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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sona searches milk in fridge and does not find it. Gopi comes and asks what happened. Sona says she needs to give medicines to babies via milk and milk is finished. Gopi gives her powder milk and says she will send Tolu to get milk. Jaggi hears that and thinks why powder milk.

During dance practice, Meera says she will call Dharam. Naiya stops her and says she should practice first. She signals her puppet choreographer who asks Rithesh to dance with Meera. Ritesh agrees and dances with Meera holding her. Dharam passes on balcony. Puppet choreographer asks Rithesh to hold Meera’s waist and dance. Meera acts nervous. Dharam sees Rithesh and Meera dacing holding each other and angrily goes back. Naiya smirks. Meera senses Dharam and stops dance. Shen then

contines dancing.

Modi family hears buffallo sound in lawn and think from where did it come. Jaggi brings 2 bucckets full of milk and says powder milk is bad for babies and even elders, now they all will have buffallo milk. Kokila says let us perform aarti first. Jigar comes sadly. Kokila asks him to take aarti. He says he does not deserve aarti. Pari asks what happened to his cheek. Jaggi says someone has slapped him. Jigar says when he went to take back property papers, Mansi slapped him and told she will come and demolish 50% of Modi bhavan. He starts crying that he made a big mistake by mortgaging this house in which he spent whole life. Gopi consoles him and says humans make mistake and he realized his mistake, that is important.

Jigar continues crying where will they live now. Jaggi says he can come and stay at his house, they both will enjoy. Gopi starts yelling at him if he cannot think and speak, he always makes blunders. Jaggi angrily leaves.

Mona tells Pari that she has booked a hotel room for her and Molu. Pari asks what…Mona says she booked honeymoon suit for her and papaji. Pari asks her to stop being supid, they have to mingle with Gopi’s group and act to get their work done.

Choreographer teaches Naiya and Prakash their dance moves. Naiya asks choreographer to get Meera in their group. Meera says she will bring Dharam and goes up. Dharam eagerly waits for Meera and seeing her gets angry. She asks why did not he come down for practice. He says she did not come to call him at all. Argument starts. Meera takes her pillow and bedshheet and walks out. Dharam thinks she did mistake and now overreacting.

Jaggi speaks to his mother over phone. Mom says he will get punya if he stays at Kokila’s house. Their chatting and nok jhok continues. Gopi comes and apologizes for being rude. He says one should forget past and think of present and future aand forget tension. Gopi reminisces Ahem saying same words and gets teary eyed.

Precap: Jigar asks Gopi what happened. Gopi says Jaggi and Urmila are not at home, she is sure they must have gone to Mansi’s house. Jaggi and Urmila enter Mansi’s house. Mansi catches them red handed and shouts she will hand them over to police now. Gopi hears that over phone.

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  1. Mansi is the best. I love her facial expressions.

    1. Mona is bestum best in “” facial”” expression?

  2. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi SNS fans and Sunshine friends this week SNS got top position in Trps . It shared 1st position with kumkum bhagya.

    1. Wowww awesome???

  3. Aaj se 10din chutti h
    Hi guys
    Hi sidhu hw r u ?

    1. Hey nisha long time na busy in study??

  4. Hi aisha i am back

    1. Hello nisha. Sorry for the late response. I assume you are busy with studies. If you are then all the best for the year.

  5. hey Sid how are you? i will miss jigar,now that he is getting positive he is leaving, do you think sns is coming to an end? i still cant see krishna in all these ten years no one never knew that Mansi had a broher and mother, suddenly they appear out of nowhere i only hope gopi gets her share of happiness soon and let jaggi turn out to be Ahem

    1. Yes raven it should be end. When jaggi n nayya track will end. Sns team will introduce new cartoon n stupid track, drag it.

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    I am fyn Nisha wt abt u ?. Wer is our other sunshine friends Akshay,Aisha,Raven .

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi I am missing my all sunshine friends?.

    1. Hi sid bhai. Good morning to all my sunshine friends.

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    Nisha I hope u read septembar 7th and 8th forum pages comments. U got to know right wt happened in last 2 days.

  9. I don’t think she will call police she will try to make a deal with them for the property

  10. Why are the writers showing meera again not understanding what naiya is doing? Again same track. Even Dharam is not understanding what’s happening.

  11. Hi everyone…i am nandhini from chennai…. i am a silent reader here…i used to read and comment in all fan fictions of sns page before two months but due to work stress i missed to read the fan fictions and i read only sns episode written updates and its comments….i am a fan of isaaq’s and jasmine’s fan fics and i also commented to shakaib’s fan fics many days before…i hope they remember me…and i gotta
    read all the comments for the past few
    days….whatever happened recently has made me to check out all the comments once again in the last ten days written episide updates…and i think(in my point of view) the person called happiness personified aka adithya didnt play any prank and maybe he was right….he was active throughout the page for few days and gave so many spoiler updates of sns and suddenly on ganesh pooja he said that he was not feeling well….and the sudden news of his demise from his name,, it may be true or not…if its not true maybe he wants to quit this forum because he maybe undergoing any problems in his life…and i also noted multiple accounts in his name and different names in his account…maybe he used many mobiles and different email ids….all i want to say is to sunshine group members….we cant judge people based on their outer personality which they show it online(i meant when they appear to be good and friendly online)….dat adithya used to be a good commentator and info provider of sns serial….but now he went off all of a sudden…so you guys please dont feel bad/
    cheated/betrayed about his sudden exit….lets take it as whatever happened is happened for good….he is dead or not noone knows but there was a friend who kept this forum active and happy….if he cheated you,,then that is his loss to cheat a great group of friends and run off…if he didnt and if he is really dead, then may his soul rest in peace….you people dont take anything serious and pray for dat departed friend dead/alive to be better and happy wherever he is because after all you were his good friends few days before….just felt like saying….i am very sorry if i have hurted ur feelings or interfered in ur group….friends or not lets be good humans and make humanity live…peace out all☺☺???

