Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Ahem is alive Part 2


Recap: meera’s marriage, Ahem last rituals, kokila in coma, molu asking for priyanka and aditya.

Tolu says they are coming. Sona asks molu for anika. Anika comes in Punjabi dress. Anika says hello everyone.
Hetal comes in her usual dress and says where is my abhishek as well. Anika says he leaves in morning for their friends trip. Priyanka and aditya comes. Sons says you sit I have to go to give gopi sasumaa food. She leaves.

Gopi was sitting on bed. She sees sona. She says you here, come sit.sons says how are you gopi Maa? Gopi says I’m fine. Son a starts her nautanky. Gopi smiles seeing her. Sona leaves saying please eat food.

Gopi starts eating. She is eating food. Suddenly, she hears a shout. She stops eating. She goes to hall. Jigar was coming towards kokila’s room. Gopi says from where it comes?
Jigar suddenly sees kokila out of coma. Jigar says kaki ji.

Gopi sees kokila. They run towards her. Kokila shouts please do nothing to my son . please leave him! Gopi says maaji what happened? Why are you crying like this? Kokila says gopi gopi bahu, I feel that ahem called me.. Gopi starts weeping . kokila says what happened ? Gopi says ahem Ji …. Kokila says sorry gopi abhi. Gopi says nothing.

Gopi leaves. Gopi comes in room. She sees ahem’s picture saying why ahem Ji , why you leave me alone?song plays hamari adhuri kahani……..

Next morning ……
Me era wakes up. She was wearing shalwar kameez. She goes downstairs. She goes to mandir and does aarti. All comes to mandir. She gives aarti to all. Me era goes to room. She says wake up pragya. Pragya wakes up.

Gopi calls me era. Me era picks phone. Meera says hi Maa! Gopi says hi. I’ve good news for you. Me era says what’s good news? Gopi says maaji comes out of coma. Meera says really, gopi says yes.

Meera tells this to widya. Widya says we have to go to meet dadi.
Some one class widya. Widya picks phone. Widya says gytari , how are you? Gytari says I’m fine mama and you know I’m coming today.

Widya says wow! Awesome and I’ve a good news for you. Gytari says what’s that. Widya says badi nani is out of coma now. Gytari says wow! OK good bye mama. My friends are calling me. Vidya says good bye. Vidya says to Meera Gytari is coming today. That’s why i can’t come with you. But I promise I will come after picking Gytari. Meera says OK.

At evening…… Dharam , Meera, pragya and sharavan arrives at modi mansion. Gopi welcomes them and asks for widya and naiya. Dharam says they are at home as naiya has headache and widya has to pick Gytari from airport and then they will come here.

Meera says where is dadi? Gopi says once a minute. I call her. She goes to call kokila. Kokila comes. Meera hugs kokila. Dharam hugs kokila.Dharam says from now you are not my maasi you are my mother. So maa, son and mother have a hug. kokila hugs Dharam.
Kokila says when you call me Maya, I feel like I get my son back.

Widya was ready to pick Gytari. She was passing by lawn. She suddenly sees a shadow. She walks towards shadow. She sees gaura and naiya together. They were laughing. Vidya was to say something but gaur a interrupts and says our plan worked out. Vidya is surprised. Gaura says no-one can think you’re with me.

FB starts……

Gaur a is seen in jail. Naiya comes to gaura. Gaura says you. Naiya was to come more near to gaura but her clothes were attached with with a iron rod. Her black clothes were tear. Gaur a says naiya. Naiya’s modern clothes appeared in front of gaur a. Gaur a says oh! oh! and smiles . Gaur a says I know , why are you here? You want to take vidya’s child but no-one would happen this. Naiya says yes baaji. Gaur a says I’ve a plan. Gaura’s tune plays. Mute conversation. FB ends.

Precap: A woman comes. Gaur a says you come mansi. Vidya is shocked.

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  1. Sarayumane

    Ohhhh, this gaura and naiya are planning….. good episode, i love it

  2. Nice. I was thinking you will update in 2- 3 days but awesome

  3. Gaur a is back.
    Love it will widya slap anyone will some thin will happen to vidya.

  4. Jasmine Rahul

    here all r positive except the usual villains.loved it.20 yrs leap was a surprise.happy 2 c kokila out of coma

  5. Nandhini

    Good one…but can you tel me which actors play the new roles??

  6. Sorry for late comment , your ff is awesome.

  7. How does I submit my article?

    1. Riana

      First you have to register…then go to submit article page and write or copy paste your ff…

  8. Nice one

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