Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Ahem is alive Season 2 Part 2 ( last part)


Thanks to all for encourage me to write this ff. Its last part of ff.
So here’s the last part of ff.

Recap: triple villains ; gaura , naiya, mansi, ahem is alive, gaura pretends to ahem’s mother, modi family vows yo get ahem back.

Gopi says but maaji where can we find ahem Ji? Kokila says be patience, god will help us. Dharam says I’ve idea. Mute conversation. Rashi says I think this plan will work out.
Meera calls mansi. Mansi picks and says who is? Meera says hi mansi mansi Maa! Mansi says Meera. Meera prerands to weep. Mansi says what happens? Meera says today dadi comes out of coma. I come modi mansion to meet her, but she thinks I’m responsible for dad’s death. Mansi says what? Meera says yes. Meera continues saying I want to meet you.mansi says OK and tells her location. Call ends. Meera tells mansi location. Gopi says We’re coming ahem Ji.

All go to mansi’s house. Meera was to knock door but abhi and aditya stop Meera and break the door. Mansi says who the hell is? Gopi enters and slaps mansi tightly. Gopi says where is ahem Ji? Mansi says Oh! So its your plan, Meera. You know, you are not a woman , you are a witch.

Gaura comes and says what going on?? Kokila comes to gaur a and slaps her tightly. She says how much lower class you’re ? Dharam comes to gaur a and why, why you does this baa? Ahem comes and says mansi, Maa, what’s happening here?

Gopi says ahem Ji. Gopi hugs ahem. He thinks I see her before it, but where? Ahem falls . ahem reminds of all scenes from childhood to present. Ahem says gopi. ahem’s memory come back. Ahem hugs all. They hug as they. Jigar calls police.

Gaura feels her mistake. Gaur a says I’m sorry koki. I hurt you so much that’s why you’ve right to take revenge. Kokila says if you are right then I trust you. They hug.
Mansi says how can you prove that I’m culprit. You must have prove. Widya starts video. police comes and arrest her.

Dharam says but naiya. Ahem says we will go there first. They go at suryavanshi house. Dharam goes to naiya. Naiya opens door. Dharam slaps naiya. Naiyasays papa. Dharam says don’t call me papa. If you were my daughter, then you can’t do this.

Naiys thinks that means my truth comes infront of all. Dharam says why, you do this? I give you too much love and you respond that.
Naiya says please forgive me. Meera says naiya do this in missunderstanding. Please forgive her. Dharam says OK. Due to you I’m forgiving her. But for others she is criminal. naiya begs all to forgave her. All forgave her.

Next morning……

There’s a party in modi mansion. Suryavanshi family go to modi house. All dance. Abhi calls all for a family photo. They take a family photo.

*The End*

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  1. What???…it ended…???…weird but nice happy ending…

  2. Shakaib

    You’re not a woman line; is speak by gopi.

  3. Why you end this? Its nice. Gaur a and naiya are positive.
    Love it

  4. What ending but nice


    mansi gaura n naiyya had hidden ahem.gud that vidya exposed them n ahem got his memory back n united with gopi.gaura n naiyya too became positive.nice

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