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      Yes you’re back! I only stopped writing my fan fic because you, my biggest fan, stopped commenting. Welcome back!

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Nandini u r ryt. But if u observe he commented even on Sonali name one day she commented a lot but afterwards she never ever seen in this page . He only commented on her name also.

  13. Aisha is absent todaytoday ??

    1. Hi akshay.

  14. Miss shakaib comments

  15. apart from Sid and Nisha there are no other sunshine friends that has made a comment as yet,what happen guys?

  16. I don’t want the show to end Raven. It is my favorite

  17. It’s good to see Mira getting the rough end of the Pineapple.

  18. Although this episode was damm good….jigar had realized his mistakes…mona is a cheap girl who is booking honeymoon suite for her mom dad in law in these situation(LOL)…When i am getting it that after the re entry of nazim…every episode is getting superb!!!…well naiyya is a rubbish daughter in the world!!!!…

  19. Boss(Siddarth)

    Raven and Akshay I guess SNS wl not come to end soon they may continue it for atleast next year bcoz SNS is at top position now so makers may not end it soon.

    1. Ha sidhu yaar it will not end soon

  20. Our target is 100
    Cm on sidhu akshay bhai shakaib aisha raven di
    I read those cmmts which made us fool .sidhu i don’t know why he is playing with our feelings ?when i read the cmmt at first i really blved it yaar

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes Nisha over target is 100 comments daily but we are not able to make it daily bcoz we are only 5 members now U Akshay,Aisha,Raven and myself . We need some more members to complete our target . And even I beleived it first but later when I checked all HP comments I got to know everything he comments on different names daily .

  21. meera is looking good

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    Hi Riana and Nandini Wl u guys join our sunshine group if it is yes u r welcome ?.

  23. Shakaib

    Hi guys ! I think modi mansion will not fall. Because gopi and jaggi will save modi mansion. I’m sure , and congratulates guys , sns won 1 stosition in trip wit kkb.

  24. Nandhini

    @Isaaq: Hello my rockstar!! How are you?? Hope you are doing good…thanks a lot for the warm welcome☺☺i am very sorry i couldnt read ur fan fics for a couple of months as i was caught up with works and i hardly come to telly updates…as i am the reason you stopped writing ur fan fics, i kindly apologize for my ignorant behaviour….now only i gotta know after reading ur reply, you stopped writing fan fics just because of me….i am extremely sorry dear??? hereafter i wont repeat this horrible mistake…i wil read all ur superb fan fics and will comment on it in coming days….this is my promise as ur fan and as ur friend???….and as u informed earlier i am looking forward to ur new book to buy and look into it soon after its published…pls dont stop ur amazing works….you are such a talented writer,, you should not stop ur writing because of few idiotic people like me…you have more number of admirers and will have even more in future with ur writing skills☺☺☺….so pls continue writing the fan fics dear…i am there for you to read them and be mind-blown again???…take care dear!!….

    1. Isaaq

      I am really happy. I got high scores in my exams and now I studying Law at university??? but due to this reason, I’m going to be really busy. Good destiny has successfully being going on since May and sadly it will have to have a break. I have three weeks left till University starts. Season 2 will be ending with Sindoora and Gopi final showdown. Sindoora will send Gopi to mental asylum where Radha will turn positive and save Gopi. Radha will help Gopi become Durga.
      Gopi will become Durga during the Durga festival during 4 days. Within those 4 days, Durga will save her family and end the evil Sindoora!

      1. Isaaq

        Gopi destiny*

      2. Isaaq

        The mystery is that what will happen to Sindoora in the end? I’m going to create such a big mystery and season 3 will start after a few weeks.

  25. Nandhini

    @Boss: i noted the name sonali few times…but i didnt see the page where he (aditya)commented a lot in the name of sonali….maybe chatting with people under different names is his favorite hobby it seems…hope he had great fun with his “hobby” in dis forum…lets wish him all luck in his future plans!!
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      Hi Nandini there is no such terms and conditions in our group I mean we r not forcing to comment maximum. It is left to u hw much u can comment . ?. Welcome to our group.

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    hi all. great group sunshine.

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    Thanks nandhini fr reading and commenting on myFan fictions. Please you too write a fan fiction.guys aditya was a good guy. He gave us so much spoilers ad etc. How we can forget that.???? isaaq please continue your ff.????.

  28. Habiyb thanks for mentioning my name,i too dont want this serial to end it has been around a long time now and will miss it but never the less hun you keep commenting and if you want to join our Sunshne Group no problem our group consists of Boss also known as Sid i will say he is the founder of this group he is the one make sure that he comments every day we are truly blessed to have him in our group there is also Aisha Nisha Akshay and i think there are some others who wants to join we dont assassinate any bodys character we are clean here but if somebody wants to make mischief we deal with them accordingly

  29. satya thats a good one i could not control my laughter when you said meera is getting the rough end of the pineapple ha ha ha she deserve what ever is coming her way but i also would like to know if naiya had anything to do with her losing her baby do you know anything guys comment on that for me please

  30. Boss(Siddarth)

    Tnks for the compliment Raven . Yes nayya is responsibile for meera’s mis carriage and she put oil on steps but she blamed Vidya for this.

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