Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi gives balm to Mansi and says Kokila sent it as she was having headache. Mansi laughs on her and says she is not stupid and innocent like her, so she had to make a drama to come here and fight with her. She reminisces Kinjal serving her food hiding and she started crying to call Ahem there. Gopi asks why did she lie. Mansi says she is not fool woman like her who always cries and pleads people to get her work done, she will make people bend in front of her instead. Gopi says she knows she will make her children and husband cry to get her things done. Mansi says whatever it is, she herself saw howmuch Ahem loves her. Gopi says it is Ahem’s nature that he cannot see anyone in pain, even if a roadside dog was in pain, he would have helped and brought it here. What will Ahem feel

if he will know she tricked him. Mansi says they both lied and now the real battle will start. Gopi says there are 2 lies, one she told to clear Ahem’s misunderstanding and one Mansi told and tricked Ahem. She was feeling guilty that she was troubling her, but she was wrong. Mansi says time is with her now and she will snatch her children and husband. Gopi says time is same and she will get back her children and husband back at any cost and says the more tricks she tries on Ahem, more she goes far from him.

Vidya asks Dhaval why did Rashi tell mom was not with her also for 10 years when they were told mom chose to stay with Rashi, so she is not with them. Dhaval says he cannot say anything.

Gopi informs Kokila about Mansi’s lies and tricks and says she is misusing Ahem’s goodness. Vidya comes and says Kokila she wants to talk her alone. Kokila takes her to another room. Vidya says Rashi told mom was not with Rashi also, but she was told mom chose to stay with Rashi for 10 years and asks when she was not with both of us, then where was she. Gopi signals Kokila, shows her mom’s pic, and asks to tell she was with her mother in Bhujh. Kokila says same. Vidya sees that and thinks Gopi is a big trickster.

Pari says Hetal Mansi is manipulating Ahem and children’s life and it is injustice to Gopi. Hetal says Gopi will not feel the defeat so easily. Pari says Mansi has brainwashed Meera and Vidya against Gopi and they hate her. Ahem also is hiding the truth. Hetal asks her to believe in god as god will only help truth.

Mansi calls Kinjal who asks who was her night with Ahem. Mansi says she is preparing theplas for Ahem and Kokila here. Kinjal says this is 80s trick and she will have to use some other solid plan to lure Ahem.

Gopi calls Pari and informs about Mansi’s tricks to come there and Kokila says they will have to get Gopi’s truth out. Pari says if Mansi becomes unbearable, she will come there and handle her. Gopi says she herself will handle her and asks her to take care of Meera.

Kokila asks Gopi to tell truth about her jail term to Meera and Vidya to stop them hating her. Gopi says they hate her, but love Ahem more than that and she does not what to change their perception towards Ahem.

Precap: Vidya asks Ahem if mom was not with Rashi and even them, then where was she for 10 years.

Update Credit to: MA


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