Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor checks Gopi and tells Kokila that she is fine and fell unconscious due to weakness. Mangesh drops Radhika back to temple and asks to thank him. She says why should she, many boys like him roam around her. He asks why did she come back to temple. She says to get pooja prasad and flowers. Once he leaves, another boyfriend calls her and she scolds him this is not his time slot. She flirts with him and disconnects call. A passer by man clashes with her and apologizes. She flirts with him and writes her mobile number on his hand. She then walks into temple and thinks all men are same, but her Jaggi ji is special.

Jaggi looks at sleeping Gopi and reminisces his love for her. Pyar hai ya sazaaa aye mere dil b ata….song…plays in the background. He drapes

blanket on her and walks out. Gopi opens eyes once he leaves and reminisces him telling that he trusts him and has given her righ to decide about his life.

Meera tells Dharam that she needs her child at any cost. Kidnapper calls Dharam and warns why did he go to police even after warning. Dharam says Shravan must have gone to police. Meera shouts at them that how can they do this to her, she hates them..

Radhika comes back to modi bhavan hold prasad and serves them to everyone. Gopi comes down and she asks even her to take prasad. Gopi gives her a tight slap. Kokila asks why did she slap Radhika. Gopi says she went to meet her boyfriend Mangesh and not temple.

Meera cries in her room holding a teddy that she is losing her child again.. Her phone rings and she picks call. Kidnapper speaks and says he knows she is most intelligent in this house, so he called her. She pleads to send back Chanda. He asks her to come to his said address with 2 crores within 2 hours. She notes down address and says she will reach in 2 hours. Kidnapper warns if her family tries to be oversmart and inform police, she will lose Chanda. She pleads she will not inform her family.

Kokila asks Radhika’s boyfriend. Gopi says Radhika’s father had called and told he did not Radhika to Moti doori temple and even Urmila had gone to temple and was to return with Radhika, but she returned alone. She went to temple to check and saw Radhika with her boyfriend Mangesh. Radhika says Gopi is lying and trying to create differences between her and Jaggi. Urvashi calls Radhika’s father and asked where is Radhika. He says she must be in Moti doori temple and he had sent there. Urmila disconnecs call and asks what is this. Radhika says she knows a woman has to undergo many examinations. Radhka calls poojari who says Radhika was here. Mangesh is seen holding gun on poojari. Urvashi yells at Gopi that she will get a sin for trying to break Jaggi’s marriage. Radhika says she respects Gopi, but did not know she would do this to her. Urvashi asks her to stop crying and come and have food now. Gopi looks at Kokila. Urmila senses something is wrong.

Precap: Gopi asks Kokila why will she allege Radhika unnecessarily. Urvashi says because she has started loving Jaggi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kokila is the best.

  2. Hi guys! Episode was really good but when will gaur a comeback. Hey sid, you mentioned in your comment on yesterday’s epi update, that there was a guy rithik and then rithika come, yes you’re right, even when I comment on Shakaib’s ffs,a guy used to comment there, and then I think I top saw a guy,rithik here, don’t know. Because Phail Gaya Raita. Mean issue is more increased I get these types of words from ishqbaaz. If anyone watch ib? And if someone watch New serial Pardes. I love that serial.

    1. Hi Ragini..i lov to watch IB n also I watchd pardes also..
      I missed today episode..vl watch tomorrow mrng..waiting to c d slap gopi gvn to radika..
      N Ragini Wt r u doing I mean studies..

  3. Amalina

    omg! precap is soooooo damn interesting……

  4. Isaaq

    Since I won’t be updating for another 2 weeks since I have so many assignments, I will be revealing spoilers.
    Spoiler number 1, Sindoora is still alive because didn’t you all wonder how sakshi found out how Sindoora was going to meet Gopi at the Lord Shiva temple- this was all Sindoora plan to trick Gopi- Sakshi died and Sindoora sent a humshakal and the humshakal died.

    Spoiler number 2- Gopi is alive! Gopi has been pretending to be Ambika for very long because she found out Sindoora faked her death. That’s why it’s still called Gopi destiny. The Gopi who died at the end of season 2 was the real Ambika. I hope you all are excited that Gopi is still alive. Ambika is dead and Gopi is still alive.

