ I cant believe you are my Mom!” Paro fake cries. Durga feels upset seeing them bond. Nivedita looks at Durga concernedly.
“ I know Durga that you feel sad and you will always consider Gopi as your mother but I will always be there for you. You will always be Gopi’s daughter.” Nivedita says. Nivedita smirks evilly.
“ I understand Nivedita Maa.” Durga says. They leave the hospital.
A few days later…
Gopi, Durga and Paro arrive in India. They arrive at the Modi mansion. Kajol opens the door and is happy.
“ Gopi, this is your daughter?” Kajol says.
“ Yes, this is Paro. Paro, this is your grandma.” Gopi says happily. Paro touches Kajol’s feet.
“ Live long beti. I am so happy that after so many years, you are living with us.” Kajol says.
“ I am happy that I have found my real mother.” Paro says. Lakshmi and Anurag are seen together. Lakshmi is seen scolding Anurag for not wearing her favourite tie colour.
“ Anurag ji, please wear this pink tie.” Lakshmi says.
“ No Lakshmi its so girly.” Anurag says.
“ Arey these two have started their fight again.” Gopi says. Anurag and Lakshmi see Gopi and are happy.
“ Gopi Maa, youre back!” Lakshmi says. They touch her feet.
“ Paro, this is your brother in law and sister in law.” Gopi says. “ Lakshmi wasn’t born from this family but she has always been this family’s daughter.”
“ Wow Paro, you are so pretty.” Lakshmi says. “ It must be really nice in Australia.”
“ It is lovely, I am missing it but India is lovely.” Paro says.
“ Our India is bestum best.” Lakshmi says. Esha and Prem come downstairs.
“ Prem, look your sister has come back!” Gopi says. Prem gets happy and comes towards them. Durga holds her arms out but is shocked when Prem hugs Paro instead. Durga feels sad.
“ So this is my behen! But she looks nothing like me!” Prem says.
“ What is this bhai? I look exactly like Mom, and I’ve seen Dad’s photos, you look like him. Bechari Durga is not from our family so she probably has never looked like anyone here.” Paro laughs. Durga holds her tears and forces a smile.
“ Prem, its rakhi today. Arent you going to tie a rakkhi on your sister’s wrist?” Gopi says.
“ Oh I forgot.” Prem says. He takes out the rakkhi and ties it on Paro’s wrist. Durga is shocked. Durga thinks that everyone forgot her. Dramatic tune plays. Prem and Gopi ignore Durga.
At dinner time, Durga sits next to Prem on the dining table. Gopi arrives. “ Durga, Paro is going to sit there. You go and sit over there.” Durga nods and gets up and sits on the other seat. Paro sits next to Prem and smirks evilly at Durga. Durga gets up.
“ I am going to the washroom.” Durga says. Durga goes to her old bedroom and breaks down into tears. “ Everyone has forgot me. Nobody loves me.”
“ Of course everyone has forgot you.” Paro says as she enters the room. Durga is shocked by Paro’s evil behavior.
“ Why are you speaking like this?” Durga says as she gets up.
“ Poor Durga, you only got respect because everyone thought you were Gopi’s daughter. I have snatched everything from you. Your family, your mother and your brother. You see I don’t care about this Modi family. I did all of this to throw you out of Karan’s life.” Paro says.
“ Karan’s life?” Durga says.
“ Karan is my boyfriend and he doesn’t love you. I promise you, he will throw you out of his life and he will be mine.” Paro says.
“ You are lying.” Durga says. Paro shows her photos of herself and Karan. Durga is shocked and breaks down.
“ Either give up or I will take everything from you Durga. You are my enemy and I wont allow a dusri aurat in our love story.” Paro says.
“ He is the father of my children. I wont let you take him from me.” Durga says.
“ Very well, you made a big mistake Durga Kapoor.” Paro says and she leaves the room.

Precap- Divorce papers arrive for Durga. Gopi insists Durga signs the papers so Paro can marry Karan because she loves him. Durga is heartbroken by Gopi’s new behaviour. Meanwhile, a new man is shown.

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  1. Isaaq

    As Riana suggested, Gopi will have negative shades this season. For the first time, Gopi will be a vamp. She will be blind in her love for Paro.

    A new man to enter Durga life. Durga will fall in love with the new man. Gopi will become strict Kokila.

    Paro will take custody of Durga children and separate her from her children. Gopi will support Paro.

    We didn’t see Gopi vs Mahdu in the show so during this season. It will be Durga vs Gopi. Rashi will support Durga.

    We will also see Rashi vs Gopi.

    Durga will fight a karma battle, not a dharma battle. She will fight against her own family to win back her children.

    Paro will create a Mahabharat in the Modi family. Sister vs sister, mother vs daughter…

    Will Durga defeat Paro and save her family? Will Paro become like Sindoora, another evil Modi?

  2. Isaaq

    Paro’s look… She is the new vamp of the Destiny series. I’ve called it the Destiny Series.

    Possibly after Durga’s Destiny, there’ll be a new spin off.

    Gopi’s Destiny was the first story in my series.

    Durga’s Destiny is the second story in the series.

    Possibly a third one based on the next generation!

  3. Isaaq

    Guys who has been the best vamp in the Destiny Series so far?


    1. Riana

      Ofcourse its Sindoora …and second is Anjali

  4. Riana

    Oh my Goddd…I just cant tell how amazinggg it was today…Gopi met real daughter n forgot Durga…????…Waiting to see gopi’s behaviour…And who will be that new man ??…Where is Rashi…???…Anywzz loved it ???

    1. Isaaq

      Rashi will be back and will stand against Paro.

      The new man will be Durga saathiya

  5. Jasminerahul

    loved what gopi said about mother.but after that she found her real daughter paro and ignored Durga.even prem.shocking.paro and even nivedita are negative. why is nivedita negative?why does she not want Durga?sad that Durga realized that paro snatched her husband from her.sad to see gopi like this.can’t digest the grey gopi

    1. Isaaq

      Nivedita truth will be revealed of why she is negative very soon. I have a very interesting track for that. She does not want Durga and everyone will find out why.

      Grey Gopi is sad but Mandira was right. Gopi is scared to lose Paro so she is supporting Paro. Gopi isn’t bad but she fears to lose Paro.

      Paro is Meera here and Durga is Vidya. Meera has always been the favourite. As soon as Gopi found Meera after 8 years, Gopi spent more time with Meera. We never saw Gopi and Vidya bond after that. Meera has always been given importance in this drama. I felt like Vidya was never Gohem’s daughter. I always saw Meera as their daughter.

      And also, once Gopi found Ricky, she completely forgot her daughters. So naturally Gopi only cares for her favourites. I’m on Ahem’s side- Gopi didn’t think about her husband and daughters when she killed Radha. She left her daughters on her own.
      So eventually the same story will play here. Paro will be given more importance because she is the new favourite like Ricky.

      Paro is negative because she is greedy and power hungry. She will be like Ansh from Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi. Gopi will realise she is wrong.

      My readers have always enjoyed the evil daughter vamp story. The ending to season 1 will be amazing

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