Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tries to break suitcase’s locks to rescue Kokila. Urmila tries to throw rope into water for Meera, Vidya and Gopi, but Gaura and Dharam stop her. She pushes them and runs towards lake, but Dharam holds her again and says ladies they should not let this woman suicide. Urmila says she will save her daughter and granddaughters at any cost. and throws rope towards Meera and Vidya. They both catch rope. Gaura and Dharam discuss that today their 4 sacrifices will happen for sure.

Gopi breaks locks and gets Gaura out of lake with Vidya and Meera’s help. Urmila pulls rope and Durga helps her. Dharam scolds Durga. Shravan holds rope next. Dharam says he is gharibon ka supeman. Gopi brings Kokila out, makes her sleep on floor and removes water from her stomach.

She then pleads Kokila to get up, but Kokila is stilll unconscious. Gaura gets happy seeing this. Gopi continues waking up Kokila and she opens eyes at last. Gaura and Dharam get angry seeing their plan failing.

Gaura then starts her drama, cries and asks Kokila to get up. She tries to touch Kokila, but Gopi pushes her hand and warns her not to come near her maaji, else she will throw her in water. Ahem comes with Jigar and ties to wake up Kokila. Jigar asks what happened to kakiji. Gopi says she fell in water. Ahem asks Jigar to bring car, they will take mom to hospital right now. Whole family rushes towards hospital.

Gaura holds Meera and asks what relationship she has now with Kokila. Meera says what granddaughter has with grandmother and leaves pushing her away. Dharam asks Gaura what will she do now. Gaura says matarani has to accept her sacrifice and Kokila should die at any cost.

Gopi with others takes Kokila to hospital repleatedly asking Kokila to wake up. Doc takes Kokila into ICU room. Hetal come with Kinjal and asks what happened. Gopi says maaji fell in water. Madhuben calls Hetal and asks what happened to vevanji. Hetal says Kokila fell in water and is taken into ICU. Madhuben says she will come there right now. Hetal asks her to stay there and take care of Rashi. Madhuben happily agrees.

Gaura goes to her brother’s ash pot room and says matarani cannot forgo her sacrifice of Kokila and she will for sure erase Kokila’s name with kumkum.

Ahem asks Gopi how did mom fell into water. Gopi says Gaura threw her into water and reminisces Gaura’s talks. She says Shravan his baaji planned to kill maaji and she will not spare her now.

Precap: Doc tells Modi family that due to oxygen not reaching Kokila’s brain for a long time, she is in coma and they have to observe her for 24 hours.

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