Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura at her home looks at her brother Karunesh’s ash pot and reminisces him suiciding. She promises him that she Modi’s will come here and will feel the pain he went through.

Before getting into car, Vidya requests Gopi to take Meera along. Gopi looks at Kokila says they cannot. Meera opens window and looks at family leaving. Vidya tries to speak, but Meera shuts window. Whole family then get into car and leaves towards Gaura’s home.

Kinjal with Dhaval and Pappu reaches home back and yells seeing power outage. She says Dhaval that she needs new sari to attend Vidya’s sangeet ceremony. Dhaval says even at Mumbai, she was complaining. Pappu says if she does not get ready soon, they will miss even Vidya’s wedding. Kinjal checks her old

saris and asks Pappu if she should wear such old saris. Pappu nods no. Neighbor gives her gift packs and says Gopi sent them. Kinjal gets happy seeing saris. Dhaval says her that she always troubles Gopi. Kinjal says whatever, she has to get ready now.

Modis reach Gaura’s house and gets mesmerized seeing a palace. Kokila asks everyone to behave during Vidya’s special day. Tolu jokes if Shravan has a sister, he will marry her. Gaura showers flowers on them and greets and thinks she will insult Kokila repeatedly today. Dharam hugs Ahem and Jigar and gets them in.

Gaura looks at Vidya and asks why is she wearing so simple dress and jewelry. Gopi says simpleness is beauty. Gaura says shut up chatanki and says she will get Vidya ready herself, dorns her dupatta and says she is very beautiful. Kokila smiles. Gaura then hugs Kokila says they are wearing same dress. She then sees Urmila’s new hairstyle and asks what happened to her hairstyle. Urmila says she got new hairstyle for Vidya’s wedding. Gaura jokes that rats must have cut her hair in sleep. Everyone laugh. Gaura says she is joking.

Kokila says Gaura that her house is very beautiful and asks where is her husband. Gaura gets nervous and says she can meet her jijaji later and enjoy sangeet first. She asks mehandi artists to apply beautiful mehandi on Vidya’s hands.

Urmila looks house carefully. Gaura asks what is she peeping in. Urmila says nothing. Gaura says she cannot spy here, else she will get much bigger shocks than electric shock and rat trapped she got in modi bhavan. She then asks Kokila why did not she bring Meera. Kokila says she she is not well. Gaura says it is good she did bring her, else she would have interrupted sangeet. Gopi gets irked hearing this.

Gaura goes on stage and asks Kokila to join her for a dance. Kokila says she cannot. Gaura asks Tolu/molu to cheer up their daadi. They cheer her up. Hetal also asks Kokila to dance. Kokila says she cannot but agrees when Gaura insists more. Gaura plays garbha song first and then plays disco song. Kokila says she cannot dance on disco song as she is Vidya’s daadi. Gaura says if she does not dance, she will make Vidya dance to her tunes. Modi family gets angry hearing this.

Precap: Gaura dances on Ye mera dil pyar ka deewana song and repeatedly pushes Kokila.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Amazing serial

    1. Over acting Gaura. Unnecessary interrupted characters and unbelievable story.

      1. Yes!! Absolutely right!

  2. Why Gaura act like mad .Over acting.

  3. Gaura is dominating this show now. Is she like 14th asking so childish and they are mad at Meera when she behaves like this…seriously

  4. It’s pure nonsense why don’t the starus channel stop this idiotic serial instead of Badthameez Dil.

  5. why no one is talking against Kokila? Gaura is eccentric and all are keeping quite when they are insulted. Why is Vidya so dumb. Is she not educated. Ahem is just a statue doesn’t open his mouth. Gopi gives silly expressions and just cannot complete one sentence. God save the viewers,,,,

  6. i dont really feel vandana pathak is overacting. the role of gaura is such and demands such expressions and she is portraying it well. yes of course the character of gaura is highly irritating. hope the misunderstanding between gaura and kokila are cleared soon and gaura becomes a good woman.

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