    Spoiler 3- Sindoora and Amba both killed
    Jigar. Sindoora has had plastic surgery and will return in her new young avatar again to get her revenge on the Modis ( she still believes Gopi abandoned her- when Sakshi revealed the truth, Sindoora wasn’t there to hear it)

    Spoiler number 4- Rashi and Gopi will unite just like old times. Rashi will be main protagonist of this season- it will be interesting when Gopi reveals her true identity!

    1. Isaaq

      I’m actually excited to bring back Gopi to my fan fiction- Gohem will also unite as well!

  5. Isaaq

    Sindoora stills believes that Ambika is still alive. We will see Gopi pretending to join hands with Sindoora and Amba! Rashi return as Ganga will give Gopi hope.

    The spirit of Gopi was actually Gopi as Ambika. Kokila spirit was real. Gopi came to the prison to save Rashi and Gopi sent Raj to save Rashi

    1. Nandhini

      Gopi and Sindoora still alive!!?? And sakshi and ambika is dead! Thats good!! But why ambika spoke like gopi when she got shot by sindoora’s humshakal??And isnt it weird dat if gopi is ahem’s wife now but she is too older than him??

      1. Nandhini

        Ur twists are really shocking Isaaq!!??

      2. Isaaq

        Nandi there wasn’t no Ambika. That wasn’t Gopi in coma- Gopi has been reincarnated but has been pretending to be Ambika

      3. Nandhini

        Ok now its cleared Isaaq.

  6. Nandhini

    Good episode! Now gopi without doing any crying overacting has to stop radhika from marrying jaggi even if she faces false allegations from everyone…who is dat person asking 2 crores to meera?? Hi Ragini! You are right! Sorry actually we are gonna miss 3 sunshiners comments-shakaib,, akshay and sowmya..but i think shakaib may return back soon in one week or so? but akshay and sowmya are gonna take more time to come back..dats whats i meant in yesterday’s comment…ragini i watch ishqbaaz sometimes but i am not its fan…i am watching it for only Om’s character…

    1. Isaaq

      Nandi I revealed spoilers above

  7. Wow saathiya z gng grt….it v b evn mor lvly if jaggi n Gopi gets commitd…

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Radhika dances in her sangeet ceremony.

    Everyone gets shocked post seeing her dance in sangeet ceremony.

    Tolu and Molu also dances in the sangeet ceremony and everyone enjoys the function.

    Later Mangesh comes to meet Radhika in women avatar and they both gets romantic.

    Mangesh comes for meeting Radhika in women avatar

    While Mangesh was kissing Radhika just then Gopi comes there and catches them.

    Gopi says that now she will call everyone and expose them but Radhika starts laughing.

    Radhika says to her that no one would believe her .

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners
    Mahi,Priyanka SP,Rithika,Ramona,
    Friends I think Jaggi’s marriage track is dragging too long even there is no sign of Gaura’s return. And Ahem ‘s death mystery. Makers shud bring more and more suspenses .
    Aisha wr u it has been long time u commented and Raven plz do 1 or 2 comments per day Gettu and Prathyusha even u ppl are missing from long time.

    1. Nandhini

      Yes we are missing our bestum best sunshiner Aisha for a long time! Raven,, Geetu,, pratyusha please come and comment.

  10. I think radhika is playing all of them n I hope kokila or urvashi catches her red handed n believes gopi

  11. i am sorry i cannot comment on a daily basis, work is too much most of the time i am on duty,there are always emergencies which i have to tend to,most of the doctors do not want the night shift,i do not have a problem with working in the nights priorities are given to my patients their lives are in my hands i did read the comments though and i think urvashi should back off and let jaggi make his own decisions he is no teenager,and she should not choose for him and i am awaiting rashi return how are you boss aisha nisha nandhini,akshay shakaib saba isaaq,soumya etc you guys take care until!!! dont know when again i will be on work is hectic but always remember you guys are my family and i love u bye

    1. Nandhini

      Hello Raven!! Nice to see you back!!?? seeing ur one comment in SNS page makes me feel happy and family with me! Yeah you are absolutely right!.Urvashi should not decide for jaggi’s life now…he must stand on his own on whom to marry…but he is actually following gopi’s orders who by the way acting according to urvashi’s requests…if gopi declines radhika then jaggi must use this chance and stop dis marriage…its sooo great of you dat you are working for ur patients on night shifts! ?? India needs many great noble doctors like you!!!take care dear?

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