Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Ahem is alive Season 2 Part 1


Hye guys , its part 1 of season 2. First i tell you roles then i will continue.

Aditya role played by abhishek varma from yhm.
Priyanka role played by vrushika mehta from ishqbaaz.
Rashi role is played by mouni roy.
Anika role is played by surbhi jyoti.
Abhishek role played by vivek dhaiya from yhm.
Pragya role played by additi bhatiya from yhm.
Gytari role played by amarpali Gupta from qubool hai.

Recap: entry of new characters, gopi missing ahem,kokila is out of coma, gaur a is back.

Gaura says those kambhakts increase my punishment due to my rude behaviour. They increase 6 years more. Naiya says baaji, however you are great. Your plan worked out.
Kokila goes into emotional coma for 20 years and gopi becomes widow.
Gaura says they make my life hell. Naiya says I am feeling so guilty for ahem that his mother and wife’s life become hell without him.

Naiya continues saying it can’t be possible if she don’t agree to do this. Gaur a says where is she ? Naiya tells she is coming.
A woman enters. Gaur a you come mansi. Vidya is shocked.
Mansi is shown in expensive dress , man gal sutra a, sindoor. Naiya says it can’t be possible without you, mansi. Gaura says ahem is living happy without modis. Gaur a says ahem is alive for us and is dead for MODIS. Vidya is again shocked.
Naiya continues say in that day FB starts…..
Ahem was leaving for modi mansion. Naiya comes in between the road covering her face. Ahem in saving naiya collide with tree.

Mansi comes and takes ahem out of her. She takes his wallet and put it in other dead body whose face was totally injured. Mansi takes ahem to hospital. Doctor treats ahem and says to mansi he has losted his memory. Ahem wakes up. If someone tell him truth he will gain his memory back. He asks mansi who is he? Mansi says he is ahem and she is his wife. Mansi takes ahem to her house.FB ends.

Vidya records all. She was to go to naiya but she remembers what happened to kokila when she comes to know Meera is alive. She then go to house and comes again. She says nanu behn. Naiya is surprised. She says both of you hide. They hide. Vidya comes and says nanu behn. Naiya says you, you was to go modi mansion.

Vidya says I’ve to go to pock gytari from airport.I have to leave. Vidya picks Gytari and leave sfor modi mansion.

Gaur a comes out and says what is choti chatanki doing here? Naiya says she is here to pick Gytari from airport. Mansi says we’ve to leave . ahem is to come house. They leave. Ahem comes an says who is she? Mansi says she is your mother and my mother-in-law . gaur a says not saas but your Maa. Ahem hugs gaura and says Maya. Gaur a says haa dafoor I’m your mother’s friend and you are my son alike.

Vidya comes in modi mansion. She says Meera do, its not real happiness but a half happiness. It will be full by papa coming back. Gopi says what are you saying? Vidya says yes maa, papa is alive. Vidya starts video. Video ends. Meera says mansi Mama. Sharavan says many behn. Kokila saysill not spare gaura , this time. Dharam says he is with her. Jigar says we will get our ahem bhai back at any cost. All join their hands (as they used to at Dharam time).

Precap: gopi slaps mansi. Gopi says you’re not a woman , you are a witch.

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  1. Nice story

  2. Especially gaura Mandi and naiya

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  3. You are avoid writer . good concepts. Continue bro.

  4. Nice.

  5. Your ff is awesome . good thoughts .

    1. What the hell, who is using my name?

  6. Ahem saying gaur a Maa amazing. I hope season 2 will rock.

  7. Ahem saying gaur a Maa amazing. I hope season 2 will rock.

    1. Season 1 was of only two episodes but rock

  8. Thanks for playing roles actor. FB was amazing.

  9. Nice story keep it more

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    Really awesome bro, please continue.

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