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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem gets angry and says it is matter of my Vidya’s life. Kokila says your daughter is related to us also. She says we have accepted her decision with stone on our hearts. Ahem says Gopi was wrong before also, and we lost Meera because of her carelessness. Gopi says Ahem ji. Ahem says your Gopi bahu was wrong before and even now she is wrong. Gopi cries and sits down shockingly. Ahem leaves the house. Kokila asks Gopi to stand up and says my bahu can’t be weaken. Gopi says Ahem ji…….Kokila says Vidya will take care of Ahem. She says when Ahem looks at Vidya with his own eyes, then he will understand that it is necessary to bring Meera back home. Vidya tells Shravan that she will try to follow rules and regulation of his house until she is at his house. She says we will not

have any relation. Shravan says I know you are angry with me, but please let me explain once. Vidya says I am done and don’t need to hear anything. She says my mum told about trust to be important in any relationship, but you have broken my trust on marriage day only. She says from now, you are just Shravan for me. Shravan gets sad.

Gaura tells Dharam that Kokila tied rope very tightly and her neck is paining. Dharam says I will not leave them. Gaura says I want to teach them a lesson and can’t be at peace till I take revenge. Dharam says Modi family lives is in Meera and Vidya. He talks about the blast. Gaura says we will follow our previous plan as Vidya came back home. She says she will torture Kokila and make her life worse than a death. She says she will give same punishment to Gopi. She says she says she has thought about the new ritual, in which dada and her grand daughters will take part. She laughs.

Meera comes to kitchen and asks servant to send her food to her room and add less chilli. Vidya comes and tries talking to her. Meera refuses to talk to her. She slips in saree. Vidya asks her to listen. Meera says I am your saas now. Vidya says you are doing wrong. Meera says it is my life and I can do whatever I want. She asks if her dadi and Gopi didn’t ask her to stay away from her. Vidya says I came here to take you back.

Vidya tells Meera that she came back to this house for her, and asks her to return to Modi Mansion. Meera says no one cares for me there, even you didn’t support me and slapped me. She says no one respect me and doubts me whenever something bad happens. She says I can stay on the street, but not on Modi Mansion. She says I have tried to save your life, but I got punished. If you do anything then you are right, but if I do I am wrong. Gaura smiles. Meera leaves. Gaura asks Vidya, if she is repenting on her decision to return. She says she welcomes the person who comes to her house, and if he goes then the crowd will be less. She asks her to fulfill a ritual which a new bahu have to do. Vidya asks do you want me not to do this ritual? Gaura says your mum in law will also do this ritual with me. Vidya says I am ready to do the ritual. Gaura says I will do the arrangements. She thinks Vidya will be ashamed after doing this ritual, afterall she is Sarvagun Sarpan Gopi’s daughter.

Meera takes clothes from her wardrobe. Dharam comes and sees her in western outfit. He asks what did you wear champa kali? Meera says I will wear this type of clothes from now on, and will not wear saree. Dharam asks her to wear saree. Meera says wrestlers intelligence are in their feet and refuses to change her dress. Dharam holds her hand and orders her to change to saree. Gaura comes and asks what you are doing? She asks him to leave her hand. Dharam asks her to look at her attire and says she is not listening to him. Gaura says it is today’s fashion and asks her to let her wear as per her wish. She asks her to check if gardener is doing good work. Meera refuses, but Dharam asks her to obey. Gaura tells she will punish Meera and she will not have any option left than to wear saree. She says she will take revenge from Kokila, and make her grand daughters dance on her tune. She says her torture will start will today’s ritual which was never heard or seen before.

Gopi thinks about Ahem’s words. Kokila comes and makes her sit. Gopi says Ahem ji is very angry with her. Kokila says his anger will go soon. Gopi says she has united with her family with much difficulty, and gets afraid that misunderstanding will arise between them.

Gaura asks Vidya to do the ritual, and asks her to throw chappal on the thing behind the curtains. Vidya stops and says she wants to see what is there behind the curtain.

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  1. love gaura’s act meera oh god what a fine actor she is!!!!!!! amazing
    show sm romance between meera and dharam
    last point do comment about serial i like sns its my opinion don’t dare to use any foul language yesterday mindless vidya modi did it so first n last time i warn
    i wish this serial should run 1000 years

  2. love u paridhi n jigr

  3. How good will this serial get. I mean how good. The acting skills of the actress and actors are amazing. It has the hightest trp 5.1 leading all the other Indian serial. Keep coming.up with this brilliant ideas. What a show.

  4. Meera is mentally ill. Needs to be taken to see a shrink.

  5. Is dharam 1st Mihir of kyunki saas bhi kabhie bahu thi?
    If its so then he has changed a lot…plz guys plz give answer

    1. Noy, he is not

    2. Yes he was kyunki s first mihir actually…

  6. Yes Shrutee, Dharam is the first Mihir of Kyunki Saas…He is now in a negative role for probably the first time. I like him in this though.. Its a refreshing change.

  7. Suddenly meera and vidya decided to put on nose rings…to make themselves look older… 😀 😀 so funny

  8. I think shravan mom is behind the curtain

  9. Shereen Mathew

    No it’s kokiii aunty ??

  10. Vidya is arjun…gopi is saarthi…but what about kokila is she a helpy witch…

  11. I want Shravan and Vidya to be together 😉

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